Teri Laadli Mein 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bitti Doubts Yash

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Urmila pleads Yash to give evidence in favor of Surendra and says she lost her son, but cannot lose her husband. Yash holds her hands, then reminisces Sakshi’s warning and says whatever Urmila told is right, but he cannot give evidence in court. Urmila stands shattered hearing that and pleads him again. He walks away. Daadi asks Urmila not to stop him as he is selfish from childhood. Her health deteriorates suddenly, Gauri and Bitti hold her and bring water for her. She drinks water. After sometime, she says Urmila has gone to meet Surendra and don’t know what she will say when Surendra asks about Yash. Gauri’s husband comes heavily inebriated and says he is very happy. Gauri holds him. He greets Dadi and asks what happened that they are mourning. Gauri informs that Yash had come. He asks why didn’t they stop Yash, tells Dadi that Yash is very cruel and is making his own father a scapegoat. Gauri stops him and takes him towards door. Bitti signals to feed him food and let him sleep here. Dadi says Bitti is right.

Bitti tells Gauri that there is some connection between Yash and jijaji and requests to find out truth from him. Gauri agrees and asks how will she get truth out of her husband. Bitti gives her Surendra’s alcohol bottle. Gauri serves alcohol to her husband and asks what was he telling about Yash. Husband says her brother is playing a big game. She asks what kind of game. He says her husband trapped a rich girl and is fooling everyone. He falls asleep murmuring tomorrow is a big day. Bitti asks her to ask what is telling. She asks Bitti to keep an eye on Yash while she tries to find out what her husband wants to say.

Next morning, Bitti sees Yash getting out of car speaking to someone over phone and getting into office. She follows him, slips and falls on a ladder injuring her forehead. Akshat gets concerned noticing that, scolds her, and checks her injury. He holds her hand and makes her sit and brings cold pack to apply on her forehead. She shies. He himself applies it. Their eyes meet. Oh Re Piya..song plays in the background. He then gets conscious and walks away. She remembers Jijaji’s words and takes coffee to Yash’s cabin. Yash ignores her, asks to stop staring him, keep coffee and leave. He gets Jijaji’s message and packs his bag nervously. Bitti silently locks his cabin from outside and switches off her mobile. He calls her and continues knocking door. Jijaji calls him and asks when is he coming. Yash says his cabin is locked from outside, so he cannot come. Jijaji says he is coming behind his cabin’s window, he can give him money via window. Yash agrees and gives money via window. Bitti notices him giving money to jijaji.

Precap: Vaishali asks Akshat to convince his sister not to go to her in-laws’ place. Richa says Yash doesn’t want to go to his house and follow a son’s duty. Akshat notices Bitti in danger again and gets worried for her.

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