Teri fariyaad (episode 10)

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Sometimes……its better to keep quiet…….because once spoken then……..those words can’t be taken back
Laksh , I don’t know about others but there is this phase of his life which you should be knowing

Swara looked at him confused

Laksh took a deep breath before continuing

Laksh , we had a sister named uttara she was the most pampered one being the youngest. I still remember that day whenshe came with her boyfriend telling that she wanted to marry him bhai and papa were against her but due to my force they agreed to her marriage.
A lone tear escapes his eyes he wipes it smiling looking at swara bit his eyes were reflexing the pain he was in

Swara , then where is she now

Laksh looked at sky and said in deep voice , she has become a star, star of our lives we can’t see her but just feel her

Swara , sorry

Laksh , you should not be its the harsh reality of our life and we have accepted the fact 2 years back only

Swara in more confused tone , but why are you telling me this suddenly

Laksh , because her death is the reason of bhai being what is he now. We lost him when we lost uttara he became emotionless but in these 2years for the first time i saw some kind of emotion on his face when he saw you that is the reason I want you to marry him just to bring my old bhai back

Swara in broken voice , for your need you destroyed my life with it my sisters life also

Lkash looking straight in her eyes , do you seriously think that I destroyed your sisters life

Swara looked down finding for answer

Laksh , anyway I just wanted to tell you that bhai is not bad but the situation makes him loose his control on him I am sure something might have happened that is why he behaved like this with you today
Saying this he was about to move from there but stopped by hearing swara

Swara , how she died

Laksh looked at her and then moved towards the nearby chair and sat on it

Laksh , she was married happily with the boy she wanted to everything was going well but after 5 months of there marriage uttara came home crying badly that when we came to know that the boy was not good after completing his lust that blo*dy bastered left her he gave her divorce
Swasan room
Ragini entered the room with baby steps she looked at sanskar who was sitting on bed engrossed in his thought

She went towards him with shivering steps and stood at a distance

Ragini softly , bhai

Hearing her voice Sanskar slowly lifted his head and looked at ragini

Ragini was shocked to see him she quickly went towards him and cupped his face wiping tears which were rolling from his eyes

Ragini with concern , why are you crying bhai
Tears automatically made way from her eyes too

Sanskar nooded his head wiping his tears
Sanskar , look I am not crying its just that the wound is paining (sanskar tried to divert her attension )

Ragini looked at the wound and panicked within no time she was standing in front of him with first aid box

She was about to clean his wound but Sanskar holds her hand

Sanskar , you no need to take tension I will do it on my own

Ragini , but

Sanskar calmly , no but, I said na I will do why are you taking stress

Ragini started to cry loudly

Sanskar tried to stop her but she started to cry more loudly (? dramebaz)

Sanskar finally gave up and shouted , fine do whatever you want to

Ragini immediately smiling brightly , sachii!!!!!!!

Sanskar in disbelief , you are impossible

Ragini patting her back , that I know, now stop your bak bak and sit quietly l will bandage your wound
Sanskar sat there quietly as instructed by ragini without any movement

Ragini , done

Sanskar taking sigh of relief , finally

Ragini smiled a little and passed a medicine to him

Sanskar confusingly look at medicine and then at ragini , I think I had got hurt on head my stomach is fine

Ragini strictly , shut up and have it , I know it must be paining so it will reduce your pain

Sanskar like a obidient child had it

He felt the gaze of ragini on him so he looked at her signalising through eyes , what??

Ragini in serious tone , do you love dii ???

Sanskar back get straighten he look at her in utter shock
Swara looked at laksh in shock , what happened next

Laksh , what will happen we made uttara to stay with us

Swara , what about that boy

Laksh said clenching his fist , I don’t know after that they we have never seen him I don’t know where he went we are finding him from past 2 years but except disappointment we are getting nothing

Swara , you said uttara is no more so how she …… I mean

Laksh , after uttara started living with us within few days we came to know that she is pregnant
She was not able to bear this she ………….
Tears started to flow from his eyes

At cliff
Sanskar shouting , doll please listen to us don’t do this

Uttara with broken voice , no bhai I can’t live with this guilt you all warned me but I was stubborn to marry him I don’t want you all to suffer just because of me it was my mistake and I will rectify it

Laksh , uttara please listen to us think about the unborn child you are carrying what us his mistake that you are punishing him

Uttara , this child is a cutse for me bhai it will always remind me of that bastered I feel disgust of myself remembering him

Sanskar , listen uttara you will fall please come here we will………. before he could complete she jumped from the cliff shouting
Uttara , thank you bhai for everything

Sanskar ran behind her and was also about to jump but laksh holds him
Laksh teary eyes , I lost one sibling and has no power to loose one more

Sanskar fell on his knees shouting UTTARA crying bitterly

Laksh was in the state of shock he was standing there lifelessly

Flashback ends

Laksh crying bitterly , we lost her that day forever and also lost bhai with her he was alive but still dead from then he was living like a robot but you changed him he started to laugh , he started most importantly he started to live

Swara also had tears in her eyes
Swasan room
Sanskar was shocked listening ragini question
He fumbled with words to reply her back

Sanskar , its ….. nothing …… like

Ragini , don’t try to lie I am seeing you from one month how you admire dii how you take care of her and small small needs of her I just want to listen once from your mouth

Sanskar sighed , yes I love her

Ragini happily , wow so finally

Sanskar , hold on after what happened today you still are happy with our relation I mean to say are you not angry

Ragini , why will I be angry and moreover I know if there must be some reason behind your such behaviour this much I got to know you in this one month

Sanskar sadly , but she must be angry on me I shouted at her for no reason

Ragini shrugging , angry and dii is impossible she might be upset with you for sometime but can not be angry it’s not her cup of tea

Sanskar , how can you be so sure

Ragini , are you kidding me I am her sister and is there with her from childhood I will not know her then who will know her

Sanskar , but

Ragini , no but vut I will help you in convincing her till then bye
She left from the room smiling brightly

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