Tere Sheher Mein 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaz saying if they are keeping house mortgaged, they should keep it for much price, so that they can bail Hari and make home finance strong. Sneha agrees and asks Rachita and Amaya to say. Amaya says I always took wrong decisions, but I feel we should take minimum amount, to return it soon, its dad’s house and its not right if anyone else takes it, I feel we should take less money. Sneha says she is right, we should take less money. Jaz asks about fees. Amaya says she will also find job like Rachita and manage everything. Sneha smiles seeing her.

Pushpa comes to talk to Dinesh and asks him not to be annoyed. She says she wants to talk about Sneha, Gajanand has seen her in bank with Rudra, he said that guy is not good, do you know him. Dinesh says no. Pushpa says she might be in trouble, try to find out. Dinesh says I m not related to her. Pushpa asks her to forget old things. Dinesh says Sneha did not ask me anything before going, and even dad don’t ask me, you also do what you feel right and don’t ask me. He leaves.

Its morning, Sneha washes her face and Rudra brings Sharma. Sneha says you did not say you are getting him. Sharma spits there and says I picked him up in morning, he did not know anything. She shows the kitchen. He says its so badly made, all old make. She shows the hall and he says they have just bought the home and not maintained it, its house or any scary place, and comments bad on their status. Rudra smiles.

Rudra asks her not to feel bad, he does not have manners to talk, he wishes to beat them but we need money, if we tell anything, he will go back then what will we do. Sneha says its room. Sharma says lets see it and he likes the bed. He sees Rishi’s pic. She says he is my late husband Rishi Mathur. She asks him not to say anything against Rishi. He says I m sorry, I think I have hurt your weakness, show other rooms.

Uma gets angry and beats the mattress. Mantu and Chiklu see her and get worried. Chiklu asks Mantu why is he not going out. Mantu says I feel she will not spare anyone. Chiklu says I will explain her, don’t be afraid. Mantu says fine, go explain. Chiklu gets scared and says she is very angry. Mantu says she was going to beat us, its good mattress came in between. Chiklu asks is he coward. Mantu says no. Chiklu asks him to go.

Sneha says its her duaghter’s room, its like my room, no need to see. Sharma asks her to show, and asks is daughters sleeping. Rudra says he can see later. Sneha says come, and takes him. Sharma greets and says you said its same, this is very small, and asks her to show last room mow. Sneha takes him to Amaya’s room. Sharma says sorry to wake you up and sees her room. He sees Rishi’s superman pic and asks is there any damage on wall that they pasted this. Sneha says wall is fine.

He says I have to see, remove it. Rudra says if aunty is saying, leave it. Sharma asks will you pay for damage later. Sneha asks Amaya to remove the poster. Amaya removes it. Sneha cries. Sharma checks the wall. Rudra thinks now he got Rishi’s poster down, soon he will bring his family on roads. Sharma asks Sneha to give tea and says his day got spoiled. Amaya gets sad.

Mantu asks Uma not to be angry. Uma asks him to convince her. Mantu says we don’t have sorry thanks formality. He says he gifted her two years ago and she did not wear that suit. She asks does he remember what she wears. He says I know you gave it to someone. She says no, I kept it. He says I felt you did not like it and did not give anything else. He asks her to wear it, then he will get another gift. She says fine, I will wear and show soon. She leaves. He says we will see tomorrow, its good she went now.

Sharma says the amount he is giving, no one else will give its half, Rudra told me to help, I have big heart, I will give 20 lakhs for this. Amaya says we have less time, if we evaluate, the value will be more. He says fine, get someone else. Sneha says no. Rudra brings his suitcase. Sharma says interest will be 21%. Sneha says its much. He says then call anyone else. Rudra signs her. Sneha agrees. Sharma asks her to read the legal document and sign, if she fails to return money, he will have the haveli.

Amaya says we will return on time. Sharma says even I want this, else I have to auction this useless haveli. Sneha says she will read papers. Sharma says fine, tell me when you sign, we will give money and take papers. He asks Rudra to sit and leaves. Pushpa says she has to go in all function of Dubey’s daughter’s marriage. Gajanand asks her to go and smiles.

She says Mrs Dubey made 5 lakhs necklace. He says you also make one. She says I will wear kundan set, which you got for me. He says then wear it. She says but I have kept all jewelry in bank. He asks her to go with Kripa and take them, also take Dimple to take jewelry, I feel happy seeing you happy, you smiled after a long time. He says she looks good when she smiles. She asks him to go. He leaves. She thinks she will go to bank and find out why Sneha went to loan department, is she in any problem.

Amaya says he spoke so rudely. Rachita says can’t we deal with anyone else. Rudra says we will lose name if we find someone else. Sneha says we don’t have time, Sharma is fine, I will read papers and sign, you collect it Rudra. Rudra greets her and leaves.

Uma asks Barfi to make her suit. He makes Amaya’s measurement for jeans and gets mistaken and notes in Uma’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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