Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-13

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Ishanya is being in explaining looks of the models to the make-up artist. In a couple of hours her jewelry collection is going to be showcased. Nandita did everything as per the Ishanya’s given schedule, so everything was ready for the show. They have finished the order as their two production units worked for it. Now, from this show they are going to fill all the losses as they are going to auction their collection.

Shivaay got impressed by this move of her and couldn’t stop appreciating her for this and called her to congratulate her. She hadn’t gave any cold shoulder to him, she talked to him in the same professional way. This made him say ‘sorry’ to her. For, the first time, Shivaay Singh Oberoi had apologized to someone that too a girl.

But this didn’t made Ishanya act pricey and she forgave him readily, but she said that she will forgive but won’t forget. Shivaay got upset by this as what could have been a good friendship had turned bitter because of his rage. For the first time he is regretting his deed. He want to start a fresh with Ishanya and become friends with her as he is really impressed by her persona and for him it is a way to get upper hand in this situation by making friends with her.

The next day when Ishanya was going to office on her scooter, she got a call from a private number. As she answered the call, soon she started to sweat hearing the other side of the phone. She started to shiver and tried to talk in the phone but she soon got panic attack and blanked out on the road. Few passers saw her and admitted her in the hospital co-incidentally, it was the same hospital which Shivaay took her when she got the attack. The doctor recognized her and informed Shivaay about her admission.

Unknown to this, the nurse checked her phone to call any of her relatives. As she was checking her contact list to find Ishanya’s parent’s number the phone beeped as the new message arrived, she opened the message and called the sender to inform Ishanya’s condition. It was Omkara who sent the message like he used to do before she asked him to not do.

“Hello, Is this Omkara speaking?” Asked the nurse as she had seen his name saved in the phone’s contact list.

“I am calling from city hospital, this girl had been admitted by few passers on the road as she found unconscious there.” She said to him.

Omkara got shocked hearing this. “Unconscious, how is she now? Is she alright?” He asked her as he was so worried for Ishanya.

“She is undergoing the treatment, her condition is not stable.” Omkara got stilled hearing this and a tear fell from his eye.

“I am coming there, city hospital, right?!” He asked making sure.

The nurse replied yes and cut the call.

Both the elder O’bros are on their way to the hospital worried for Ishanya.

Omkara reached there first and got to know that she is still unconscious. He saw her from outside and got relieved when he saw her opening eyes. He rushed inside and sat on the bed where Ishanya was laying and took her hand in his and asked, “I was so worried about you, how are you feeling now?”

She immediately took her hand back and tried to get up, when Omkara tried to help she signed not to and she herself got up from the bed and sat.

“Why are you here? Who told you about me?” She asked.

“The nurse called me to inform about your condition.” He replied.

She pressed the button beside her bed to call the nurse and when nurse came, she asked, “Who asked you to inform about me to anyone from my contact list?” looking with anger at her while Omkara looked at Ishanya with confusion.

“But mam that is the protocol, we had to inform someone about you.” Replied the nurse.

“That someone has to be my relative or caretaker not some random person.” She yelled breathing heavily, she is losing her consciousness again as she was not fully recovered.

“Madam, please relax, your heart beat is going high, it is not good for you, please relax madam.” Said the nurse after coming near her.

“Relax Ishanya, relax.” Said Omkara standing from the bed looking at her worriedly.

“Just go from here, Omkara. You are not needed here. Please go!!” She said, in choked voice. Omkara got very upset at her behavior and left from there not wanting to make her more anxious.

After he left from there Ishanya got calmed and her condition got stable. She doesn’t want Omkara to see her in this condition, he already saw her vulnerability twice before. She doesn’t want him to see her broken side, she is not ready for it.

But right now, she needs to do something more important. She asked for her phone from nurse and called Nandita.

“Hello Nandita…….” Before she can say anything she was cut by Nandita asking, “Where are you Ishanya? Why aren’t you in office yet the Tokyo client is waiting for you.”

