Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-12

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The clash with oberoi

Ishanya got discharged from hospital that evening. But it took a week for her to get back normal. She was constantly having night mares and sleepless nights. But she maintained her professional image though it was hard. In this whole week she ignored Omkara’s messages and never replied to them. She even hadn’t met Shivaay or Rudra. She closed up herself more than before. All three O’bros’ are worried for her. Shivaay was busy in some meetings but he asked her to meet in coffee day this evening.

Omkara is present in his art-room. He was restless worried for her after he saw reply. He was worrying about her when she hadn’t replied to his messages, but when she did he got more worried for her as she replied, “Please don’t message me like this. We are not teenagers to do all this. And please if you have any expectations from me, please erase them from your mind as you are just an acquaintance for me, nothing else.”

He never expected anything from her, but her closing up from him means she is having a bad time, he concluded because he too does that when he get depressed so he understood the inner meaning of her message. He wanted to call her but he doesn’t want to look like he is interfering in her life. Because she said correct, they are just acquaintances not even friends. So, he just mailed the invitation of his art exhibition. He just hopes that she comes there and then he can talk to her.

Ishanya is her office busy in designing. Nandita came to her and said, “Here you go…the sample of print ads for the upcoming jewelry collection launch.” And kept the samples on her table.

Ishanya went through them and said, “good, now go and finalize the models.” Getting back to her work.

“But Ishanya, I’m confused what’s the hurry for this launch now? We were about to launch the collection next month, right? Then what happened?” She asked.

“I am the MD of this company Nandita and I know what to do and when to do. I don’t need to explain to everyone about my actions. So, get back to work.” She said bluntly.

Nandita got upset and went from there. Ishanya is hurrying the launch to be busy in working as she need to focus on something else to get out from the déjà vu of her past but she couldn’t tell anyone this. She got immersed in the work when her phone beeped indicating a message arrived, it was from Omkara. She opened the message, it read

“Sach pucha tumne,
Hai kya hamara rishta kabhi
Dard se dard ki judaav rishta hai nahi
Toh kya hua hamara koi rishta nahi
Par kya fikar karne ka haq bhi nahi?!”

She read it and replied, “Meri fikar karne ka haq mein ne apne aap kesiwa kisi ko nahi di!”

Omkara got shocked by that reply. And replied, “teek hai, agar tum nahi chahti toh mein tumhe msg nahi karunga. Lekin tumhe art exhibition aana hoga. Mein nahi chahta ki mere wajah se tum art se interest chod do.”

Seeing his msg, she replied “Apne aap ko itna importance dena achi baat nahi hoti. Mein aau ya na aau, yeh meri marzi hai jo kisi ki hone ya na hone se affect nahi karti.”

He got upset reading that message as she completely denied to acknowledge his presence. Unknowingly, a tear dropped from his eye, he wiped it surprisingly. He doesn’t know why she is affecting him this much! But at this moment, he just hoped her to visit the art exhibition. He just wants to see her, see that she is alright. He doesn’t know how, but he can sense that she is in pain that is why he is desperate to see her once.

In the evening at coffee day, Shivaay is waiting for Ishanya. He wanted to meet her to tell her that he is there for her and she can share her pain with him. He doesn’t know when and how he developed a protective streak for her, but he realized it when she was having the panic attack. He wants to make friends with her and help her with whatever he can. This is not just because of her panic attack, he had been impressed with her attitude and behavior long ago, this incident had just kicked his ego out and made him extend the friendly hand first and thus called her to meet.

Ishanya came there and sat infront of him with a professional smile playing on her lips. The waiter came and served them the order, Coffee with whipped cream for Ishanya and sugarless cappuccino for Shivaay.

Ishanya looked at the coffee and said to waiter to bring green tea for her and take back that order. Shivaay got surprised and asked her, “You were having that on our first meeting. I thought that it must be your favourite and ordered it.”

“It’s not my favourite Mr. Oberoi, I just have it occasionally.” She replied with same smile.

“We don’t know each other enough, that’s why I asked you for this meeting.” Said Shivaay.

“And what is the need of it, Mr.Oberoi? Why do you want to know about me particularly? Do you ask out everyone and anyone from the council like this only?” Asked Ishanya

“You are mistaking me Ishanya, I just…….” He tried to explain her but she cut him in middle and said, “I know Mr. Oberoi. You just want to know about the reason for my panic attack.” Ishanya stated calmly shocking Shivaay.

