Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-18

Hello friends, here is the chapter. This chapter is only about Ishanya and i had written the thoughts in hindi for the effect. Hope you don’t have problem in understanding hindi and get bored and enjoy reading.


A secret

Ishanya is in a dark room. She can hear people’s menacing laughter. She is sweating a lot. Suddenly, she is shifted to the court room where a lawyer had been insulting her. And then she is in a car’s back seat hands, legs and mouth tied.

She then shifted to a dark room where a man is with her. He is kissing her while removing her clothes…..Ishanya suddenly came out of the nightmare and sat on her bed breathing heavily. She clutched her head with both of her hands and ran her hands in her hair. She is sweating profusely.

With heavy breaths she searched the side desk for her medicine. She took out the medicine and swallowed it by finishing the water glass hurriedly. After few minutes her breathing got normal. She just sat there in her bed trying to block all the memories. It is a routine for her. She frequently has these nightmares and after waking up from it she couldn’t sleep again.

After she got calmed she went to washroom to get fresh. After splashing water on her she looked at herself in the mirror wiping her face with the towel. Looking at her reflection she observed her face and compared her face with Omkara’s painting in which she was enjoying rain. She sighed audibly as she realized how lifeless her face looked right now compared to the painting. “I can never look like that!!” She thought to herself.

She came out of washroom and went to kitchen after eyeing the wall clock which displayed 2:30 AM. She made herself green tea and sat on the window sill staring at the moon and stars with her dairy sipping her green tea.

She writes all her thoughts in her dairy. To be honest, it is her dairy who knows everything about her. Her deepest secrets, her fears, her real feelings. Today, she is writing about her meeting with Omkara.

“pata nahi kya hai uss ladke mein, jo mujhe us pe yakeen kar ne ka dil kar raha hai! Woh mere aankhon ki gehrayi ko kitne asani se dekh paya. Sach mein aisa lag raha tha ki who mere aankhon se meri soul ko dekh sakta hai. Artist hai na, shayad isiliye chere padna seekh liya hoga. Lekin mujhe aisa lagtha hai ki us ne bhi kuch bade dard se gujra hai tabhi woh mera dard pad pa raha hai. Mujhe use todha sambhalkar rehna chahiye par mera dil keh raha hai ki mein uske saath bina jijak ki reh sakthi hu. Par phir bhi mujhe sambhal kar hi rehna chahiye kya pata kis ki niyat kaisi hai!!”

While she was busy in writing her phone rang she frowned in confusion and thought, “Who is calling me at this time?”

She went to her bed side table and picked up her cell phone which is flashing ‘Yadhav calling.’

“Yadhav, iss waqt kaise call kiya? Sab kuch teek toh hai?” She asked being worried.

“Madam, ek ladki ne suicide karne ki khoshish ki hai. Hum ne usse hospital le aaya hai.” He replied.

“Which girl?” She asked in confusion as there are so many girls known to her.

“The one from the gang which you saved with that boy’s help….” He tried to make her remember.

“Oh! Yes. Those girls are still in our orphanage only na under going counseling? Then how come she attempted the suicide? Aren’t you people taking enough care of them? Give the phone to Martha.” She said being worried about the girl.

“Madam, I am sorry. I have disappointed you. I haven’t thought that the girl is having suicide tendencies.” Martha said to Ishanya.

“You are an experienced counselor Martha how come you failed to diagnose her? And this is not about my disappointment. It’s about a life.” Said Ishanya.

“I am sorry madam. I failed to take enough care of each girl as they are more in number and I couldn’t able to give my 100% to everyone.” Martha said.

“I have arranged for two more counselors they were about to join in a week. Anyway, how is the girl now? Is she alright?” Asked Ishanya.

“Yes madam. She is fine now.” Martha replied

“Good. Send me the hospital details and it’s bills. I’ll clear them. And please take good care of every girl. I don’t want this to be repeated.” She said in her attitude.
After finishing the call, she took deep breaths to calm herself. This is not the first time she is facing it. Many girls after being rescued has to go through this, she herself had gone through this. That’s why she wants to prevent it as much as she can and support all these girls.

She was brought out of her thoughts as her phone beeped indicating the arrival of a message. “This is going to be a long day!!” She thought as she read the message saying, ‘Police had raided hotel palace and arrested few girls in the prostitution charges.’

She called a lawyer and asked to arrange the bail of those girls and then she made another call.

