Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi’s condition worsens

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Scene 1
Jogi asks Renu did you kill your sister? Or you Shalu? Who’s jealous of her sister? Or this Chanda who’s a loser in love? Or this Pappu who never liked her. You all have a reason to kill her and I have a reason to doubt you all. If anything happens to her I will kill you all. I am crazy. I won’t let anyone forget her pain. I will kill that person right away when I find out. He leaves in anger.

Scene 2
The doctor says the operation is successful. We got the bullet out. Jogi says thank you doctor for saving Mahi. Thank you.. when will she be conscious? He says it’s a deep wound and she lost a lot of blood. We don’t know what will happen? Jogi says what do you mean? He says the next 24 hours are critical. If she doesn’t get conscious her life can be in danger. Jogi says you just said she will be okay. The doctor is leaving. Jogi says you can’t leave until she opens her eyes. He says I have to go. My wife fasted for me. I will come back. Jogi says what is this fast bebe? Rupa says wives keep it for their husband’s long life. He says why do women have to fast always? Can’t husbands fast for their wives? I will fast for Mahi. For her long life and health. I will bring my Mahi back from even Yamraj. Until she opens her eyes I won’t eat or drink anything. Seema and Akash look at him.

Rupa does arti. Seema cries. Rupa says don’t cry. She has our blessings, she will be okay. Seema says God can’t be unfair to Jogi’s love. She’s so lucky to have a husband like her. Rupa say we need to have an important discussion. Seema says what? Rupa says Mahi got shot at Pappu’s place. We can’t stay around them. I won’t let my kids be harm. We can keep this relation but from a distance. You should go home. Seema says how can I go when Mahi is in this condition? Rupa says she got shot in your house? Jogi will be here to take care of her. Seema cries.

Jogi tries to make Mahi eat. The song tum hi ho plays. He massages her feet. He is about to drink water but recalls his fast. He makes her wear her ring.

Scene 3
Jogi fell asleep next to Mahi. He wakes up and says it’s been 23 hours. You have been sleeping get up once? Please open your eyes, I will do whatever you ask. He cries. He says come let’s dance with me? You’re so lazy. Get up. Please Mahi. My heart is sinking. Please give me some strength. Talk to me, please. Okay, I will go if you don’t get up. You will keep calling me. Mahi sings don’t go my love.. Jogi looks at her. He holds her hand and says you opened your eyes. Thank God. I know this will work. He hugs her. Mahi can’t breathe. Jogi gets worried. Mahi struggles.. Jogi says Mahi.. He looks for the nurse. Mahi’s heartbeat drops. Jogi is scared. Jogi shouts Mahi.. The nurse checks her. Rupa says what happened? Jogi says she opened her eyes. The nurse says I am sorry. She lost her heartbeat. We can’t do anything now. Jogi says are you crazy? She just spoke to me. Rupa cries. Jogi hugs Mahi says nothing can happen to you. Call the doctor. Jogi sings for her. Mahi is unresponsive. Rupa cries. Mahi breathes suddenly. Jogi says Mahi.. Are you okay? I knew nothing will happen. I am with you. Please breathe. The doctor is coming. Mahi takes off her oxygen mask. She says something in Jogi’s ear. Rupa asks what did she say? Mahi says I said what was left incomplete. As long as you’re with me nothing can happen to me. We are one.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi gives sweets to Pappu and says Mahi is conscious. Eat sweets everyone. He says how are the sweets? Bitter? Chanda says sweets are sweet. He says but poison is bitter. They are all shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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