Tere Sheher Mein 31st October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Jaz asking Rama to come home. She introduces Rahul. Amaya says Rama should be here as her sisters are alone here. Rama says Rachita and Jaz are not kids, you be here, I m going. Tilak thinks wall is getting build between these lovers, now I m having fun. Amaya thinks what happened to Rama. Gupta gives shagun to Amaya and says Sumitra should have given this to you. Amaya thanks him, as he accepted her as his bahu. Gupta says you are bahu and daughter as well, you brought hope and happiness in this house, I don’t feel handicapped now, you are prosperous for Rama, no one will tell you anything, I m with you.

Bua and Sumitra look on. Sumitra says she has planted seed in Rama’s mind, and she knows it will turn tree soon. The police stops Rahul and asks who is he. Rahul says he came to meet Rachita. They allow him to go inside. He gives Rachita her mobile and asks can he introduce him to her principal. She asks does he have any work. He says yes. The principal comes there. Rachita introduces Rahul as her friend, he is social worker. Rahul says he wants to help students by giving lecture on economics. The principal says its good idea, but we have guest lecturer. Rahul thinks Tilak can find some solution for this.

Rama thinks he can’t hide his feelings, he will tell Amaya the truth, instead of fighting with her. Amaya does puja and prays for Rama.She says everything will be fine today when she tells her feelings to Rama.

All the women take plates for puja. Amaya gets Rama’s call. He says he has to tell something, and asks her to meet him at ghat. She says she also wants to tell him her feelings. She goes there with her Karwa puja plate. Rama says Amaya… She stops him and does Karwachauth rituals. He makes her drink water and breaks her fast. He feeds her ladoo and thinks he is going away from Amaya today. She thinks their distance will get very less.

She says she wants to tell him something. He says no, I want to tell something. She says I know what you want to say, tell me. He says I want you to go back to Mantu. She gets stunned. He says I know you both loved each other, I want you both to unite, I know everything, I know about the anklet which Mantu gave you as gift, I read your diary, our marriage is helplessness for you. You married me to save Rachita’s respect and haveli, I doubted when you came in mandap, I knew we are not made for each other. She says I came to tell you.. He says Mantu loved you, he left city and could not forget you, he wrote letter to you to say about bomb blast. She asks what about marriage. He says this marriage has no meaning, you love Mantu, he is my best friend, I can’t stay with you.

He says marriage ended, I have one thing to give you, divorce papers, I want divorce so that you go back to Mantu and fulfill your dreams. She asks did you take such big decision. Rama says its court hearing after 4 days, I have signed on this, you also sign on it. Rama leaves. Amaya breaks down and says what shall I do Rama, I love you. Rama feels sorry to say bitter words to you, he knows he will not give him divorce, being good hearted, she is keeping marriage by her goodness, I don’t want you to kill your happiness, I want you to live happily with Mantu, forgive me. He cries and feels I love you a lot, just you stay in my heart. He thinks she will be happy with Mantu.

Amaya comes home and cries. She says my first Karwachauth. What gift did Rama give me today? Sumitra and Bua come there and see the divorce papers. They get glad. Amaya says Rama wants to leave me, you should explain him not to do this. Sumitra asks am I mad to stop him, I want you to leave from this house soon. She says we will get rid of you. Amaya asks what type of mum is she, will she get happy seeing his son’s home break. Sumitra says I love my son and want simple bahu, not clever minded like you. She asks Amaya to count down her days. They leave. Amaya says no one wants me to stay here as Rama’s wife and their bahu. She cries and says if I spend more time with Rama, maybe he will change his decision, maybe I can make him realize I love him, not Mantu. She goes to her room and sees Rama packing. She asks what is he doing. He says he can’t in this house, he is going back to his home, he will tell his parents tomorrow. She says no need to go and holds his hand. He says I need to go, this is your house, I wish you and Mantu get all happiness. Rama goes out and cries, while she cries in the room.

Gupta gets unwell. Amaya and everyone care for him. The doctor says he got minor attack, he does not want any shock. Sumitra requests Rama and Amaya to be together and not tell anything to Gupta.

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  1. bullshit!! amaya actly said dat she dsnt luv mantu….is she mad??

