Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa asks Mahi to leave

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Scene 1
Jogi walks downstairs and recalls what Mahi said that she hates him and doesn’t accept this wedding. He says I didn’t want to do this. I only wanted to make her happy. Biji says sometimes things go wrong before they go right. Your lives would be full of happiness. You care about everyone’s food but yours. Eat now. Mata Rani makes couples. Jogi says but Mahi doesn’t accept it. I only want to make her happy. But now I feel like I have lost. I saved her from one wrong marriage and put her in trouble forever. She says your intentions were always pure. This hate will turn into love. Mahi will only be yours. Love wins all the battles. He says I will only be happy when I reunite Mahi with her family and make her happy. My happiness is with her.

Mahi recalls how Seema kicked her out of the house. He says I always wanted to be with Mahi but not this way. Sorry Mahi, you had to go through this. Jogi sings. Mahi hears the voice. Mahi is shocked. Mahi is confused who’s singing. Mahi says who is he? how does he always sing to heal my wounds. Mahi sits in the window. She falls asleep.

Scene 2
Shalu coems home. She says did mummy eat? She makes Seema eat. dharampal says she won’t eat. She had been silent. She must be pondering over her mistake. Shalu says what mistake? Akash says not giving Mahi a chance. She deserved a chance to speak. Shalu says wow this family is so great that the one who does misatkes is given chances and the one who helps is always punished. We are ashamed. Dadu says what are you saying? She says Pappu is suffering. rai is getting his business closed. My husband is suffering because of Mahi. Let’s go from here. Shift to another city and start a new life. Dadu says but how can we. Shalu says stop thinking about Mahi for once and care for all of us. Please.

Scene 3
Rupa looks at Jogi and recalls all that happened. She comes to Mahi’s room with a rod. Mahi says Rupa auntie.. Rupa gives her keys and says you can go from here. No drama, no crying. You can go. I don’t want you here either. You are free. Don’t ever come back. Mahi says I know I have hurt you a lot. Forgive me for that. I know you think I have done all this to Jogi. Just think once, what has he done to me. My life is ruined. My family has disowned me. At least think once, you might help seeing across your anger. She touches her feet but Rupa steps back. Rupa says my anger will never reduce. Mother can only care for her child if her child is hurt. I can’t choose you over my son’s pain. You brought tears in his eyes. His smile is gone. Mahi cries. She says go away from here and never come near his life again.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says when I see your face I don’t see a friend, I see a stranger and what’s the problem in leaving a stranger. Mahi comes home. Seema says if you want to enter this house, step on my chest. Consider this white sheet my coffin. Consider me dead. Mahi cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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