Tere Sheher Mein 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Rachita, Amaya and Jaz coming for Jaz’s admission and seeing people with recommendations. Jaz worries and they pacify her saying her grades 94% are enough for admission. Rudra calls Sinha and talks to Hari. Hari says about 20 lakhs bond to get bail and Rudra says its big amount. Hari says I know its tough, don’t tell this to Sneha. Rudra gets angry and says fine. Hari says I can just one way, to keep our home mortgaged. Sinha asks why. Hari signs him to wait. Rudra says it can’t happen so soon. Hari says he has to do it soon. Rudra says he will ask mum, how can he decide. Hari says she will say yes to my decision.

Rudra says talk to Sneha. Hari says I told you, Sneha is already worried, she should not know this, tell me will you agree or not. Rudra says fine, I will do as you say. Hari says call Sinha when you arrange money. Rudra throws the sweets and tells his friends that Rishi is still making their life bad, his dad is ready to keep pour house mortgaged, he did not think where will mum and I stay, why should we always sacrifice our happiness.

Rudra says I have much money and laughs. They ask is he fine. Rudra says I m fine, now it will be fun, now my game will begin and ruin Mathurs. He says he will change everything before his mum comes, he will keep home mortgaged, not his, but of Mathurs, they have to pay the price for what they did with my dad, dad went to jail because of them and now he will come out by their money. Jaz goes to talk to admission cell and the man likes her marks.

He says she will get admission and the girls smile. He asks them about their parents. Rachita says their dad is not alive, mum is at home, she will get the certificate. He asks them to get local reference. Rachita says Rudra. Amaya says it will be done. He says get a letter and admission will be done. He gives the documents and fee details. Rachita tells Jaz that her study will start on time.

Jaz sees fees and says I think we should find some other school. Amaya asks why. Jaz says 3 lakh annual fees, we can’t afford this. Amaya says you like this school. Jaz says a lot, but… Amaya says we will see about fees later, its all perfect till now. Rachita says we will discuss this with mum, we will sort things, maybe I will get job, Rama is helping me. Rama says I told her I will help, if I could not, what will Rachita think about me.

He looks for some jobs for her and thinks of her good health and sleep. Shamu asks him why did he give paper to her for free and bought another, what if his dad knows. Rama thinks proof reader job and smiles saying my Rachita. The girls come home. Sneha asks them about the school, did they get admission. Rachita says school is good, we got the forms. Amaya says they were happy with Jaz’s marks. Sneha says its good news, why are they sad.

Rachita says about 3 lakhs annual fees, Jaz was refusing and we forced her as its best school in Banaras. Sneha says they did good, they have give just 75000rs, whats the problem, we have 4 lakhs, if we control our expenses, we can manage, I don’t want to compromise on Jaz’s studies. Jaz thanks her and says this happened because of Amaya, she found the best school, I love it. Sneha asks them to come and have food. Rachita hugs Jaz and says Amaya is the best.

Mantu asks Atom not to work or take loan. Atom says he has new friend, Amaya, she came to meet me and gave me 500rs, asking me not to work and took my advice. Mantu knows a new Amaya and can’t believe it.

Rama’s dad scolds him infront of customers. Rama waits for Rachita and thinks when will she come. He says he will just come. His dad asks where is he going and asks him to take list and get the items. Rama says fine. His dad takes the papers from him. Sneha calls Rudra and says congrats for Hari’s bail, I got relieved of a big burden, now Hari will be free. Rudra says yes, I m very happy. She says I can understand this phase would be tough for you. She says she has some work and tells him about Jaz’s school admission and principal said he needs local reference. He gets angry and says he will help them, and acts sweet.

He says don’t worry, I will come tomorrow. She thanks him. He ends the call and says she made my mum cry all her life and my dad wants us to be homeless to give 20lakhs, dad should be called a great man and this aunty is sending her daughter to costly school of Banaras. He says he will snatch the last penny from her and smiles.

Rudra tells Sneha about the donation and keeps phone on speaker. He asks them to hear it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i love you amaya your the best

  2. when will amaya’s n mantu’s love start?

  3. I hate rudra… He always irritate by coming in between… Good amaya !! U r doing very well..

  4. Boring

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