Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Renu questions Jogi’s love for Mahi

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Scene 1
Avnit tells Mahi that Jogi is the king of this game and I am his queen, just remember that only I have right on Jogi and no one else. I have become his manager and soon I will be his life partner. Avnit gets a call and says I am coming there, you are with Jogi right? She glares at Mahi and asks her to bring something sweet for her.

Mahi comes to the lounge and doesn’t find anyone there. She comes to her room to see a designer showing clothes to Jogi. Jogi is skeptical about the fancy clothes but they make her try them. An assistant is about to touch Jogi but Avnit stops her. She says if Jogi doesn’t like it then he won’t wear it. She throws the cloth away. Mahi holds it and checks the price, the piece is expensive. Avnit scolds the assistant. Mahi says Avnit.. this jacket is worth 60K and you are throwing it around? You are wasting money. Avnit says this is the change you should adapt to. She tells Jogi that his life is going to change so he has to move on. She takes his clothes from the cupboard and says they won’t work with your new identity. Jogi looks on. Mahi sadly looks at the jacket she gifted to Jogi. She worked hard to get it from him. Avnit thinks this jacket seems important to Mahi. She tells Jogi to throw all these old clothes, you are starting a new life which is going to be lavish. I want you to make everyone go crazy. Mahi says Jogi has all those abilities already, he is a singer and not an actor. He can make people go crazy with his voice and that’s why people like him. He doesn’t need all this. Avnit says this is all show business which you won’t understand. We need to sell him. Mahi sadly looks at Jogi and says what do you want? Do you want to choose your innocence or this show-off? Jogi says Mahi you are right, I won people over with my voice and my innocence. He looks at Avnit and says she is not wrong Mahi. Mahi says what? Jogi says I know this is all fast-tracked but if Avnit is saying that it’s right for us then it must be. All singers are like this only, I want to have that swag. I know you are worried that all girls are going to be behind me but don’t worry as Jogi is yours always. He kisses her hand. Avnit is angry seeing that. Jogi tells Mahi that I will always love you. Mahi smiles and leaves from there sadly. Jogi goes behind her.

Scene 2
Jogi comes to Mahi and says I know you felt bad about what I said, I was not taking Avnit’s side. I was saying what the truth is, I trust Avnit completely. She made me go viral, she took care of the media issue also. We are not made for all this, we know nothing about this industry. Mahi says but we know the difference between right and wrong. Is it good to waste money like this? Avnit comes there and says no one’s wasting money. I am sorry for interrupting but we don’t have to pay for those clothes. Jogi is a star and all these big brands want to collaborate with him. They will make him wear their clothes but they won’t charge for it. Jogi gets impressed and says I will get all these for free? Avnit says yes, you just have to click pictures in their clothes and post them on your social media. Jogi says wow, he tells Mahi that we shouldn’t worry anymore. Mahi says there is, that Arjun was against us, he gave us so much pain but now he is making decisions for your life. I am sorry but I can never trust Arjun. Jogi says I don’t trust him either but we should give him a chance if it’s for our own benefit. Mahi says I can’t. Jogi says why not? What did your Renu didi do? Still, we gave her another chance so we can give another chance to Arjun also. The designer calls Jogi so Avnit asks him to go, Jogi leaves. Avnit tells Mahi that Jogi will slip out of your hands if you try to control him. You are going to lose him anyway, he is changing quickly, he is soon going to be like me and you won’t even recognize him. Renu hears all that. Avnit smirks at Mahi and leaves. Mahi is tensed and worried.

Renu comes to Mahi. Mahi asks how is mummy? Renu says she is fine, why are you tensed? Mahi says I am fine. Renu says I heard you and Avnit. She was taunting you because Jogi is trusting her more than you. Mahi says it’s not like that. Renu says can’t you see Jogi is listening to her more than you? Stop being blinded by love and see the truth. Mahi recalls Jogi’s words that he trusts Avnit’s decisions. Mahi says what do you want to say? Renu says if Jogi doesn’t listen to you then he doesn’t deserve your love. Mahi says it’s not like that, if he has gone on the wrong path then it’s my duty to bring him on the right path. Renu says but for that, he needs to listen to you. He is blinded by Avnit so he won’t listen to you.

Jogi tells Avnit that I am doing as you say. I will wear branded clothes but I don’t need to throw old clothes. Avnit says you need to as you need to make space for new clothes. You should change your thought process.

Renu tells Mahi that Jogi can be blinded by this new life, they usually forget old relationships with this new life. He will soon forget you.

Avnit tells Jogi that I am doing all this for your career. What if the media sees you in these boring clothes? Your fans won’t like it.

Renu tells Mahi that I don’t see your place in Jogi’s life with the path he has chosen. Mahi says Jogi loves me a lot, he won’t change. He is going in the life but he won’t forget his old relationships.

Avnit tells Jogi that I am not going to throw these old clothes. I will keep them with you. She tries to snatch old clothes from him. He gives it to her. The designer takes Jogi from there. Avnit looks at the jacket Mahi gifted him and smirks.

Mahi tells Renu that Jogi loves me a lot, I trust my love and my Jogi completely. Mahi sees the jacket she gifted to Jogi thrown from the window. She hears Avnit saying that Jogi you did the right thing, you don’t need these old things in your life. Mahi is stunned.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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