TERE SANG YAARA (Twinj) [ Episode 1-6] Reprised Version *Must Read* {HAPPY NEW YEAR}

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So I am back with the last post of year 2018 ?

Few day’s back I told you all that I will be continuing my two FF’s and I am back with one of them ?

But this part of ‘TERE SANG YAARA ‘ is a reprised version of last six posted episode.

Reprised Version ? What’s that ? I know this is the first question that might have clouded your mind ?

So let me explain it in the simplest way. It’s not a change of plot but a better version of old episodes.

As you all might have noticed that my writing style and way of describing has changed by folds. I wanted to write something better for you all before we continue ahead.

Though at first I decided to give you all a short summary and go ahead with the next shot but then I realised no there are many thing’s you all might have forgotten over time period and nor can I cover up everything in summary. Then the biggest point that made me realise that the previous six episodes needed it’s reprised version was because of the very first episode and the sixth one.

For some minutes I could not believe myself that how much as a writer I have progressed ? I was like ” If that was only me who wrote both episodes ” *giggles*

There are few required changes in the CHARACTER SKETCH and some additions in the plot. The most prominent change is the name of Twinj Daughter’s. Their names were to much rhyming and I found no suitable combine name for them and writing ‘ Priya and Kriya ‘ again and again separately or making sure I wrote the right name and haven’t interchanged wasted alot of time during writing and editing.

So here is once again the CHARACTER SKETCH of both the little cuties ?

PRIYA ( Changed Name : Reyah ) is a carbon copy of twinkle from habits to features. She is a little siyappa queen like her mumma. She is loud and bubbly. Just like her mother , A Punjabi Pataka. She is cutie pie who wants to make everyone smile. She is few minutes elder to Aarohi.

KRIYA ( Changed Name : Aarohi ) is an exact imitation of KUNJ. She is much mature than Reyah. She likes to be in peace just like her father. She is fond of simplicity and creativeness like her father. Complete opposite of Reyah. She always saves Priya from siyappa’s.

Okay I guess Reyah would be a quite unheard name for many people reading this but I actually love this name alot. It belongs to Arabic Origin and means ” Comfort , Peace “. I hope you all don’t have any problem with this name ?

So there combined name with I feel the best is ” Aareyah “.

Now I know many of you might not want to again read it thinking it might be same but I actually want to you to read it again cause there are few additions of scenes as per requirement.

It’s a really long episode so you can read it patiently and enjoy ? So let’s hop on to episode without wasting much time.

TERE SANG YAARA (Episode : 1-6) [ Reprised Version]

Screen is focused on a beautiful villa Inspired by the glorious chateaus of France, Chateau Ami is a sophisticated and luxurious retreat that reflects that magical merging of inspiration and architecture. Created by renowned architect Randall Stofft and Cudmore Builders.

The estate is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship featuring inlayed onyx, hand-planed hickory wood flooring, intricately hand-painted ceilings, hand-carved fireplace by Barbara Tattersfield, exquisite crystal chandeliers, plus an elevator to transport from floor to floor. A professional team of bodyguards are appointed to guard the inhabitants of this villa. This was one of the most expensive Villa in India.

After all it belonged to the one of the most successful lawyer of Asia and overseas. It belonged to Kunj Sarna one of the most sensational and influential name in law world be it nationally or internationally. He is a lawyer who established himself with his hardwork and dedication without any support from his so called parent’s.

Inside the enormous beautiful garden of the village cute chubby little figures are spotted playing , giggling , chuckling and running all around the garden. They were around four year’s old. When one of them spotted something at some distance in garden. She quietly stepped towards the source of her attraction without letting the other girl aware of the siyappa she was about to do. As she moved forward she spotted a cute little golden retriever puppy covered in mud who might have came inside their villa without under going the face of bodyguards guarding outside else it could have never stepped inside.

The little girl looked at the cute puppy that was facing back at her with his puppy eye’s and then she took him in her petite embrace and caressed it with a soft smile on her face. She walked away with the puppy to other girl and spoke in her babyish cute voice ” Look Aaru what I found ”

While the Aarohi aka Aaru lifted her gaze to look at Reyah and slapped her forehead with her tiny hands sighing making Reyah confused at her gestures.

So she spoke out her confusion innocently ” What happened Aaru ? Are you not happy to see this cutie pie? ” asked Reyah with a frown.

