Tere Sheher Mein 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rama worrying for Amaya. He asks why did she come here. Rachita says Amaya surrendered to save Sumitra. Rama says they want to kill you, they are angry with you, you did big mistake. Amaya says I m fine, my family is here, we will find some way. The doctor checks Sumitra and says she is fine. The inspector asks Sumitra about the goons inside. Sumitra cries. The media says about Amaya risking her life to save her mum in law. Sumitra thinks what all she did with Amaya. Sumitra prays for Amaya.

Tilak goes to Amaya’s room. He sees Amaya and Rama’s pic. Rahul asks him why did he leave Amaya. Tilak says he has thought a bigger punishment for Amaya, than death. Amaya tries to take the knife fallen on the ground. The inspector announces to Tilak and shows him the video, where his gang members are taken good care of. Amaya passes the knife to Rama. Rama cuts the rope. Tilak asks them to leave the members in next 4 hours. He warns them and goes back inside home. Rahul shuts the door. Amaya sees them coming and tells Rama they are coming. Rama breaks the rope and tries to free his hands.

Tilak checks everyone. Rama beats Tilak. Rahul catches him. Tilak asks Rama to leave him, else he will kill Amaya. Rama leaves Rahul. Rahul scolds Rama. Tilak says kill Rama, go. Amaya says you won’t touch Rama, kill me, but not him. Rahul takes Rama. Amaya says I will do anything, leave Rama. Tilak asks anything and stares at her. Tilak frees Amaya and asks her not to act clever. Rahul beats Rama.

Tilak asks Amaya what did she say. Amaya says I m ready to do anything, don’t do anything to my husband, kill me, but leave Rama and my family. He asks is Rama everything for you. She says yes. He says then you have to do something for me. She says she will do anything whatever he says. He asks her to think. She says yes, don’t do anything to Rama. She cries. He says fine, you have to become my Daasi, you have to agree to what I say, else your husband will lose his life, I know your self-respect matters a lot to you, what will I do by killing you, fine I will kill Rama, if self respect is high than love. She stops him and says I m ready, but you will not do anything to Rama. Tilak brings Amaya to Rama.

Rama asks whats happening Amaya. Amaya says she won’t let anything happen to him. Rama asks her to say. Tilak asks Amaya to come with him to the room. Rama asks her to stop and shouts. Tilak asks Amaya to get water and wash his feet. Rahul says Amaya has become my boss’ maid to save your life. Rama gets angry. Tilak asks Amaya to remove his shoes, as she is his daasi. Amaya obeys him.

Rahul provokes Rama saying about boss enjoying with Amaya, his boss will move towards Amaya slowly. Rama breaks the ropes and beats Rahul. He runs out to save Amaya. Amaya cleans Tilak’s feet. Tilak tells Amaya that he wants to take her respect, so that she stays alive, but regrets. He asks her to massage his shoulders, else he will kill Rama. She says no, and massages. He says you like why I like you, I like your wild cat style. I said I will take your respect and gets close to her. She cries.

Rama asks Amaya to run, and he falls down. Everyone who went out get shocked seeing Rama.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Whats going on.? This show is getting worse day by day..

  2. Ye. Ho kya raha hai ??? What’s going on ???

  3. Will Tilak Ayya Molest Amaya???
    Will Rama be able to stop him???
    Will Rama survive the gunshot???

  4. Hadh karte hain ye log frm wu i knw unbelievable jo ladki itna strng tha jo tsm ka original concept tha woh to pura gume ho gaya aise amaya ke sath dekhana se pehle kuch to sharam karte shame on u tsm team.A big insult for all of us actually sorry to say bt i cldnt stop myself show bandh hone se pehle itna ghatiapan na dekhate to accha hota.Kinshuk ka carrier ka most worst character as tilak i think so.

  5. annoying show mtchew

  6. khyati parmar

    Pehle pehle yeh show Acha tha and now it is becoming worst

  7. Fully agree with u @ Nusrat they(writers) completely ruin the character of Amaya & they wants to show the viewers that Rama is the “HE MAN” Of this show!!

  8. What started out as a great show has turned into the worst programme on an Indian channel. Good riddance once it’s gone

  9. Forget the writers forcing us to accept Rama and Amaya, but they also have a habit of wanting us to believe that Amaya is so self-less and will do anything for anyone and that she is godly……like enough is enough already. its all just making me cringe.

    Today, Amaya has gained Sumitra as a follow. Wow, way to go writers, trying to surprise the viewers and keep the suspense. So predictable. Also Amaya passes a knife to Rama who cuts the rope???? Oh yeh ok…….because a knife was just lying there right. These must be the worst criminals around. This show is ruining Kinshuk Mahajan.

    Now Tilak has Amaya as his maid. He seems to be getting close to her…………..i’m not watching, but more reading, I hope this is not going down the rape/molesting route because that is just filth and not needed. Then again, this show is bottom of your shoe stuff anyway. Final note, how many times has Rama been beaten up in the last few days………they are really trying to push him as a hero. He should be out cold, the amount of beatings he has had.

    3 more days to go………..whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    1. as always agree with you,you were ryt about the ending of the show!i am form bangladesh,i was not interested in this show at first but after that nyt adventure of manya i began to watch it,when i came to know about the story line,i liked this very much,the mst interesting topic of the show was manya nd bonding of mathurs.but they totally destroyed everything.

  10. could not agree more with Dimeo here.
    Do not understand why they keep shoving how great Amaya is with all their story lines. I guess the writer has as secret crush on her 😉 I think i will celebrate this show going off air.

    Again there is a lot of crap on air.. which is probably crappier than this show, But they started with a different note and promise, hence the hate.

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