Tere Sheher Mein 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hari receiving Mathurs and welcoming them. Amaya plays around and Hari laughs. Sneha and Rishi see her kiddishness. Amaya gifts him and he says when will I wear this sweater in Mumbai. Amaya says its when you go Banaras. Hari says she has got far sight from Paris. They all go inside the home and they all are happy. Amaya says good style Hari, and tells about Rachita’s engagement. Hari looks at Rishi and they all go. Hari confronts Rishi and Rishi justifies his decision to keep engagement this week. He hugs Hari . Hari congratulates them.

Hari and Rishi have a talk. Hari says we have a friendly relation and you did tell me about Rachita’s engagement. Rishi asks him to leave it now and forgive him, he did not do this intentionally, he thought a lot to take this decision, the time is such. Sneha comes and Rishi stops talking. Hari says he had food and we are talking about Rachita’s engagement. He gets a call from Sharma and says yes, we are coming to you. He tells Hari about bank manager’s call and they have to go. Sneha asks why now. Rishi makes an excuse and goes with him.

The girls have a talk as Amaya does not feel sleepy. Jas gives a funny solution to get sleep and applies her face pack saying she is getting dark circles. Jas talks to friends and asks them to meet Amaya now. They think to give Amaya a surprise and Jas smiles. They shout seeing Amaya, and even Amaya screams, running to hide her face pack. Hari and Rishi talk to Sharma, and Sharma says our personal relation is fine, but I m bank employee, I can’t help much. Sharma says we are giving a lot already, its just two days to deposit 100 crores else… Hari asks him is he saying ‘else’ to Rishi, who gave him a flat, he has helped your son and counts all his favors, and how can he say ‘else’.

Sharma says I told you have two days more. Rishi says fine, we will deposit and shakes hands. Hari gets tensed. Amaya washes her face and talks to friends. She says don’t know how people stay in small towns, no class, no brands, no fashion. Hari sees many people looking at them, and says they should all know how bad is this Sharma. Rishi asks him not to be angry. Hari asks on whom should I get angry, myself, you? Rishi takes it light while Hari is damn serious in pressure. Rishi asks him to part ways, as he will get ruined if he is with him.

He says about Rachita’s engagement. Hari says Rishi’s line, see tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Amaya and Jas go to Rachita and see her chatting with Rohan. Amaya teases her and checks her phone. Jas takes it and messages Rohan that she loves him and kisses. Rachita says this is too much and takes the phone back. Amaya jokes and laughs, on strict Rachita. Rachita says get out both of you, now. Jas sticks to her and then Amaya. Amaya asks her to chill. Rachita says this is my life, don’t teach me how to live. Amaya says lets leave Jas and they have some sweet arguments. Jas says sorry and Amaya takes her.

Sneha does puja and Rishi joins her. He sits praying. She asks whats the matter, that you are here. He says you always say about seeking Lord’s help. She senses some problem, and asks him about his office, is everything fine. He smiles and takes cheese. She says you have allergy with it. He keeps it back. Rachita comes and greets them. She says she needs 1-2 years gap after engagement, and want to do a course. He says sounds good. She says promise me, you will be helping me in this. He says ofcourse yes and she smiles. She gets a friend’s call and leaves.

She sits for breakfast with Amaya and Jas and asks her to pass juice. Amaya leaves annoyed. Rachita talks about designer Manish Khanna and some store launch of Tina. Amaya hears them. Rachita says Jas and I will come. Jas asks her to talk to Amaya. Rachita ends call and sees Amaya has gone. She says lets go to her. Rachita invites Amaya for shopping, and says she got angry as Jas messaged Rohan. The girls hug. Sneha calls Hari and asks him about any business problem, is there anything that is troubling Rishi, he looks distracted. Hari says nothing, and hides it. She says why did he keep engagement without asking me, I don’t know, I feel there is something wrong. He asks her not to take tension, there is no problem. He says I will inform you if there is something. She says I trust you, you tell me of there is something bothering him, will you? Hari thinks and says yes, I understand, you don’t take stress, I m there, start arrangements of the engagement. She says she felt good talking to him and ends the call.

Mr. Grewal tells Rishi that he would have given them one month time to do arrangements well. Sneha is shocked and confronts him why he lied to her. Rishi says what did I do, I fixed Rachita’s engagement, she is my daughter, don’t I have a right. She looks on his changed behavior.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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