  2. WTF?

    What is this bullsh*t??? Amaya saying my love is only for u Rama and Rama saying my love is only for you Amaya, what can we do??? We just pray that this crapshow will come to an end!!!
    Before Amaya was hell bend on getting Mantu’s love and Rama was hell bend on getting Rachitha’s love… Now what happened??? They both hell bend on getting each others love… We can’t bear this sh*t!!! As a believer of true love i can’t accept this shit!!! Can someone just erase the mere existence of their former loved ones??? What is this ??? This has no justice!!! This is injustice to true lovers!!! To true believers…. I hate this sh*t!!! What can we do??? Only we can pray to god that Ektha gi won’t air shows like this sh*t in the future!!!
    Am I correct or what????

    1. khawla mohamedy

      what nonsense amaya should be with mantu and rama with rachu please do something and make them get separated

  3. I like Rama and Amayas (
    Amayra) pair.. But the track going onn.. why dont they both express their love to each other..

  4. Utter nonsense why they r using mantus nme usko to choro ab aur bas vi karo.

  5. Koi maro salo ko kya bahut chutiya show hey bhagwan bacha lo.

  6. angel chaurasia

    Wt d hell dey r doing wid d shw hw dey leave dere love one mantu n rachita… dis shw mst go to end

  7. disgusting stupid amaya

  8. Plsssss stop dis nonsense end dis show amaya has she gone mad r wat ithni aasani kaise apne pyaar ko bhulakar kisi aur pyaar kar sakthe hein mahashivaratri puja all dat was fake how can she forget mantu n love Rama I don’t understand wat happend to writers this Rama idiot was ready to die for rachita now he s saying love u amaya yaaar plsss bandh karo iss show me ithni bakwas aur pyaar ka naatak hum nahi dekh sakthe saccha pyaar majaak udaaa rahe hein ye logh

  9. Want ramya I have started loving them

  10. I think your forgetting that mantus actor has left the show so they are trying to see if ramya works. I think it Was dragging to much and Amaya wouldn’t express her feelings to mantu because of the promise she made. I miss manya wish dhruv didn’t leave the show. It should be Rama-rachita Amaya -mantu.

  11. S I like rama n aamaya let the show not air off mantu n aamaya rumance is gud v have seen but rama aamaya is 2 gud writers y u not make love between ramya before they love rachita n mantu if it is happen before this show ka trp sub se 1 hota kuch accha likho but don’t saprate ramya this show is going gud now continue this don’t air off I am big faaaaaaan of ramya love u both ?

    1. Why u keep on saying u want ramya pair and love them like hell… Same dp for each and every comments for Ramya.. Do u think no one understand its the same person commenting in different names for this crap show…

  12. I started likeing rama n aamaya I am big fan of u urs fans want to c ramyas rumance we love u ramya u look suberb each other

  13. V love ramya let this show not to go air off if it’s happen we will like to c ramya as a couple in any other show

  14. let this show not end if it’s happen we will like to c ramya as a couple in any other show

  15. Writers plz b writeing ramya track in rumance is so gud

  16. We r big likers for ramya ?

    1. Who ever support Ramya we dont care.. Manya fans are big in numbers than this cheap Ramya pair.. Manya rocked and wil always rock.. Our dhruv is always best

  17. I said this yesterday…………they need to stop using Mantu’s name in this show. Mantu was the only good thing in this show, and they should not associate his name with this shit!!!!! They were probably teasing us.

    So Amaya has said, she does not love Mantu, she loves Rama. Anyone else still agree that Rama-Amaya have not had the same scenes, chemistry or love that Mantu-Amaya had. Yes, we know they have rushed this, but this is not love, its a joke. Complete mockery of the way of life and its events. Amaya actually winds me up also. With the way the show started, Hiba was set for a big future. However now, she will not be remembered well for this. Anyone looking to get into writing/directing serials, use this show as an example of how not to write a serial. Or use it as an example of how to wreck a good serial lol.

    I think this show will now focus on Rama-Amaya proving their love for each other. Nobody wants to watch this nonsense, so they need to finish this quickly. I think I will be quite happy once this show vanishes from our screens. Good riddance.

  18. Can i also say, some people are posting that they like Rama and Amaya together????? Did these people even watch Mantu when he was in the show???? And do they know the difference between what is love and chemistry, and what is not?????

