Teri Laadli Mein 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Urmila’s Promise To Bitti

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Urmila takes Bitti to cowshed and shows her pesticide bottle. She says she knows Bitti is hurt with her words more than her papa’s, but she knows she loves her a lot; she realized that only mother’s love is not enough in this world; she failed and if Bitti wants to die, she will also die as she is responsible for her condition. She tries to consume pesticide. Bitti snathes and throws bottle away and then cries holding her feet. Urmila sits and Bitti lies on her lap. Urmila says if she cannot see her mother dying, how can she herself die without thinking about her mother; she is born defeating her death repeatedly and reached here fighting with situations, then why did she fall weak. She asks her to remember that when god gives problems, he gives strength to fight with it; she should stop crying whatever he problems come and not think of dying. Bitti takes her oath. Urmial says she is with her always and soon papa will also support her. Bitti emotionally hugs her. Urmila signals her to smile, and she smiles.

At midnight, Urmila reminisces seeing Bitti’s torn blouse and goons bullying Bitti. She opens cupboard and picks a cloth. Surendra wakes up hearing sound and asks her to let him sleep at least at night as she sucks his blood whole day. She silently closes cupboard door and stitches a new dress for Bitti being awake whole night. Next morning, Bitti looks at her torn blouse and covers dupatta over it. Urmila walks in and says she knows that she is tensed regarding her torn dress, so she stiched her 2 clothes. Bitti hugs clothes and asks how did she get them. Urmila asks to forget it and tell if they are good. Bitti signals yes and hugs her. Urmila asks her to wear one and get ready.

Akshat does exercise when Sakshi enters and asks him to stop exercising and take her for shopping. Akshat says he will get bored between her and Ridhi’s shopping. Ridhi says Sakshi has so many clothes that she can wear them for more than 2 years. Sakshi says she doesn’t repeat her clothes and gives them in charity. Akshat asks what will he do with her. She says become her driver, carry her bags, and help her select dresses; he cannot deny her as nobody does. Ridhi taunts Akshat and he asks her to go.

Bitti takes tiffin to Raja. Raja says he was waiting for her and she cannot escape today, asks her to keep tiffin in kitchen. She walks into kitchen. He holds her and says she troubled him so much and will bear punishment now. Bitti’s friend records video.

Precap: Akshat takes Sakshi for shopping and meets Bitti there. Veil falls on them and they get engrasped in each other. Sakshi shouts seeing that. After shopping, Sakhi insults Bitti by offering her 2000 rs in charity saying she cannot afford a costly dress. Akshat tries to stop her in vain.

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