Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi mad at Mahi

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Scene 1
Rupa says but it’s time to do something. Mahi says you are right. Being happy isn’t bad but thinking big isn’t wrong either. Rupa says you can be a wife but if I see my son sad now there will be a crack in this marriage you won’t be able to fix. Biji says she’s your DIL. Is that how you talk to her? Jogi comes out and says stop it. Rupa asks are you okay? He says I am going to jagrata. Mahi says I will also come. He says thank you but I want to be alone. I did what you are asking. He leaves. Biji says he will be okay. Mahi is upset.

Scene 2
Everyone cheers at Rai’s funeral. Pappu says Rai sahab died. Arjun says rest in peace. Pappu says what will happen to Jogi and Mahi? No one can be saved from Arjun. He laughs. Pappu says it’s sad your dada ji is no more. Arjun says whatever he had is mine. Chanda broke Jogi’s confidence. Slowly I will break his life. I have to make an announcement. He holds Chanda’s hand. Arjun proposes to her and says will you marry me. Chanda says no. Everyone is shocked. Chanda says not until I ruin Jogi and Mahi’s life. But we can get engaged till then. He makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Scene 3
Mahi is worried for Jogi. She calls but he doesn’t pick. Jogi comes home. Mahi says Jogi? Are you okay? He says yes. Insulted and broken. I have no value but I am okay. Mahi says don’t take it to your heart. He says where else would I? The heart is all I had. They insulted me so much. I have no worth. I am a big zero. Mahi says what are you saying? He says stop experimenting on me. I can’t do anything. I can’t change. Why do you want to change me? I lost everything. My peace is gone. I will shatter if I walk on this path anymore. Mahi says I won’t let you break. Renu texts Mahi.

Seema says I am so tired. Mahi comes to her and asks where is Renu? Seema says why did she come so late? Mahi goes to Renu’s room. Mahi comes out happy. She says thank you di. Renu says I am your sister. Seema asks is everything okay? Mahi says yes.. Mahi says once it’s the morning I will make your dreams shine brighter.

Scene 4
Mahi goes with Biji to deliver milk. Mahi says this is Guru ji’s house. He can help Jogi. They go in. He’s doing riyaz. Biji says Jogi is so lucky to have you. Mahi comes to guru ji. She tells him everything. Mahi shows his jagrata video. He gets very happy.

Rupa does Jogi’s head massage. He is lost. She pulls his hair. Rupa says when you were 8 you would keep running and not oil your hair. Your dad would forcefully do it. He says I remember. Parents know their kids’ strengths and weaknesses. Jogi says what’s my biggest weakness? She says you can’t say no to anyone. Jogi says I am tired. Rupa says we never have to make anyone misuse our weakness. Jogi recalls how he was insulted. Jogi says if dad were alive I wouldn’t have been an idiot right? Rupa says no the world that lies is weak. They make honest people like you feel weak. Your dad would say the same. We have to keep moving forward in life.

Mahi opens the door and says Jogi someone wants to meet you. Guru ji comes in. Jogi is shocked. He says the person who lives a lost life doesn’t even get peace in his mother’s lap.

Episode ends.

Precap-Guru ji says diamonds are in coal mine. I want to see if Jogi is coal or diamond. Jogi says to Mahi my life was going well. What would you take to let me go back to normal? Mahi says what are you saying? Jogi says I don’t want to sing. Why did you bring Guru ji?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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