    1. I agree with u…even I started watching tsm after ramayas marriage and seeing all the comments I thought of seeing the whole drama Frm 1st….and Thn I realized manya was osm??…I think the ones who r liking ramaya is BcoZ they din see manya romance…

    2. Its the same person supporting for ramya in different names dude… Look his dp.. Same yellow one…

    3. Very true… I completely agree.
      They are only telling ramya ramya. Cause those blo*dy writers brought them together.
      And making them forget about their past loves.
      This is just complete crop. ..
      The relation that was there between mantu and amaya was of true love for each other. Where they felt each other’s presence before they even saw each other. ? they would communicate a lot with their eyes…
      That’s what is true love like…
      Not the bullshit fast track their showing it now…
      There is nothing as true love. It’s like playing a game ‘snatching the bride’. That’s what the writers are doing by bringing mantu name in between…
      The writers themselves are playing snatching the bride… and at the end.. Who even win either mantu or rama… They will write the show accordingly…

  19. I loved mantu n amaya der chemistry was amazing

  20. please now no more ramaya we want manya back.

  21. Hate dis show .i can’ t bear anymore stop this pure nonsense.once rama will leave amaya will love tilak.her love is fake

  22. How can you give such kind of message to the society when you know that mantu’s love for amaya is true not like amaya’s fake love

  23. HI guys,

    am new here, i just wanted to expressmy feelings about this show, Earlier i used to watch this show regularly, a month back i stopped watching this show,when mantu lefted.Now there are making this show worst,i started watching the show because i was a fan of amaya style.thn Mantu,now there is no meaning for what the story line, do u guys feel “love” a joke.

    Bullshit, in my view Love is such a great feeling even whn we are not with the loved person.but today amaya just told simply that she doesnt love Mantu but she loves Rama, such a crap story line,

    Guys We do have lovestories but even if our Loved is not with us or due to some helplessness we do have breakups but it doesnt mean we start loving other person easily.

    I was very calm thinking the story line may be good in coming days, i thought once the secret is out Amaya mantu and rachita Rama will be united,but this is disgusting

  24. After months I watched by chance the scene where Rama is telling amaya that she should go to mantu. Today’s episode. I must say both Rama and amaya are bad actors. Rama was rattling his lines on and on. No sincerity. Just reciting lines. Then amaya/hiba is the worst actress. Being cute can take you only so far. She just stared bk at him. Wth???
    It’s a pivotal scene. She could have shown her feelings for mantu etched or anything. But she just stared bk.
    the scene after was just gross. I felt sick watching their separate scenes saying they love each other?!! Seriously. Rachita and mantu were like a joke then. These two are being rammed down our throats. They look like brother and sister snd will always be. Mantu deserves far far far better than a flaky girl like amaya. And rachita is super lucky to have gotten away from Rama. Good riddance. These two idiots deserve each other. Dimeo is right. Hiba won’t be remembered for this crap. And that’s what this is.

  25. I loved mantu. And I love mantu… I will always love manty.. not this stupid rama… Oh!! How could u tell that u love rama not mantu…. This was very disgusting to hear…..

  26. I like amaya and rama pairing.good going,and it should not end,want more romance.

  27. Iam so sad of TSM’s current story…
    The story was started just for amaya n mantu…bt what de hell going on now?
    Amaya was starving for mantu’s love…she been waiting for his confession…what all they two havent done for each other?
    Their love was ofcourse not a love at first sight type..bt something pure and magical..for which all wish for…even I wish i have a love just like amaya and mantu.
    Dont u guys remember the mahashivratriwala epi?Amaya even risked her life for the blessing to get her true love mantu…for her mantu’s love was greater than her life..we remember all that moments …bt how could amaya forget that..how could she deny she dont love mantu bt… . Oh god..my heart is paining for their love… .and even now i cant forget mantus heartbroken pain. And to talk about rama .he is a sweet ,adorable,excellent personalty..bt just not meant for amaya…
    Anyway..we fans can only dream for good shows from star plus..bt we wont get it..bcz they only know to air saas bahu dramas of gopi bahu and her maaji..bt i wont criticise bcoz they dont worth that too.

    Last bt not the least…a gud news for ramya lovers..its looking like ramya will be paired as there is no other choice left..

    And the gud news for the haters of the show(as per rhe current track) is that the show is going off air as per the sources say..and we can have the last epi on nov 13


  28. This show is becoming very soporific …Amaya and mantu is the perfect couple…. Rama is a gooseberry in their lv stry…. Hatao use

  29. Fancy,mausam,rahul ,sneha purab and diya n salman are the same people guys! Here its only one person who loves ramya and see the craze.praised ramya by different names! Whatever ramya sucks! Its a compromise! It was not planned it was forced!.mantu and amaya were the real pair

  30. Idiot amaya…how can she forgot mantu….

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