Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi gets her Mc21 back

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahi comes out and sees her Mc21. She’s shocked. Mahi cries. She recalls her moment in the car. Everyone comes out. Mahi hugs the car. Biji and Rupa hug her. Jogi looks at her and smiles. Mahi says to Pankaj thank you jeju. He points and Jogi. Mahi hugs him. Jogi says how did you like my surprise? Mahi says how did you do all this? He tells her their plan. Mahi recalls when she was asking. His first plan failed and he made the next plan with Pankaj and Priya. Priya said you would need my help. Jogi wondered how would he go. He hopped out of the window.

The guy was enjoying his magazine and says all top models are in this magazine. Priya came there and said you should be in this magazine too. She said nice car. Is this your video? He said yes. It’s me. She says a big fan. I see your racing videos. He said don’t make me shy. She says I am Mona Singh. I am senior executive for Stardust magazine. He was shocked. He said this magazine? She says I came here to take your interview. We would need some info. She asked where did you get this car from? He said my dad picked it from someone’s house. She said so there are no papers? He said no there are no papers. She said I like bad boys. He said I am a bad boy. I break the signals all the time. I break all the rules. I bet on these races. I win all the time. Jogi smiled. Jogi said we are done. She left. She said I will tell you when the story publishes. Priya gave a high five to Jogi and said it’s done. They were happy.

Mahi was worried about Jogi. She said he takes so long to shower. She said who takes so long to shower? Pankaj went to the guy’s house and showed him the confession of his own son. The man said I am very influential. Let me call the commissioner. Jogi came there and said the commissioner has ordered us to arrest your son. See this video. This car isn’t in your name. The man said she couldn’t return our debt. Jogi said so you will pick things? He said okay okay I will return the car. They gave them the car.

Jogi says I had to get back what you loved the most. Mahi says how do you love so much? He says you’re a shade of God for me. Your smile is my life. Mahi hugs him. She falls on Jogi. Jogi caresses her face. Everyone gets shy.

Scene 2
Renu and Shaly play ludo. Renu says you always defeat me. Renu says Mahi never attacked us. She’s a good daughter, sister, and human. She forgave us. Shalu says her husband is a good man too. And her husband loves her too. Renu says our husbands don’t. Renu says but we can’t let go of our marriages now. Shalu says let’s help her indirectly. Renu says yeah we will do our remorse.

Mahi does Mc21’s pooja. She’s very happy. Jogi says no one can stop your dreams now. Mahi says and neither your voice. She says someone else also has right on in. They go to Shalu’s house. Mahi hugs Seema. Mahi says I came with good news. Seema says am I going to be a nani? She dances. Mahi says no.. My Mc21 is back. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says this pooja’s parsad. Seema is happy. Mahi says I will start my driving agian. Shalu says in the heart a husband like Jogi only brings happiness in life. Pappu says wow amazing. Come let’s eat with us. Jogi says we are full. He says then have tea. Seema says yes, please. They all sit with them. Pappu asks how did it happy? Mahi says ask Jogi. Jogi says it just did. Pappu says Mahi looks so happy. Stay blessed. Mahi says Jogi also needs your blessings. Chanda asks why? Mahi says Jogi is going for an audition. Pappu says wow. No one can stop Jogi. He will win for sure. He has magic in his voice. Mahi says we have to go now. Pappu says always stay happy. Let us know when you leave. He says is Jogi free for Jagrata? Mahi says yes. Pappu asks do you need any money? Mahi says he won’t take money. Mahi leaves. Pappu says he will take money. Chanda says time to make it a sad day for them.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chanda says to Arjun, Jogi is going for an audition. She says to the producer insult him so much that he never sings again. Jogi sings. The producer says you’ll never become a singer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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