Tere Sheher Mein 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachita pacifying Jaz. She says they all are worried for her, and asks her to see Sneha. Sneha worries thinking about Rudra. Rudra does not take Sneha’s call to make her worry more. Sneha calls Rudra again and asks him to meet her urgently. Rudra smiles knowing she got the news of his house sale. She asks is everything fine and he lies to her. She gets worried seeing how he is not telling her anything to not trouble her. She asks why is he lying, did he grow up. He apologizes. She asks him to come haveli soon. He says fine and ends call. He smiles and says Sneha will herself ruin their future.

Rachita asks Jaz not to take stress. Jaz says her admission will not happen. Amaya comes home and says actually… Jaz says I knew this will happen. Rachita asks Amaya to say. Amaya says she spoke to head clerk in Chiklu’s school and he said…. She gets Diwakar’s call who tells her that Jaz’s admission will happen. Amaya says fine, thanks. Diwakar says she did not thank well. Amaya tells Jaz that it was so hot and she is so tired, but there is one thing, that she will not roam more for her admission. Jaz says you don’t care for me.

Amaya says she got the admission in Chiklu’s school and gives good news. Jaz and Rachita get glad. Diwakar calls Mantu and says about giving admission to Jaz. Mantu says great, but Amaya and Jaz, and their family should not know this that he did the admission. Diwakar says fine and ends call. Jaz thanks Amaya. Amaya says I m your elder sister, no need to thank. Rachita says she got special jaggery, tasty than sweets, try this. The girls have it together. Amaya gives strength to Jaz. Mantu tells this good news to Chiklu, about Jaz getting admission in his school and giving tuitions to him. Chiklu gets glad. Mantu asks him to study well now. Sneha comes to the girls to tell them about Hari. The girls share the news about Jaz’s admission. Sneha gets happy knowing Amaya’s efforts paid finally.

Rachita tells Sneha that Amaya did this admission possible, and now she can see good things in Banaras. Amaya says I understood why dad left this house for us, if there is problems, we have solutions too, this is our small paradise. Rachita says yes, our house. Sneha cries. Rudra comes home and says I know you are worried for admission. Jaz smiles. Rudra asks what happened. Jaz says I was thinking about my studies and turns smiling. Rudra says I can understand, its not easy to study in municipality school. Amaya and Rachita greet him. He asks them to explain Jaz not to be worried.

Amaya says I told her to adjust, as it will be tough. They start laughing. He asks whats the matter. Rachita asks him to have sweets, as they did Jaz’s admission without any donation, thanks to Amaya. Rudra thinks did Sneha come to know, so she called me. Rachita asks why is he shocked, is he not happy. Rudra says no, I m very happy and shocked. Amaya asks him to have sweets. Sneha comes and asks them to keep quiet, and shows concern for Rudra.

Sneha asks him to say why did he hide about selling paper. He says I told the paper man not to distribute this in your area. She asks why did he hide if he regards her as mum. He cries and says I could not do any work, how can I pull you in my problems, you just bless me. She says Sinha told me about 20 lakhs and you are selling home. Rudra says I promised dad I will not tell you, what will I tell you. She says she will bail Hari. He says no, I will manage. She says I will do it, its my duty, I will arrange money, and tells her daughters that she has thought of something. She says she has decision to keep this haveli mortgaged. Rudra asks what is she saying, this can’t happen, he won’t tell her do this, this is last thing of Rishi uncle.

She asks him will he not respect her. He says I will not let this house go, what will dad say. She says promise me, you will not tell Hari, and asks him to vow. He says fine. She says she has decided, but how will she do this. He says we have to keep haveli mortgaged with private lender. Rudra is shocked. She says she will go to bank. He asks her not to go bank. She says I know bank procedures and I will take loan. He asks her to think again. She says she is sure. He says fine and leaves.

Sneha asks the girls not to look like this. Rachita asks why is she selling home. Amaya says dad took this house for her. Sneha says I m taking loan by keeping it mortgaged, when we repay loan, we will get house back. Amaya says we know you want to help Rudra, but is there no other way.

Sneha says there is no way, Hari left his family to support his friend and worked hard and saw his success and happiness in Rishi, and saw his child in you all, he did not think about his happiness, he did not see any festival or disease, when Rishi got under trouble, he took the blame on himself and went to jail without thinking anything. She says even Rishi would have done this for his friend. Amaya says sorry, I was wrong, we should help Hari.

Rudra says Sneha wants to keep home mortgaged at bank. He scares a bank manager and bribes him for rejecting Sneha’s loan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this Rudra.is there no law and order in Barnaras that everyone does as he says really.whats d duty of the police

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