Teri Laadli Mein 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshat Finally Proposes Bitti

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Surendra angrily offers kumkum and flower thali to Bitti. Bitti emotionally with teary eyes turns towards him. He with closed eyes applies kumkum on her forehead, gives her silver coin shagun, and walks away. Bitti happily kisses shagun coin and runs away from there reminiscing the incident and dances. Serial’s title plays in the background. Akshat gets happy seeing her dancing happily.

Pandit continues mantras. Daadi warns him to perform all the rituals and mantras even if gets late. Sakshi doesn’t notice Akshat and thinks where he must have gone. Bitti gets tensed seeing someone holding her hand and dragging aside and then smiles seeing its Askhat. Akshat thanks her for understanding his feeling while his family or friends don’t and think he is from past and not modern; he thought only he likes coffee and old songs and aloo paranthas instead of pizza and burger, but then he met her and realized there is someone like her who loves her family; he has meet many girls, but she is very simple among them, etc. She is about to say I love you when he hears drum and cracker sounds and stops. Sakshi searches Akshat and Bitti and burns in anger.

Akshat makes heart shape from his hands and signals Bitti that his heart beats for her. Jab Tak Jahan me Subah Shaam hai, tab tak mere naam tu…song plays in the background. He kneels down and offering her a locket asks if she will marry her. She happily extends hand, but stops reminiscing Vaishali informing about Yash and Sakshi’s wedding. He asks what happened. She signals that its wrong as he is marrying Sakshi. He says he loves her and not Sakshi, he will inform Sakshi soon, she should wear this locket if she loves him and understand that he loves her and will always love her. He walks away while she looks at locket reminiscing his words.

Yash and Richa’s wedding completes. Pandit asks them to take elders’ blessings. They do same. Akshat tells them that things change after marriage, but their love shouldn’t change. They both agree, and Richa emotionally hugs him and cries. He wipes her tears and asks who cries while going to her house. Vaishali says Akshat is right, both houses are hers and she should shower her love on her other family also. Surendra addresses her as madamji and says they will leave now. She asks him to call her by name as they are samdhis/relatives now. He agrees.

Sakshi fumes that Akshat was roaming around Bitti during whole wedding and didn’t even look at her once. Pratap consoles her and promises to get her married to Akshat soon.

Back home, Daadi asks Richa to light lamps with family names and brighten their lives with her love. She lights lamps and thinks her baby’s named lamp is not present, whom shall she say. Bitti keeps a lamp. Richa thanks her and lights lamp. Lamp flickers. Bitti protects it and prays god. Urmila asks Bitti to take Richa to her room. Daadi greedy about jewelry asks her to give all jewelry to her to protect them in her trunk. Richa gives all her jewelry to her. Daadi’s eyes brighten holding them and says she can take whenever she wants. Richa says jewelry should be with elders. Daadi praises her and asks Bitti to take Richa to room. Bitti drops TYash and Richa to room. Akshat silently cuts fan wire and apologizes Richa. Richa says she will adjust slowly. He thinks he will not let her manage as he wants to enjoy in his sasural. Bitti hangs cold cloth at window and makes Richa sit near it. Richa thanks her while Yash fumes.

Precap: Pratap insists TYash to make a painting. Yash accepts that he doesn’t know painting. Pratap asks whose painting was it then. Yash says Bitti. Akshat with Sakshi hears their conversation.

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