Tere Sheher Mein 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu taking care of Amaya. Pushpa asks Gajanand where did he go in morning. He says he went to bank to make FD for Neeti, its his duty and taunts on Sneha and Rishi, who does not think about children. She says leave it. He says I have left it years ago and kept quiet seeing Sneha in loan department. She asks why. He does not know, and says I should not think about this and take care of my health. Pushpa thinks why did Sneha go to loan department.

Mantu asks Uma to see Amaya, he will just come. Uma apologizes to Amaya. She says she did not see her and bumped into her. Mantu brings ointment and asks her to apply, its very effective. He says I will apply. Uma says no, I mean I will apply. Mantu asks her to apply well. Uma scolds him saying its his mistake. Amaya says no, its not her mistake, don’t scold her. Uma says she cooks for Mantu and Chiklu, we both scold each other, I did not know any guest came.

Amaya says we should make a fresh start and shakes hands. Uma says I m Mantu’s neighbor. Mantu says she stays here most of the time. Uma scolds him. Jaz and Chiklu come. Jaz asks what happened to her and sees her hand burnt. Uma says it was my mistake, I bumped into her and tea fell on her. Jaz scolds her. Uma asks Mantu to tell Jaz. Amaya says I m fine, and Uma says sorry again. Amaya says Jaz will come tomorrow. Mantu says I will drop you till rickshaw.

Uma tells Chiklu it was not her mistake. Chiklu and Mantu leave. Mantu pays the fare. Amaya asks what is he doing. He says you came for first time and all this happened, I m sorry. Amaya says no, it was not your mistake. He asks her to take care. Chiklu says yes, take care by resting. Amaya thanks him, and says bye. Mantu asks her to have cream and apply it. Amaya says thanks. They leave. Uma looks on. Mantu says her hand burnt, I wish she gets fine soon. Chiklu says even I felt bad. Uma says just worry for her. Mantu asks why, did tea fell on you. Chiklu says Jaz is my teacher.

Uma says she does not care for Jaz and why did Mantu not say anything. Mantu says Jaz was worried for Amaya. Uma says you did not think about me. Mantu says he does not talk between girls fight. He says Jaz will come daily. Uma says she will not come. Mantu says I m explaining you. She leaves angrily. Chiklu says Jaz will come daily. Mantu says even Uma will come daily. Chiklu says what will happen now. Mantu says its big problem and makes sound by colliding tea cups.

Amaya and Jaz come home. Amaya asks Jaz not to tell mum. Jaz applies cream and says I know Uma did this intentionally, I will not leave her. Uma takes her pic and says she looks cute in anger. Jaz says Uma burns your hand. Amaya says don’t get angry, you have to go there and Uma will meet you as she comes there daily. Jaz asks how do you know. Amaya says she was telling me, as if its her house and why did we come. She says I think she is Mantu’s GF. Jaz says I don’t think so. Amaya says I saw her, she was behaving like typical GF. Jaz says Mantu is simple, caring and helpful and Uma is opposite, there is no match. Amaya says do we care. Jaz says he is my friend, I can’t let him fall in Uma’s trap. Mantu cleans the floor. Rama comes to meet him. Mantu asks how did he come. Rama says I came to spend time. Mantu says fine, come sit.

Mantu says you stay at shop at this time, what happened. Rama says i8 wanted to meet friends. Mantu says great, lets make ginger tea together. Rama tells how he got rejected in interview, and dad got happy and gave me leave. He says he wants to hear appreciation from his dad. Mantu says he is your dad and can’t express love like your mum, he is also sad seeing your upset face, so he gave you leave. Rama says I always think wrong, and you think positive. Mantu asks him to teach him good cleanliness.

She says Jaz came to teach Chiklu and Amaya also came. I gave her hot tea and Uma came like storm, and tea fell on Amaya. Rama says oh, so that’s why Rachita was alone at home. Mantu says tea is ready, give me cup. Rachita sees job ads and finds one job perfect for Rama, this can make his mood right. Rama says you know my habit Mantu, I did not make any friend except you because of my habit, but I met someone who understands me and my habits. Mantu says you made new friend.

Rama says I want her to be more than friend. Mantu teases him and Rama smiles. Mantu asks tell me everything. Rama says he will tell him. Mantu asks him not to be shy and tell him. Rama says he was upset and he got rejected in interview, so when he saw her one glimpse, my mood became fine and when she said sweet things, I felt I can do anything. Mantu says you are in love, tell me her name. Rama says I will say when time comes, but I don’t have any job, and parents won’t agree, am I doing any big mistake, if I can’t see her, I feel my day went bad. Mantu says he does not know about love and asks him to follow heart, he is always with him. Rama says you are my true friend, thanks. Mantu asks her name. Rama says he will say, and thinks to say Rachita first.

Sharma shows the contract to Rudra and says lets go to Sneha. Rudra asks him to see haveli that shames Sneha, auction should have some spice then there is no fun, we will go tomorrow.

Sharma says you got haveli and does not have funds to maintain it. Sneha gets sad. Rudra smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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