Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff Part-9

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The first hint of pain

Ishanya was looking for Nandita in the party and went to dance floor in search of her when in those dim lights someone dashed with Ishanya and for a second lights went off. She got shocked and got out of dance floor somehow. Her breathing got chocked. She came to a side and took a pill from her clutch and swallowed it. Then, she went into washroom to get fresh.

She splashed water on her face as soon as she got flashes of something. After few splashes she calmed down and wiped her face with tissues. She looked at the reflection of her face in mirror devoid of any make-up, just like her state right now.

She told herself to be strong and face the world with attitude. She came out of washroom and saw the garden. She went towards the garden door which was half open and she stared at the moon and stars, which made her calmer and the chilly breeze soothed her heart. She took a deep breath and stood like that closing her eyes to calm her raging heart unaware that Omkara is sitting on the stairs right beside the door enjoying the breeze.

He saw her coming there lost in thoughts. He was about to talk to her but noticed her taking deep breath and closing eyes trying to forget something and stay calm. So, he hadn’t disturbed her and just sat there staring her. And then, seeing her glowing in the moon light, he took out his art pad and pencil, which he carries everywhere, incase if he got any inspiration just like now.

He wanted to capture the beauty in front of him and he started sketching. He was immersed in sketching and she in enjoying the cool breeze.
Ishanya slowly opened her eyes and stared at Moon still oblivious to the presence of Omkara, while he continued to sketch.

He was giving finishing touches to the sketch when he heard her saying, “How much pain did Moon went through when it got ‘stained’?” still oblivious to his presence.
He looked at her while she was still lost in staring the moon. He said,

“Kyun iss dard ho hain chupana
Jab sara jag ko ye daang hai dikhna
Kya ye dard bhi khubsurat nahi uss daang ki tarah
Jab tumhara charitra chamakta hai chand ki tarah”

Ishanya still lost replied,

“Iss daang ka hi toh hai dard
Jab chamak pe laga hai daang
Kaisa chamak? Kaisi Khubsurati?
Sirf dard, sirf dard.”

Said and closed her eyes to let the tears to drop, while Omkara staring at her with frown not understanding her words.

She was brought back to reality by the ring of her phone. She got startled and looked at Omkara, who was staring at her. She attended the phone not looking at him and went from there talking in phone without turning back, while Omkara stood there shocked to see the intensity of her pain.

Ishanya came out of party venue and went to parking lot. She saw Nandita waiting for her there. She went to her and Nandita asked her, “Where were you, yaar? I was worried for you. I thought you left, that’s why I have called you. It’s good that you hadn’t went alone. Come, let’s go now.” She said and they both left from there in Ishanya’s car.

Omkara was still standing there like a statue. On that night he had seen her fear, today he had seen her pain and it’s intensity. Today, felt he was watching himself. He saw his own reflection in her pain. Her pain seems so similar to his pain. Now he understood why he felt a pull towards her, why he wanted to reduce her fear and pain. He sees himself in her. His vulnerable dark self which is only filled with pain. He can see the same in her eyes today. That is why he was pulled towards her. He wants to reduce her pain. He wants to give her happiness by which his pain too can get reduced and he too can get happiness. As someone said, “Agar koi tumhare tarah dard mein dikhe, toh ruko aur dekho shayad unke ilaaz mein tumhara ilaaz mil jaye.”

It’s been a week after the party. Omkara is so restless. From that night he was always immersed in her thoughts. He always tried to find her somewhere again and meet her. In local trains, In that area, he was going there daily but he couldn’t find her. He even went to apartment once but came back not knowing her flat no. The another time he went he got to know her flat no from the watchman, but he doesn’t have enough courage to show up at her door step. What if she refuses to know him. What if she gets scared by him. All these what-if’s kept him away from going to her house.

He is in his art-room painting the sketch he made on the party night. Someone knocked on the door and he said, “Come in” without looking at the door.

“O!! Your idea too got failed see, she threw water on me again!!” Said Rudra with fake crying voice.

Omkara turned to him surprised, “Even after being truthful soumya is angry on you?!” He asked Rudra.

“See my state na, O!! Can’t you understand by seeing me?” Rudra asked wiping his fake tears.

Omkara laughed a little and asked him what he exactly said. Rudra told him everything what he said to soumya about her weight and how he promised to help her lose it as a sorry gift from him!!

Omkara slapped on the back of Rudra’s head and said, “How can you talk so insensitively to her? That is why she is more angrier on you now.”

“But O, you were the one who said to be truthful, right!! Now, what is my mistake?!” He Whined.

“You are such an idiot Rudra. I can’t make you understand. Just go and say a simple ‘sorry’ to her.” Suggested Omkara.

“No, no, no. I am not going to say any sorry now. And even Shivaay bhaiyya hadn’t told sorry to Annika didi so why should I? I won’t!” He said and went from there while Omkara just shrugged and rolled his eyes at rudra’s childishness. He thought to make him understand after he got calmed down and focused on the painting.

In Oberoi’s Office. Shivaay was going to the conference hall to attend the meeting of Mumbai city’s Business Association. Every big company’s Business head’s are going to be there. He was being followed by his body guards and secretaries.

Ishanya too was coming there to attend the meeting. They saw each other and smiled. She was accompanied by her male secretary. Shivaay noticed her simplicity. She wished him saying, “Hello, Mr. Oberoi. How are you?!”

“I am good Ms. Ishanya. What about you?!” Shivaay asked her

“I am good too.” She replied.

“Well I heard that your collection is making the market go crazy.” Said, Shivaay walking with her.

“It’s all the hard work of my team paying.” She replied to Shivaay.

“Modest ha?!” he asked smiling

“No, Mr. Oberoi. It’s truth. Now-a-days anyone can make fashion as all are most versed with it’s information. It’s just your smartness and hard work which gives you success.” She said to Shivaay.

“I agree. Even I have very good fashion sense. You can see that yourself.” He said boasting himself.

“Yes, I know you are termed as a style icon in business world.” She replied and Shivaay smiled at this.

“Don’t mind me saying Mr. Oberoi, but ‘pink polka dotted tie with blue shoes’ not a good match for the ‘style icon’”. She said pointing to his tie and went from there while he stood there with unbelievable expression.

He looked at his tie and shoes and her back and shrugged and rolled her eyes and followed her to the conference hall. There in the meeting he again got surprised by her active participation in discussion even being the new member to attend the conference. He was awed by her simple but very effective ideas. Shivaay is big MCP, but after seeing this lady his views are getting challenged and he started seeing girls in a new light because of this. He even started to appreciate Annika now-a-days but he won’t accept it. Never, that too infront of her no way!!!

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