Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Beyhadh FS Part 6 (Ending with Arya)

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Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Part6
Arjun wanted to say no.But suddenly he remembered his promise to Saanjh.
His heart pained.
He thought:Once I broke my promise to Maya and broke her heart.Now if I break my promise to Saanjh too …no I can’t repeat my mistake.
Arjun:Yes I need divorce.
Maya was shocked.
“What about you Maya?”They asked Maya.
Arjun looked at her to know her reply.
She said:Yes..I too need divorce.

Arjun felt sad.
Maya walked out.She saw Vandana and Ayaan being very sad.
Maya gave them a pale smile.
Maya said in her mind:It’s not late at all.There is more time left.
Maya walked out of the room.She stood outside and shed tears while Arjun who was quite away from Maya too cried.

Maya went near him.She wiped his tears.She cupped his face in her hands:Don’t be upset Arjun.I am here.Right?I am near you.I will never leave you.

tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara

He smiled tearfully and embraced her.Suddenly he realized that it was only his imagination and wept.

tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara

After 2 weeks…

Arjun-Saanjh and Saras Maya stood on the wedding mandap in different places.
Arjun was haunted by Maya.
Suddenly Arjun got up from the mandap.
Saanjh:What happened duffer?
Arj:Dusky…I think I am making a big mistake by marrying you ignoring Maya.
Saanjh was shattered.
Arj:You know me very well.I am your best friend.I still can’t forget Maya.So if I marry you I will be cheating you more.Right?
Saanjh felt pain.
Prem slapped him:How dare you hurt my daughter again?Is my daughter a toy for you to play with.
Vandana and Ayaan were weeping.
Arj:I deserve all slaps.But…

Prem slapped him again.Suddenly Saanjh pulled Arjun from Prem.
Saanjh:No papa.Leave Arjun.

Duffer is right.He can’t forget Maya.Then how can he marry me?It was my mistake to come between Arjun and Maya even after knowing their love.I should have understood that Arjun can’t easily remove Maya from his heart even if he fights with her.
Saanjh looked at Arjun:Duffer…you are really a duffer to not understand that you can never stop loving Maya.So go to him.
Arj:But now Maya must be ready to marry Saras.
Saanjh:Stop the wedding.I am sure that Maya can also love only you.
Saanjh wept:I know that you are not with Maya now thinking of hurting me again.But it’s ok duffer.It’s my fate.I am unlucky in love.

Arjun felt sad:Dusky!
Saanjh cupped his face in his hands:Don’t worry duffer.I can manage myself.I don’t deserve you as you are only Maya’s.I realized that very late.Now don’t waste time and leave.

Arjun rushed to Saras Maya’s wedding mandap.
Prem Suman wept seeing Arjun leaving Saanjh for Maya.
Suman:Why always this is happening to our daughter?
Prem:We can’t control her destiny and fate.

Arjun reached Saras Maya’s wedding place.
He roared:Mayaaa
Maya and Saras looked at Arjun.
Maya was surprised.
Arjun knelt down before Maya crying:I am sorry Maya.I hurt you a lot without understanding your value.Please forgive me.I know that you are moving on with Saras who truly loves you.I will not be an obstacle if you want to marry Saras.But please forgive me Maya.If you can please give me one more chance.I promise that I will shower so much of love on you that our life will be a heaven like before.

Maya became emotional.

O karam khudaya hai
tujhe mujhse milaya hai
tujhpe marke hi to
mujhe jeena aaya hai

Saras:Arjun…Maya never thought of moving on with me.Because she loves only you.This wedding was only a drama to make you realize that your love for her has not died yet.Good that you realized your mistake.
Arjun was surprised.
Maya wept:Till last moment i had hope that you will come here to stop my wedding.Because I had faith in my love.My love is not so weak that I will lose you.I can’t lose you Arjun.

O tere sang yaara…
khushrang bahara

Arjun held her hand emotionally:Maya…I am sorry…

tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara

They both joined their forehead.
Arjun:I love you.You are my first and last love.
Maya:I love you Arjun.You are my one and only love.

O tere sang yaara
khushrang baharamain tera ho jaaun
jo tu karde ishara

Saras smiled emotionally.
Maya looked at Saras:Thank you so much for being with me till the last moment Saras.
Arjun:Thank you very much for giving solace to my Maya in my absence.
Saras smiled:Hold each other’s hand and take wedding vows.

Arjun Maya smiled.Saras held Maya’s hand

and kept it on Arjun’s hand.

Arjun Maya took saath phere.Vandana and Ayaan reached there.They smiled.Arjun placed nuptial chain around her neck.

He filled her parting of hair with vermillion.

They exchanged garlands.

kaheen kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
teri khushboo se Takraaun main
har raat jo aata hai mujhe
wo khwaab tu…

Saras smiled emotionally and said in his mind:Maya..I feel the pain of losing you.But still I am happy that you are not in pain anymore and you got he happiness and love you always dreamt of.

O tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara(Rustom).

Vandana hugged her:I am sorry Maya beta.I promise that now onwards you will be my daughter and I will be your mother.

Maya smiled victoriously.
Vand:Please come and stay in our house.
Maya smiled nodding her head.
Ayaan:Welcome to our home again Maya bhabhi.

Maya smiled patting his shoulder.Jhanvi who was sitting on the wheel chair smiled silently.

The end

Precap:Alternative ending Saras Maya as the end game

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