” God ! You again did a siyappa Reyah ” Aarohi said eying Reyah’s cloth making her realize the mess she created with her clothes. Her (Reyah) mouth fell open with shock and fear to face her mama.

” Oh ! No mama will scold me alot for this ” Reyah spoke with a pout while Aarohi giggled at her making Reyah frown at her sisters courtesy to laugh when she was in a trouble.

” Aaruuuuuu “ Reyah chided with irritation while Aarohi continued with a giggle ” Papa says right. You are to a siyappa queen like mama. Her younger version. ”

Reyah pouted cutely at her sister’s teasing and spoke woth glares ” Okay ! Okay enough now please help me else mama will scold me ”

Both little cuties fell into silence for moment thinking of a solution while keeping there finger on their chins and then looked at eachother with a mischievous grin and shouted together ” Papa ” and both of the little ladies ran inside the house somehow escaping twinkle’s sight and servants roaming around doing there work towards the study room where they can find their father.


The study room was dimly lit with the vintage wall sconces that hung on the mute coloured walls like earrings. Thick velvet curtains hid the long windows across the walls, just leaving a shy peak of the woods beyond. Two antique couches stood the opposite sides of each on the hand-woven rug in front of the ashen fireplace, accompanied by rich velvet and bronze wing-chairs that stood as a sidekicks. The paintings and faded tapestry panels on the walls seem to blink at the two toddlers who stepped into the room without making a noise.

They spotted there father lying on one of the couches placed at an other end of the uncomfortably large room with a book resting on his waist and his right hand covering his eye’s to block the path of light. They knew he wasn’t sleeping so without making a noise they moved toward’s him and slowly climbed on the sofa and stood on their knees on either side of him.

They glanced at eachother with a innocent naughty grin and then leaned toward’s Kunj and kissed on his either cheeks. A smile formed on Kunj’s face. He pulled both the little cuties in his embrace and spoke kissing on their foreheads ” What happened my babies ? ”

” Papa you are our bestfriend right ? “ Reyah asked innocently while Aarohi continued ” You are our partner in crime right ? “.

Kunj raised his eyebrows on the sudden buttering of his daughter’s. He very well knew they were upto something and that was confirmed by a single glance at Reyah’s dirty clothes. Kunj sighed with a smile and said ” Ms Reyah Kunj Sarna and Ms Aarohi Kunj Sarna may I know what Siyappa you both did this time ? ”

Reyah and Aarohi glanced at eachother and smiled sheepishly so Reyah jumped on to Kunj’s lap and spoke cutely cupping his face ” Papa ! You say I am a little siyappa queen ? ”

Kunj nodded his head in yes and waited for Reyah to continue ” So doing siyappa is my right naah ! “ Reyah completed with a pout while Aarohi rolled her eye’s at her drama while Kunj giggled.

” But what did you both do ” Kunj asked. ” No ! No papa not both but just Reyah did Siyappa and… ” Aarohi spoke but stopped at the end trying to make an innocent face so they could convince Kunj.

” And ?? ” Kunj asked with a raised brow so Reyah continued ” Papa we found a puppy in our Garden and can we please.. please keep that with us ? ” Reyah completed with puppy grin seeing Kunj who was about to deny but stopped looking at their puppy face and chided ” This is not fair. You both can’t do this everytime. ”

” Ohooo papa everything is fair in love and war “ exclaimed Reyah and Aarohi at the same time leaving Kunj wide eyed at their reply. Kunj pulled them closer and asked ” Who thought you this ? ”

” Mamma ! “ Reyah and Aarohi replied at the same time giggling. Kunj mumbled while gritting his teeth ” Siyappa Queen “ though he muttered just enough for him to listen but his daughter’s heard him clearly and said ” Papa will you help us convincing mumma to keep that pup ? ”

” What if I won’t ? ” Kunj said with a naughty smirk but soon he was left shocked with what his daughter’s said ” Then should we tell mamma you called her Siyappa Queen ” Aarohi spoke with a naughty smirk same as Kunj had. She was a complete imitation of KUNJ from habits to features. Her little doe like eye’s same as his. She was his complexion of KUNJ. One who has seen in childhood could not stop themselves from saying that she was a little carbon copy of Kunj.

Kunj was left stunned by his daughter’s and spoke pulling their noses ” You little blackmailers. ”

Reyah and Aarohi giggled at the wide mouth expressions of KUNJ and again made an innocent puppy face to make Kunj agree to their demands ” Papa pleaseeeeee ! Please help us convince mumma.. please “ This habit of blackmailing and make cute innocent faces were surely taken by their mother.

