Terence Lewis is Overwhelmed with the response on Dance Camp Adda 2.0


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The world is under a lockdown and we all are working from home. The same is happening to our stars too. Choreographer and a dancer par excellence Terence Lewis is also conducting online dance classroom, Dance Camp Adda 2.0 to teach dance. Yes, you heard it right. Messages of love and appreciation has been pouring in from frontline workers for Terence’s dance camp who is using dance to spread happiness and cheer in these gloomy times.

Talking about it to a leading portal, Terence shared, “Honestly, we didn’t realise that we were touching so many hearts and we were making such a huge difference. That was not on our agenda, we were simply trying to do whatever we could do best. We got ourselves together as a company and as an institute and we realised that we are not going to be teaching on ground for a very long time. We don’t know what’s the future of that. So why don’t we put our talents and keep aside all the technical issues that we need face and the challenges and yet be able to come together and do something for the community.”

“We dropped our prices and kept it very very adorable to even the poorest of poor across the country and across the world. The whole idea was just to create kind of a sense of joy through dance. And little did we know that it would be impacting so many people, we had no idea that it would reach so many people and create such a beautiful emotion in them.”

“This is totally humbling for me and my entire team. We have worked really hard to make sure for this that both the back-end and the front-end team really delivers and ensures that it’s a fun and enjoyable experience. We also made sure that the classes were very simple, were heartwarming and encouraging and motivating. It was kept at a pace that everybody can follow, even a person who has never danced before feels that okay, I can do it. Because the whole agenda was about the ABCD, the caption that I gave many years ago to Remo sir to make the film. Any Body Can Dance was my motto when I started teaching dance. That is something that we wanted to share online and it was only possible to kind of reach such a wide audience.”

“We had no idea what kind of audience is coming because you don’t have a face to that audience. But seeing this has really moved us deeply and honestly we should be thanking them. Given the fact that this person is a doctor working in a Covid-19 situation is also something that overwhelms me because we take our jobs, we take our issues, both mental and physical for granted and here is somebody who is risking their lives for others. So it’s very humbling and overwhelming at the same time.”

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