Teri Laadli Mein 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshat’s Rude Behavior With Bitti

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Urmila meets Surendra in police station and says there is Matarani’s Navdurga pooja at home tomorrow and like every year, he will perform pooja even this time. Surendra says he will perform pooja only if he is out on bail with Yash’s evidence, but Yash left court without giving evidence in his favor. Inspector taunts that his son doesn’t want to and is fooling him. Surendra denies and insists to speak to his son. Inspector agrees and gives him phone. Yash relaxing on bed hearing Surendra’s call acts that he should have given evidence not bothering about his health and would come to police station right now, but then acts as getting headache. Surendra worried for him asks to rest and give his statement online. Inspector takes back phone and taunts that his Shravan Kumar will not come, he disrespected a girl child and wants to perform Navdurga pooja, god will not support him. Surendra’s lawyer enters.

Yash fumes that papa always interferes between his lavish life. Vaishali walks in and asks how is he now. He holding his head says he is having headache and dizziness. She says he is a big liar and even now is lying. He says he is really sick. She says she doesn’t mind until he doesn’t give evidence in his fathers favor. He prays god to kill either his father or MIL and let him leave in peace.

Bitti reaches her job place and finds it shut. Raju informs that her boss met with a family accident and had to shut his shop, she cannot get a new job anywhere as her papa is in jail and only Akshat can give him job and good salary. She signals that she doesn’t want to work for Akshat. He says she needs to wait till she gets a new job them.

Surendra requests lawyer to bail him out somehow. Lawyer says his is very complicated as all evidences are against him except his son who doesn’t want to help him, there is only one way now. Urmila asks what is it, she video calls Bitti and informs that lawyer is demanding more money to fight Surendra’s case. Bitti walks to Akshat’s office. Akshat asks what is she doing here. She signals that he is misusing his reputation and not letting her work anywhere else. He says her papa is at fault and new employers will seek his opinion and he will not lie. She signals that he should find truth. He says he knows truth and is angry on himself for trusting traitor brother and sister, earlier Yash betrayed Richa and now Surendra tried to kill Pratap. She walks towards door. He stops her and says she can work here as her face will remind him of his foolishness of trusting an innocent face. She signals if she had to betray him, she would have said yes to his proposal. He says she was planning big, good he found out her intention earlier; if she was not guilty, why did she leave her job; even then he is giving her job again.

Sakshi hears that and asks is he giving her job again. He says to make her realize her mistake and break her superego. Sakshi says until they get money, their ego will not break. He ask her not to worry about it and asks Bitti if she is ready for this job. She walks away without replying but stops hearing Akshat getting Yash’s call and promising to give him job. She reminisces all the incidents and nods yes for the job. He orders her to clean the table properly as he doesn’t like coffee stains. Sakshi says she is going to meet dad at hospital. He asks not to worry about Bitti as he will handle her. She leaves. A dust falls in Bitti’s eyes. Akshat reminisces similar incident where he blows off dust from her eyes.

Bitti brings coffee for Akshat. He sips and says there is extra sugar in it, so she should bring another coffee. She brings another coffee. He sips and says it has less sugar, she should prepare one more. She brings sugar separately. He says its cold. She brings 6 different mugs and signals to drink whichever he likes. He demands his coffee. Vaishali walks in and stands fuming.

Precap: Bitti hears Vaishali telling Akshat that she will pressurize police to take strict action against Surendra to get justice to Pratap.

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