Left with no other options Kunj nodded his head in ” YES “ making little cuties squeal in happiness and hug him in excitement. They happily kissed on his either cheeks clapping their hands in happiness.

After convincing their father it was now time to look over another siyappa of Reyah that was to change her clothes without letting twinkle know about it. So Kunj without letting know twinkle changed Reyah into a different sets of clothes her night suits after giving her bath to clean mud of her body and even changed Aarohi into her night suits so if twinkle asks why their clothes were changed so then they could have a really good excuse ‘ That it was already 7 in evening and today Reyah and Aarohi were tired due to play school and then their playing session that they need to go to bed early ‘.

After dinner Kunj patted Reyah and Aarohi to sleep after their daily routine of a story reading. After covering them in blankets and kissing on their foreheads kunj walked out if their room towards his own room to see his wife.

He walked in his room to find his wife standing infront of mirror removing her earrings and bangles. She was dressed in a beautiful off-shoulder white and pink saree looking etheral. For a moment Kunj was lost in the beauty of his wife as the breeze that entered their room through floor to ceilings windows that opened into their luxurious balcony caressed her face letting her hair flow in the air.

Twinkle was oblivious to his presence so Kunj without making noise walked toward’s her and hugged her from back sliding his band’s on her bare waist under her Saree surprising her.

Twinkle looked at his through mirror and gestured him through her eye’s but Kunj remained silent and moved her hair onto her other shoulder revealing her bare back and shoulder. He leaned a bit and blowed onto her shoulder making twinkle shiver and close her eye’s due to tingling sensation.

Kunj bent down and placed wet kisses on her neck making twinkle moan in ecstasy. He suddenly bit onto her shoulder which led twinkle to let out a high pitched moan but he soon licked and sucked at the same place leaving a red mark on her shoulder. Not able to bear his torcher anymore twinkle turned around and hugged him tightly.

Kunj smiles as he hugs her tighter, pulling her closer towards himself. In a matter of seconds, they melt in each other, forgetting about the world around them.

Kunj traces his finger down Twinkle’s bare back as she shivers due to his touch. He picks her up in a bridal style and walked towards their bed and lays her on bed.

” Twinkle, you are as beautiful as ever. I have always loved you and will always love you more than myself , more than anyone else in my life. You are my heart and soul. Other than you it’s just Reyah and Aarohi that has a special place in my life. Thank you for giving them to me. I am incomplete without you three. The presence of you three completes my life. I LOVE YOU more each passing day.”  kunj spoke kissing her forehead lovingly.

Asking permission with his eyes, Kunj looks into Twinkle’s beautiful brown eyes. Her eyes give him permission as Kunj leans down and captures her lips between his.

Soon their clothes were discarded of by eachother and thrown on to floor as they once again marks eachother as theirs. Their bodies are marked with red love bites and hickies. Their souls are once again intertwined to pure bond of love.

As the serenity of the situation takes over as Kunj traces his nose down Twinkle’s neck as Twinkle digs her nails into Kunj’s bare back and bit onto his shoulder as pain and unbearable pleasure engulfs her body. Kunj runs his hand through her hair, giving her the feeling of comfort.

The weight of his body on hers and the contact of their skin send sparks through their bodies. She giggles and moans from the pleasure as he makes love to her.

They entangle their fingers together and cover themselves with blankets as the moon shines throughout the night kunj makes love to her.

They stops when the first ray of sunrise enters their room making them realise that whole night they were busy making love to eachother.

They now lay in eachothers embrace as twinkle’s head was cushioned onto Kunj’s chest while his hands were firmly wrapped around her petite frame caressing her hairs to comfort her after a long and tiring passionate intimate encounter while his other hand was intertwined with hers playing with eachothers fingers.

Their was complete silence yet their souls were talking to eachother. Twinkle felt peace as she listened to his heartbeats as her head was resting on his chest. This silence was serene and peaceful.

After a while Kunj broke the silence and spoke while stuttering ” U..uh twinkle.. Woh.. ”

” What happened Kunj ? “ twinkle asked looking up at him as he stuttered at his words. ” Umm I was thinking why don’t we pay a puppy for our lil munchkins ? ”

Twinkle furrowed her brows suggestively at him and than chided ” Kunjjjjjjj… Can you please stop spoiling your little princesses ? I know this is one of their demands but will you please be a little strict father like any other ? ”

” Uh huh.. Twinkle I Love to spoil you three. Their is no one else in my life other than you , my daughter’s and Leela Maa twinkle. It’s just about you all. ”

Twinkle was so happy and ecstatic to know that no matter what in his life he can never forget her mother. In last nine years of their togetherness it feels like Leela is more like his mother than her. She could not thank Babaji for blessing her with this man who has a heart of gold. He suffered so much in his past yet all he wants is to spread happiness and love.