“But why do you want to know it? Why are you so interested in my life? I didn’t thought that you too will be like those gossip mongers’ Mr.oberoi.” She said making Shivaay angrier.

“I am not a gossip monger Ms. Ishanya, I just want to help you become friends with you. But now I think, it’s my mistake you don’t deserve my friendship.” Said Shivaay in anger

“I am not desperate for your help or your friendship Mr.Oberoi. It’s you who wanted to interfere in my life.” She said calmly increasing Shivaay’s anger.

“OH! Yes, you are not desperate but it was me who took you to hospital and saved you when you were in that condition. But you don’t have any gratitude towards it.” Said Shivaay.

“I did expressed gratitude towards you on that day only Mr. Oberoi. And today too I came here even after knowing the reason of this meeting, because I still respect you.” Replied Ishanya.

“If you really had gratitude towards me, respect me, you wouldn’t have insulted me like this!!” Said Shivaay seething in anger.

“You called for it, Mr.Oberoi. I don’t have any idea to insult you, it was you who wanted to know about my life. Where is your professionalism that you are famous for?” She asked him.

“You are questioning my professionalism? What is your status to talk to me like this?!” Shivaay yelled at her.

“You were saying that you are not desperate for my help, right?! One day you will ask me to help you out! There won’t be anyone but me to help you.” Said Shivaay as his ego had been hurt.

“Can I leave now, Mr. Oberoi?” Asked Ishanya without answering his challenge. She was behaving coolly now too which made Shivaay surprised and he just nodded in yes. She left from there but Shivaay still sat there seething in anger.

In his fit of rage, he called someone and asked to destroy her production unit. “Now you’ll see the bad side of SSO Ms. Ishanya. Now let’s see who will help you this time.” He said to himself. In his rage, he didn’t realized what he was doing.

Next day morning, Ishanya got a call from her manager saying that there was a short circuit happened in their production unit and that their machinery and the order of garments which were to be delivered in two days got completely destroyed in the fire.

After receiving that call, Ishanya got surprised to get another call which was from Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

“Hello Ms. Ishanya. How are you??” Asked Shivaay and before she could reply he continued to say, “I know right now you are feeling very bad as your production unit had burned to ashes, right?”

“Mr. Oberoi, you called me to know about my state? Thanks for the concern, Mr. Oberoi and please don’t worry about me I am not at all feeling bad or worried.” Replied Ishanya, shocking Shivaay.

“What are you saying? You are going to face severe loses and you are saying you are not worried?” Asked Shivaay

“Yes, Mr.Oberoi. Profits and loses are the traits of business. So, what is there in worrying about it?” Ishanya replied coolly.

“Well, you don’t need to worry too because I have a perfect solution for your problem. Remember my offer for merger? It’s still on, agree for it.” He said arrogantly

Ishanya smiled audibly and said, “Thank you so much for your concern Mr. Oberoi, but this is my problem and you should not solve it for me. You don’t worry, I’ll find a solution myself. Thanks again for calling.” And cut the call with out letting Shivaay to reply.

Shivaay got shocked at this, “Weird lady!! Such arrogance to deny my offer in this situation too!! I’ll also see from where she will find the solution and for how much time can she maintain this cool attitude of hers.” Said to himself.
But to be honest, he is not feeling good about this. He thought after this ‘short-circuit’ Ishanya will accept for merger and everything will be alright. He did all this to satisfy his ego but her cool attitude made him feel guilty about this.

Ishanya now knew who must have been the reason for this ‘short-circuit’. All the staff were fretting out but Ishanya hadn’t lost her cool.

“I know every one are worried about the fulfillment of the garments order, but let me tell you all we are going to complete it and that too making profit. I just want the team work now from you all and I expect that we are going to fight this united.” She said boosting the confidence of her employees and went to her cabin followed by saahil.

“Madam, it is difficult to complete this huge order at this short notice and we need to order the raw material again which will not leave any profit from the order. How are you going to handle this, madam. If you don’t mind I have a suggestion.” Sad saahil her secretary.

“What is it?” asked Ishanya.

“Accept the merger offer of Oberoi’s madam, then we can have man power and money too to deal with this problem.” He replied.

Ishanya smiled audibly and asked, “From how many years you are working for me saahil?”

“2 years mam.” He replied.

“And you got to know about me only this much? Did you ever saw me accepting defeat and surrendering to our rivals?” She asked him.