“Have you received the news, Anu?” She asked in the phone.

“Yes madam, just now I got the message.” Anu replied.

“So, you know what to do right? The girls will be released from jail in the morning make all arrangements for the medical camp.” She instructed her.

“By the way, Dr. kumar is back in the city, right?” Ishanya asked.

“Yes, madam.” Anu replied.

“Perfect then, go with him.” She said in relief.

“I know I always tell this but please be careful and do not let my name out. OK?” She said warning her.

Anu replied ok and cut the call to make all the arrangements before the girls came out of jail.

Few tears slid down from Ishanya’s eyes as she was thinking about the pain those girls in the jail were going through. She sighed and went to the window sill and started writing her dairy. This time not about Omkara. It is about the secret of hers which a few people know.

“Aaj hotel palace mein raid padi hai. Bahut acha hua, der se hi sahi par un sab ladkiyon ko azaadi mil rahi hai. Ha unhe thoda humiliation jhel na padega, par who usse zyada nahi jo dard who roz jhelthe hai. Aur agar ab who iss raid pe pakde nahi jaate toh unlogon ko pata nahi kabhi uss hell se nikalne ka mouka milta bhi ya nahi. Thanks to the police they got an opportunity to start their life again. And I’ll help them and support them like I am doing with others girls. Kal subah medical camp ke baad unhe orphanage shift kardungi phir who jo apni zindagi mein job hi raasta chune mein unhe support dungi. Issi mein meri dard ki dava hai.” She wrote and looked at the sunrise from the window.

Ishanya was on the way to her office in her scooty, she was stopped at a signal. To her surprise Rudra was also there just a few vehicles beside her. Seeing her Rudra called out, “Slapping fairy” excited as he was seeing her after a long time more than a week. Ishanya turned to him hearing this. Rudra smiled and waved at her and Ishanya too did the same. After the signal cleared they both went in their directions. Rudra wanted to stop and talk to her but he couldn’t as he is going to a date and girl is sitting on his bike.

Ishanya was sitting in her office when a peon entered her cabin to inform that an Oberoi helper came there and wants to give her something which Shivaay sent.
She got surprised and asked the peon to let the helper in. The helper came inside the room after knocking on the door.

“Madam, Shivaay sir had sent this for you.” He said and kept the carriage box on her table.
Ishanya got shocked by it and was about to ask him something, when her phone rang. ‘Mr. Oberoi calling’ flashed on the screen. She looked at the helper and said him to leave before picking up the call.

“What is this Mr. Oberoi? Why did you sent lunch for me? Do you think I am not even capable of eating on time?” She asked him straight away without any hi or hello even before he speak.

“No, Ishanya. You are again getting me wrong. I cooked the food so, thought of sending it to a friend that’s it!! Nothing else.” He explained Ishanya who got surprised hearing all this and cooled down.

“You made the food? For me?” She asked in surprise.

“Not exactly, I do cook for my family daily. Today I thought of sharing it with my friend too.” He said smiling. Ishanya got shocked and touched by this gesture of him.

“Thanks Mr. Oberoi. And sorry too I yelled at you without any reason. I thought you are sympathizing with me.” She said honestly this time.

“Oh! No, Ishanya. Why would I sympathize for you?” his question made Ishanya smile broadly. She is now content to make Shivaay her friend she doesn’t have any second thoughts now. He genuinely being friendly with her and she really got happy for this.

“But only on one condition I will accept your apology and thanks.” He said surprising her.

“And what is that?” She asked curiously.

“Start calling me Shivaay and stop this formal behavior now!!” He said smiling and she too smiled hearing it.

“Ok, condition accepted, ‘Shivaay’.” Ishanya said smiling.

“Good, now eat the lunch and tell me how much you liked my cooking.” Shivaay said.

“So much confidence, Shivaay? First let me see if I can like it or not!!” Ishanya joked with him.

“It is impossible to not like it as it is made by the Shivaay Singh Oberoi. You will yourself say it when you taste it.” He said in his style.

“Ok, then. Let’s see. I will taste it and then message you.” Ishanya replied cheerfully.

He agreed and cut the call and After finishing the call Ishanya changed his contact name from ‘Mr. Oberoi’ to ‘Shivaay’ and looked at the box smiling.

How is it? Hope it didn’t turned out boring. Next chapter is “A day with Omkara.”

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