Tere Sheher Mein 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumitra and Bua apologizing to Amaya for troubling her so much. Sumitra bends to touch her feet. Amaya says your place is in my heart and hugs her. Gupta says am I dreaming. Sumitra pinches him. Tilak says I got late. Amaya asks him how did he come inside house by back door. Tilak lies to her, and says he came after watching news. She asks how did he come inside house and killed them, police could not catch them, you caught them in a moment, its strange. Tilak says I regret you are doubting on me, people do this in love. The girl whom I love was there, I wanted to safe her. I mean Kangana. They all look on. Kangana smiles.

Tilak says I love Kangana, I came there to save her, I understood life is short and nothing should be in heart, I want to say i love Kangana and want to marry her. He asks Kangana will he marry him. She agrees. Sumitra gets happy and Gupta and Rama agree too. Tilak thinks he has to marry this foolish girl and its good they all agreed, they are bigger fools. The inspector shows the men, and they get shocked seeing Rahul. Tilak says he cheated me and you all, I don’t know what to say, I used to praise him, he has done this.

Rama says don’t get upset. Amaya says we will cooperate with police. Rama thanks inspector. The inspector says Tilak deserves thankyou. Rama thanks and hugs Tilak.

Amaya tells inspector that gang leader’s dead body got missing, its strange. Sneha comes and hugs Amaya. She says I have seen news and came here, thank Lord you all are safe. Rachita says Rama and Amaya acted brave. Sneha says I got sure that Rama will take care of Amaya. Jaz says tell them not to get separated. Amaya and Rama ask Jaz not to worry, as he knows they are made for each other. Gupta and Jaz tell about heart attack drama to bring Rama and Amaya together. Sneha blesses them. Gajanand comes back home and hugs Amaya. Amaya says I knew you will get fine. Gajanand says its everyone’s prayers, I m fine, I want to apologize to you.

He says I always disliked Rishi, and misunderstood you all. You did a lot to save our respect, you married Rama for our sake, I could not tell them truth because of paralysis, you made your dad’s name shine again, I m proud of you. She hugs him. Rama and Amaya take his blessings. Gajanand says I have no complains with my wife. Sumitra apologizes to Gajanand and touches his feet. Gajanand stops her and forgives him seeing her regretting. Sumitra promises she will love Amaya a lot. Sneha sees Rishi’s pic and asks him to see how Amaya made them proud and united the family.

Rama comes to his room and sees Amaya. He smiles and hugs her. He compliments her. She makes him sit, and says you have got many wounds, and has bear a lot to save my life. He says I can give my life for you. She stops him from saying so. He kisses her hand and hugs her.

She says she was waiting for this time, they have bear a lot, she did not know where her life is taking her, if she got away from him, there would be no life. He says don’t cry, we will always be together. Amaya sleeps and recall their moments. She sees someone shooting Rama and wakes up saying Rama… He asks what happened. She says she had bad dream, someone shot him. He says it was because tough thing happened with us, smile now, Kangana’s marriage is there tomorrow. She smiles and hugs him saying I know.

Its morning, Amaya talks to Sumitra about Tilak. Sumitra says Tilak did a lot for us, you know Kangana’s state, she got love again, maybe her mental state will get fine, don’t worry. Rama asks Amaya for a morning kiss for good luck. She kisses on his cheek and asks him to do work. He says you forgot to apply sindoor and applies sindoor to her. She recalls having visualized this in her dream. She thinks she should forget the bad dream. He says we shall go to ghat, I have some surprise for you. They leave.

Bua is worried as they don’t know about Tilak’s family. Gupta says Kangana is happy, what else we want. Tilak says once I marry Kangana, Rama and Amaya can’t do anything, I will get ready to marry that mad girl, once marriage happens, I will separate Rama and Amaya.

Tilak asks Rama and Amaya to bid bye to world, and tells them that he mixed poison in laddoos. Rama and Amaya get unwell.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sweet moments of ramya !!!
    I am still waiting for mantu also after knowing this that he won’t come back

  2. Its good that tilak gave poison to them

  3. I love ❤ this drama and I like ? rama and amaya Jodi I love ❤ you.

  4. Almost aftr 2months i tried 2 watch da crap bcoz of hiba as it s gng 2end bt i felt suffocation there s no emotions jst bad acting nthn else left there oh shit such a bad serial(god 2 bad)i hav never seen dis kind of joke actually i dont want 2 say more here.

    1. same happened with me yesterday!

  5. mary christodoulou

    needs to be end this serial ..it started so nice ..

  6. go ahead tilak!kill them!you should do it long ago!they r just disgusting!!

  7. Its good tat Tilak has mixed poisen in their ladoos.. Hope they die soon!!

  8. Sry not they.. only Tat Rama shld die & if he dies thn Automatically Amaya wil go to Tilak!!
    Hahah!!.. 😛


  10. Who is this tilak and wat does he want

  11. Sumitra bends to touch Amaya’s feet……..OMG…….why do they need to do this. Is Amaya some heavenly figure………everybody sings to her tunes, yes we get it…….and now an elder, is touching her feet???? This is crossing the line!!!! Maybe I should get an elder to touch my feet……..absolutely not! Disgusting!!!!

    Then we see all the fake love between Amaya and Rama. And she kisses him………blo*dy hell, pass me the sick bucket. I mean at least with Mantu, the love was fun and light hearted and felt real………this is fake, over the top and depressing.

    Now Tilak is marrying Kangana. Wow another sham of a marriage. Only one episode left though, so dont know how they going to end this, but i dont care lol.

  12. The best thing d writers hve dne s killing rama n amaya.bt they shld hve kept mantu alive becoz he deserves a good n a loving grl.

  13. I dont know where is mantu he look better with amaya

  14. I dont know where is mantu he look better with amaya. I dont like rama bt how this amaya fall in love with rama it is really disgusting

  15. Poor mantu he loved amaya & look at her she’s not even bothering for his death !!!

  16. Poison in ladoos???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that says it all.

    Perfect ending for an idiotic drama.

    That’s how good the writing is.

    When all else fails, it’s good old
    What a baaaad guy Tilak turned out to be.

    There is no way mantu is dead. Tilak lied. Just like he lied about loving kangana. So we the true supporters of mantu can take solace in that. He’s happy somewhere else. Away from this madness.

  17. This serial is soo good . It shd not end.

    1. You need help.

  18. don’t know why still today miss manya a lot n whn hears dhree dhree,it hurts a lot!but really hate this crap!1day more of torture!

  19. We all are the fans of mantu where is he mantu deserves the true love with amaya I don’t like rama.

  20. I don’t think that this show is going to end now. Moreover there is no serial which could come in place of tsm. Cos there is an ad of that serial much before but there is no ad of any new serial. I think tilak is lying about mantu’s death.

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