“No madam, but this……” he tried to say something but got stopped by Ishanya saying, “Now this too will pass, saahil. No need to worry about this. I know how to deal with this.”

“Book ticket for the next available flight to Bangalore. File the insurance for machinery, tomorrow new machinery will arrive. You operate one production unit here and I will operate the one in Bangalore.” She said and made a phone call.

“Hello, Nandita, I am going to Bangalore now and you are going to be the incharge of the jewelry launch here and yeah, pre-pone the date to the coming Saturday.” She said in phone.

“What this sat? How is it going to be possible Ishanya, there is still so much do!!” Exclaimed Nandita.

“I don’t know Nandita, I am messaging you a schedule and everything has to happen according to it I am not going to listen to any excuses.” Said Ishanya.

After a few minutes she mailed the full proof schedule to manage everything to Nandita and went to the airport.

That night in Oberoi Mansion, O’bros’ are busy in making dinner like always. But today, they are not having any O’bros’ moment as the both elder O’bros’ Shivaay and Omkara are lost in their own world.

Their bodies are present there and they are pretending that everything is normal but they are upset and lost in the thoughts of same lady, Ishanya.

While Omkara was pondering over his feelings about her, Shivaay is in confusion that what he did was fair or not. Somewhere inside he knew what he did was wrong but his famous male ego was not letting him accept it.

When Rudra went out to attend his friend’s call, both the elder O’bros’ found it as opportunity to share their feelings with each other. But before they can start Rudra came back. They signed to each other to talk later.

After dinner Omkara got busy in sketching near the pool side sitting on the recliner while Shivaay was inside the pool swimming and letting his frustration out.
Shivaay came out of the pool and went towards Omkara wrapping his bath gown and sat beside him.

“Toh………” They both said at the same time and laughed at it.

“First you.” Said Omkara

Shivaay got hesitated to say the whole matter and just asked, “Om, you always say that you see only black and white in this world, right? Koi yaa toh acha hota hai yaa toh bura. But how will you decide which is right and which is wrong?”

“What happened Shivaay, you never sounded like this. What is bothering you?” Asked Omkara.

“Om, I did something which I felt was right but now I feel that I did wrong. I am confused.” He said letting out everything.

“hmm….let me confess to you Shivaay, I am now seeing all colors in the world not just black and white.” Said Omkara surprising Shivaay.

“ What is right for us can become wrong for another and vice-versa. So, if you are feeling both you are confused between the two perspectives and not able to choose one.” He said simplifying the matter to Shivaay.

“Then, what should I do?” Asked Shivaay

“Simple ask your heart.” Replied Omkara

“Heart? Om you do know that I use brain not heart in thinking, right?” He asked

“Yeah, but that was for business right and this is not about business then what’s wrong in asking your heart?” Asked Omkara surprising Shivaay.

“How did you know that it is not about business?” he asked

“If it is about business you wouldn’t have become confused at all.” Said Omkara smiling proudly at him.

Shivaay too smiled and asked Omkara about what he was going say in the kitchen but Omkara hadn’t said him anything about Ishanya and said that it was nothing. But Shivaay coaxed him to reveal.

“I know you too are bothered about something, so just let it out now.” Demanded Shivaay

What should I tell him? That I am worried about a girl whom I just met few times and talked only for once? Or that I am sensing that she is in pain without even talking to her? If he asks why am I thinking about her, what will I reply?? Thought Omkara to himself contemplating, if he should share his worry to him or not.

“Hello, Om!! Back to earth.” Said Shivaay waving his hand infront of Omkara

“What happened that you are thinking so much to tell me? Is it about that Svetlana?” Asked Shivaay

“No, no, Shivaay. It is about something else.” Replied Omkara

“What is it??”Asked Shivaay desperately.

“I am worried about some one else, Shivaay. I know that the person is in pain, some distress but the person is not telling me anything. Now, please don’t ask me why am I worried about this person even I don’t know it.” Said Omkara

“Ok, I won’t. But Om, if the person is not telling you anything it may mean that it is too personal which can’t be shared with you. Give the person some space.” Replied Shivaay

“I know this, Shivaay. But I couldn’t stop myself from worrying about her!!” Said Omkara in frustration.

“Her??” Asked Shivaay in surprise.

“Just leave it, Shivaay. I am feeling sleepy, going to my room. Good night.” Said Omkara and tried to leave from there

“Good night.” Replied Shivaay thinking something.

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