“Nandita, I’m in hospital……” Ishanya started to say but again was cut by Nandita asking, “What? Hospital? Are you ok? Which hospital? I am coming……”

“Just shut up and listen to me Nandita.” Ishanya yelled to stop her from showering more questions.

“Do you have any contacts in channel T9? I need to talk with it’s editor or the head. It’s urgent.” She said to Nandita.

“Ah….yes I know the marketing head of the channel.” Nandita replied.

“Great!! Talk to him and ask him to not air the ‘special program’ which is on me. Pay him the price he wants. The program should not be aired at any cost!!” Said Ishanya.

“Ok, I’ll call right away.” Replied Nandita.

“Ok.” Said Ishanya and cut the call.

Ishanya eyes were filled with tears, when they started to fell she wiped them desperately and reminded herself to be strong, but those flashes in court room and the car made her hard to breath.

The doctor came to her and gave a sedative injection to make her sleep and relax as her heart beat is rising making her condition worse.

Shivaay arrived to the hospital and inquired about Ishanya. He went to her room and met the doctor there.

“Doctor Mehra, how is Ishanya?” Asked Shivaay in concern.

“She is Ok now, but her condition can get bad anytime, she needs to be in observation for a couple of days.” Replied the doctor.

“What is the reason of her panic-attacks doctor?” Asked Shivaay

“It would be diagnosed only after a psychiatrist examines her. But by seeing her symptoms I guess it is ‘PTSD’.” Said the doctor.

“PTSD- Post traumatic stress disorder?!!” Asked Shivaay

“Yes, the patient seems to have gone through a very traumatic situation and seems that her brain hadn’t been recovered from that yet. She seems to suffer from chronic depression too because of it.” Replied the doctor.

“Please take care that she doesn’t get anxious about anything after she gets conscious. I have called the best Psychiatrist of the city he’ll be here in the evening for her treatment.” The doctor said to Shivaay and went from there.

“Traumatic situation?? Depression?? Never thought that the cool Ishanya has this vulnerable side.” Shivaay thought to himself while running his hand in hair. He took his coat off and loosened his tie while going inside Ishanya’s room and sat there in the chair staring at her trying to decode the mystery called Ishanya by reminiscing his meetings with her.

In Omkara’s art gallery, everything was destroyed. All the paints were on floor canvas and board had fell on the ground. In between the splashes of paint laid Omkara, staring at the ceiling. Actually, he was staring at nothing. He was lost. Lost in his thoughts about Ishanya.

“Why did she behave rudely with me? What wrong I did? Am I not worth her friendship? Why is she shooing me away from her? It’s my bad that I want to be friends with her. If she doesn’t want then let her be. I am not desperate for her.” He thought to himself wiping his tears.

But his inner voice questioned him, “Oh! Really then why did you message her after she denied you to? And why were you so worried for her when you got the call from hospital?”

“You care for her.” Replied his inner voice.

“No I don’t!!” He exclaimed to himself.

“Neither I care for her nor am I desperate for her friendship.” He said to himself

“But she does affects you” Said his inner voice.

This time he couldn’t deny it. Yes, she does affect him. Her every word has affect on him.

He can hear her voice saying, “Truth is very precious, anyone or everyone doesn’t deserve it.”

He heard her saying, “Ask your heart, it will tell you who deserves.”

He shut his ears with his hands and yelled in pain.

“Just leave me alone. You don’t affect me, I don’t care for you. But yes, whatever you said about truth is correct, I couldn’t deny it. It has affected me a lot.” He said to himself and closed his eyes only to get the flashes of Ishanya.

He opened his eyes in shock and got up yelling, “Just leave me. Leave my thoughts!!” and again shut his eyes to let his tears fall.

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    Ishanya reaction to seein om was quite expected. A girl like her would definitely not want any stranger to see her in such a situation and she can’t even trust anyone whole heartedly even if she wants to caz of her past. Felt sad for om caz he doesn’t knw wht he wants and can’t handle the fact tht ishu is ignorin him to such an extent. He isn’t able to understand anything.
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