Tere Sheher Mein 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya blindfolding Rachita for a surprise and asks is she ready. Rachita says its awkward. Amaya asks Jas is she ready and they ask Rachita to control herself seeing the messy room. Rachita removes the cloth and can’t bear it. Jas says its 30secs, I m so proud of you. Rachita says that’s it. Amaya says Rohan will leave you if you do so. Rishi asks his head servant to see every work well. Amaya greets Rishi as superman and have a talk. Jas joins them.

Hari invites people for Rachita’s engagement and says e is sending the cheque in advance. Sneha talks to Rishi about jewelry, she got some and she will show the girls. The girls come from shopping. Hari tells the truth to Rishi that hotel bookings are done and they are asking for advance. Risi says give them. Hari asks how? Rishi asks him to sell some stocks and Hari asks him how can he say so, we have just this, nothing else. We can’t sell the shares. Rishi asks him to see his family’s happiness, nothing is imp to me than them. Hari says you also keep smiling always. Rishi says its because of them. Amaya gifts him and Rishi likes it. She gifts Hari a tie and he says this will suit your dad.

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She says she got something else, and shows the suit. Hari says I will look a star wearing this. She goes. Rishi asks Ari to wear it. Rishi gets a call from reporter asking him to confirm about his business sinking, and he gets offended. Hari looks at him. They all get ready and welcome Grewal and family. Rohan greets them. Amaya reminds Rachita to control her perfection habits. She asks her not to scare her. The girls tease Rohan and take him along. Rohan’s mum says I was panicked in this sudden time. Sneha says even I was in such situation.

Mr. Grewal asks Rishi why did he keep engagement so suddenly and Rishi signs Hari to answer. Sneha is shocked. Hari says about pandit giving the good date and its good to do good works soon. Rishi laughs. Hari says good time should be used well. Rohan says ok I can bet on this. Amaya says you will lose, I know Rachita, zero control, what will we get. Rohan says anything and Amaya makes his tie imperfect. Rachita comes to greet them and goes to Rohan.

She sees his tie wrong and that sight gets unbearable for her. Rohan takes her hand to kiss. She says wait, I m really sorry and corrects his tie. He laughs and the girls say we won the bet. He kisses her hand and says he wants to spend some time with Rachita. Sneha asks them to be and goes. Rohan says I missed you so much. Rachita says me too. She shows RG (Rohan Grewal) tattoo on her neck and asks how do you like it. He says a lot and they smile.

Sneha confronts Rishi for lying to her. He asks what lie. She says don’t pretent, it was your suggestion to prepone Rachita’s engagement. He says she is my daughter, don’t I have right. She asks why are you listening to pandit now when you did not agree till now. He says whats your problem and gets angry. She says I m sorry, I was mistaken, its my mistake. She says its Rachita’s engagement, don’t spoil your mood. He says I forgot to tell you. She says enough, I don’t feel good to fight with you. He says me too. They smile.

Amaya welcomes everyone in Rohan’s engagement party and asks them to get on the dance floor, we will start with my lovely mum. Rishi takes her and they dance on a song koi geet gao……………. All business families come to attend their party and smile seeing them. A lady guest, reporter by profession, gets a call from her newsdesk helper Nisha and comes to know that Rishi Mathur has gone bankrupt. She is shocked. She asks is this confirmed Nisha says yes. The lady tells this to her husband and he is shocked too. She smiles and says this is just to show to the world, infact his story came to an end. Mathur family dances family with Grewals. Amaya hugs Sneha and they all smile.

The lady talks to Rishi and taunts him on his bankruptcy. She says I wrote an article on Rishi Corporation getting high in few time, I m still following that. Rishi gets tensed. Next day, Rishi sees the paper and reads headlines ‘Shame Shame Prominent businessman declared bankrupt’. He keeps the paper and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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