Teri fariyaad (episode 11)

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Anyone can make you smile….. many people can make you cry….. but it takes someone really special to make you smile with Tears in your eyes
Sanskar was pacing in his room waiting for Swara to come it’s almost been 3 hours but there was no sign of Swara

Finally after getting frustrated he moved out searching for her

It’s almost he searched the whole mansion until he bumped into laksh

Laksh wile rubbing his forehead , hold on bhai

Sanskar irritated , move from my way

Laksh , wait why are you roaming in whole mansion like a lost puppy

Sanskar , ary yaar you let me go I have to death for her

Laksh understood him but seeing his impatience he thought to tease him

Laksh , seems like someone is finding someone

Sanskar , look I don’t have time to waste on you so move …… He tried to push laksh but he being stubborn

Laksh , bhai I know where your someone is

Sanskar with curiosity , where

Laksh smirking , hhhmmmm….let me think

Sanskar gave him a ‘ I will see you later look’ and started to move From there when laksh holds his hand Turning him face to face

Laksh quickly , sorry soory I will tell you but you have to give something in return

Sanskar , what

Laksh , your bike

Sanskar eyes grew wide , no not at all itsy favorite

Laksh moved a bit giving Sanskar way , then you can go

Sanskar being frustrated moved from there while Laksh sat on the nearby table eating Apple after half an hour Sanskar came back being tired

Laksh , taking a bite of Apple , you came back soon

Sanskar giving up , you take my bike but tell me where is Swara

Laksh getting down , that’s like a good boy
Now keys

Sanskar took out the keys which he always keep with him and passed it to Laksh slowly

Laksh taking keys from him , so listen you will find Swara in guest room

Sanskar in shock, what is she doing there

Laksh , its for you to find out and me to know …… Saying this he went from there

Sanskar immediately ran towards guest room and found Swara sleeping there

He sighed in relief and went close to her he examined her face
She was looking pale tear marks were clearly visible he caressed her cheeks by his hand thinking about the harsh behaviour and the word stranger he spoke to her

Without wasting time he lifted her in his arms with this sudden pull Swara sleep got disturbed she opened her eyes slowly only to find herself in his arms

She was lovingly staring his face but soon she remembered his harsh behaviour towards her and within no time she started struggling trying to make herself free

On other hand sanskar was not at all paying atension on her finally he entered his room gently keeping swara on bed

Before Swara can react or move from there he laid beside her hugging her by waist digging his face in the crook of her neck

Swara was shocked by his sudden act she tried moving away from his grip but each time it became stronger

Sanskar , stop struggling and sleep it’s enough for today

Swara being left with no other option slept In same position
Laksh entered ragini room to see whether she slept or not it became his daily routine to look after she slept

But today he didn’t find her on bed his eyes traveled whole room to take a glance of her but she was not there

Suddenly a pillow came flying towards him which exactly hit at back of his head

He rubbed his head and turned around only to find a fuming ragini standing there seeing her one thing he got to know that today not even God can save him

Laksh with tight smile , what was that for

Ragini in anger , as if you don’t know

Laksh in mind if I would have been knowing then I must not be standings here

Ragini , oh hello where are you lost
Then again she threw a pillow toward him but luckily he dogged it

Ragini , you idiot monkey donkey brainless creature …………. She continued giving him weird name and throwing more pillows towards him by nearby couch

Laksh while saving himself , ary first tell me my fault

Ragini , stop being innocent I was waiting for you from so long and there was no sign of your since hours

She sat on the couch being exhausted

Laksh became sad seeing her this condition

He went and sat near her wrapping his right hand on her shoulders

Laksh , may i know the reason why this beautiful lady was waiting for me

Ragini hits him with her elbow
Says with a pout , stop flirting with me

Laksh , so please change your face otherwise I will not be able to control myself

Ragini , laksh stop it

Laksh , OK baba now tell me why were you waiting for me

Ragini , I wanted to ask you about dii
A tear escape from her eyes

Laksh while cupping her face , sshhhh she is alright and might be taking rest till now

Ragini innocently , sacchi

Laksh smiles and kisses her forehead , mucchi

Ragini smiles and kept her head on his shoulder , by the way you promised me to take me on long drive at night

Laksh , not to worry princess i have took bhai bike

Ragini looked at him in shock , but how it is his favourite bike

Laksh smirking , I have my own ways

Ragini looked at him confused

Laksh , now you sleep

Ragini , but

Laksh , I will take you tomorrow for drive

He make her lie on bed and covered her with comforter

Laksh wile kissing her forehead , good night princess
Sorry guys I m not able fk post it due to my exsms going on but I will surely be regular from 26 Nov

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