Tere Sheher Mein 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya and Rachita going in Mantu’s house and meeting Jaz. Jaz asks what happened to her clothes. Amaya asks them to go in function and she will go home. Rachita says she won’t go without him. Chiklu says she can wear anything. Jaz says he won’t understand. Amaya says its all because of me. Rachita says lets go home. Chiklu says they are not going as Amaya does not have Indian dress, there is a dress at home, maybe its Indian.

Amaya says how can I. Rachita says girls clothes are not same for everyone. Chiklu asks her to try and see. Jaz asks Amaya to try once. Amaya says fine, show me the dress. Chiklu says I have seen in cupboard and throws all the things outside. Rachita says its fine if you are not getting it. Chiklu says I got it and gives Amaya. Amaya asks how did this dress come in Mantu’s cupboard. Chiklu says he doesn’t know. Amaya tells Jaz that this means Mantu has a girlfriend and asks Chiklu is he sure. He says yes. She goes to change and everyone wait. Amaya comes out in the dress and looks good.

Rachita and Jaz smile. Chiklu says she looks angel and heroine. Rachita and Jaz compliment her. Amaya says no one should know about this, don’t tell to Mantu too, please promise me, I will return this in good condition, kep this secret. Chiklu says fine, its secret. Amaya says what to do of the torn dress. Chiklu says he will keep it and Mantu won’t see it. Amaya thanks him and they read the address for the function. Chiklu says its very far, they should take auto. They wish him all the best for the exam and leave. Chiklu says this dress looked like made for Amaya.

Uma wears a blue saree and attends the function. She says she will make her friend ready. Her friend says Uma has found the groom already and they ask her. Uma smiles being shy. Mantu comes home and talks to Chiklu. He says Uma makes issues of small things, she went in her friend’s reception, so she did not come, I have work now and asks Chiklu to eat on time and study well.

Chiklu says Jaz made him study well and he is not scared of exams. Mantu says I m happy. He goes to cupboard and gets Amaya’s dress in it. He asks Chiklu about it. Chiklu gets tensed. Mantu asks where is Uma’s dress. He says he will not say anything and not scold him. Chiklu says someone needed help and he gave the dress to her. Mantu says you gave Uma’s dress to someone, please say to whom. Chiklu says Amaya came to take Jaz and her dress was torn, she was not able to go in reception and I helped her. Mantu says you gave Uma’s dress to Amaya, what did you do, you have risked my life, my fate is bad, Barfi ruined this dress which I gifted Uma, why did I gift Uma. Chiklu says Uma will know when she sees Amaya.

Mantu says yes, she went in reception, that’s very far from city, why will Amaya go there. Chiklu says Amaya will also go there. Mantu asks what is he saying. Chiklu says Amaya went in same reception, sorry, I did not know doing good also creates problems. Mantu says you did not do wrong, you should help others, but I have to do something now. Mantu says he will go in reception and not let Uma and Amaya see each other, Uma said she will kill the girl who wears the dress. Chiklu says he can’t manage girls. Mantu says yes, be away from them. He says he will go in reception without invitation and gets some clothes.

Rama and his parents are there in function and his mum wants to make Rama meet any girl. Uma talks to her friends and talk about Mantu. Mantu gets ready and says Barfi stitched wrong dress and you gave Uma’s dress to Amaya. Uma says she will tell her feelings soon. They ask about Mantu. Uma says he does not have sense, he is mine. The girl teases her that Mantu would be with his GF so he did not come. Uma holds her mouth and scolds her. Mantu gets ready and says he will go and stop them from meeting.

Mantu is on the way and ask the driver to drive fast. Uma and Amaya walk towards each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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