Teri Laadli Mein 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yash Is Blackmailed

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Bitti brings different coffee mugs and asks Akshat to drink whichever he likes. Akshat says he needs his coffee. Vaishali walks in, and Bitti walks out. She asks what is Bitti doing here after so much happened, don’t know what is going in his mind. She says she is thinking of pressurizing police to scrutinize Surendra properly and get truth out of him. Akshat says there is no need for tha.t She says when the opponent is not right, they need to use different tactics and she wants to get justice to Pratap at any cost. Bitti hears their conversation.

Daadi sitting in home temple reminisces Yash denying to accompany her to give evidence in Surendr’a favor and his drama. Urmila informs her that lawyer increased his fees, so she is thinking of selling gold chain as Bitti is trying her best and cannot manage everything alone. Daadi asks her to go and sell chain to jeweler. Bitti video calls her. She asks what is she doing in Askhat’s office. Bitti signals that she rejoined Akshat’s office for money and signals that Yash is joining Akshat’s office. Daadi fumes that Yash is fit to come to office but not to police station to help his father. Bitti signals that she will make Yash give evidence in favor of Surendra. Daadi says she trusts her.

At hospital. Pratap;s condition worsens. Vaishali, Supriya, and Sakshi enter room and stand worried seeing his condition. Doctor gives him injection, and he falls unconscious. Tehy stand shocked seeing that and ask if he is fine. Doctor says he is sorry to inform that Pratap went into coma. Sakshi asks when will he regain consciousness. Doctor says its difficult to say. Yash peeps via window and smirks. Sakshi takes oath to take revenge from Surendra and his family.

Yash gets ready for office in blazer and praises himself. He thinks Pratap’s wicket is down and now Akshat will fulfill Pratap’s promise by giving him a position in office, he should get a position at least below Akshat. He gets a message from an unknown number that he knows what he did at construction site and has proof of it. He replies who is he, all his allegations are rubbish. Blackmailer sends video and says they will meet soon. Yash stands tensed.

In police station, Surendra boasts about his son Yash and challenges inspector that his son will bail him out soon. Bitti hearing his words gives food to constable and asks him to tell Surendra that his son brought it. Constable praises that Surendra is lucky to have a daughter like her, but he is overconfident on his son. He gives tiffin to Surendra saying his son gave it and left. Surendra says maybe he doesn’t want to see his father in this condition and enjoys food saying his son knows his favorite food. He coughs while eating. Bitti brings water and offers him hiding her face and then hides. Constable reveals that he boasts about his useless son daily, but doesn’t know that his daughter bring him food daily and gave him water now; his son didn’t even come to find out if he is alive or dead. Surendra throws food and yells that he would rather die than having black shadow’s brought food, he doesn’t want any relationship with abshaguni/inauspcious girl. Bitti cries hearing that.

In the morning, Bitti offers kadha/herbal soup to Daadi. Daadi drinks it and says she is very energetic again. She reminisces forcfeeding Urmila to kill Bitti in womb and feels guilty. Urmila asks her not to think about past and to think how to free Surendra. Daadi says she is right. Bitti draws sketch of Surendra getting out of jail in 6 days. Daadi asks if she will really get Surendra out in 6 days. Bitti hugs her and says they will visit advocate after returning from office. Urmila asks how will they inform advocate that they couldn’t arrange his fees. Vaishali asks Akshat to bribe Surendra’s lawyer to back off from case. Yash scolds servants to iron his suits soon. Servant brings him ironed suits. He finds blood marks on shirt with murderer written on it and photos showing Yash pushing Pratap from building. He panics that he wants to take over office, but his unkown enemy wants to expose him; he will not let anyone ruin his plan. He hides shirt under bed.

Bitti prepares food in office canteen when her dupatta falls near gas. Askhat gets concerned noticing that.

Precap: Vaishali with Askhat meets Surendra’s lawyer and says he shouldn’t get out of jail at any cost. Urmila noticing that confronts her that they are showing their money power. Yash meets his blackmailer. Akshat thinks why he sees truth in Bitti’s eyes and cannot hate her.

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