” You know twinkle nine years back I never even my wildest dreams had thought about a happy family. A family where I will have people to love and protect. I never imagined that one day even I will have people around me who would love me without an expectation of benefit and I would be so important for them and it’s just because of you I have them twinkle. It’s you who brightens my life when it was pushed into pit of darkness. I never knew I would see and live this happy and content life. I LOVE YOU. I Love you more each day ” kunj ended with tears while twinkle’s eye’s were moisten with tears of love to.

Twinkle looked at him raising herself on her elbow and leaned forward capturing his lips in a passionate kiss of want , conveying love and happiness. They kissed eachother like their was no tomorrow. Kunj deepened the kiss pulling her closer while caressing her hairs while twinkle’s hand rested on his chest to steady herself.

They broke the kiss after a while gasping for air to breath. Twinkle rested her forehead against his with both their eye’s closed. After a while twinkle looked at Kunj whose eye’s were still closed. She kissed on his forehead making Kunj look at her intensely and spoke ” I LOVE YOU KUNJ. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU THINK. IT’S YOU WHO WANT ME TO LIVE EACH DAY WITH A MORE BEAUTIFUL SMILE. ”

Kunj caressed her cheek with his thumb for a while when twinkle sat on bed and took Kunj’s shirt that was half hanging at the edge of their bed and started wearing it and was about to step down when she was pulled back by Kunj ” Where are you going Mrs Sarna ? ” kunj asked nuzzling his face in her neck.

” I am going to take bath. I don’t want to sleep this sweaty and you know very well that in morning your princesses will surely come and take my place beside you “ twinkle replied rolling her eye’s.

” Are you jealous of my daughter’s Mrs Sarna? “ Kunj asked with a tease while twinkle hit him on his shoulders playfully. Twinkle was again about to get up when Kunj held her wrist making her look at him and spoke with a naughty grin ” Do you want me to join you Mrs Sarna ? ”

” Why not Mr Sarna “ twinkle spoke sensually with a naughty smile. Within few seconds Kunj was out of the bed and twinkle was being carried to their bathroom.

( Ain’t the romance enough ? ? Let’s give them some privacy ?)

After a while both stepped out of their bathroom dressed in their night clothes though it was already 6 in the morning they knew they can still sleep peacefully as it’s Saturday today.

Twinkle changed and set their bedsheet while kunj collected their scattered clothes on floor. Twinkle unlocked the door of their room knowing very well that their lil munchkins were gonna make appearance in the morning real soon.


Twinj were sleeping cuddling eachother when twinkle’s sleep got disturbed due to the rays of Sun directly hitting her face and she stirred in her sleep cuddling herself more in Kunj’s embrace.

But still the sunray’s were disturbing her so she grumpily opened her eye’s and then slowly not to wake Kunj removed his hand from her waist and went to properly arrange the curtains..

Twinkle looked at wall clock all though it was 10 in morning but she knew Reyah and Aarohi would be up and here any moment so she went toward’s bed and arranged pillows such that when they both come they can lay beside their father without fighting for space and disturbing Kunj. Their obsession for their father’s love was surprising.

Little babies are more attached to mother’s rather than their father’s but their daughter’s were complete daddy’s little girls. Always walking behind him like his shadow.

Twinkle took her dress from wardrobe and went to freshen herself and took a warm shower as it was cold morning..

When giggling sounds echoed in the silent room and their entered Reyah and Aarohi trying their best to control their giggles and don’t disturb their parent’s but prank them.

But to their dismay twinkle wasn’t their but Kunj was sleeping in the middle of the bed. They walked upto either side’s of bed and climbed slowly not to disturb Kunj.

Both layed on either side of him and hugged him. Kunj smiled in his sleep knowing who else could be either than his princessess and cuddled them more such that both reyah and aarohi were half lying on him , their tiny legs wrapped around his torso and their head’s placed on his either shoulder cuddling him.

Twinkle came out freshen up from bathroom wearing a beautiful white and green knee length dress looking beautiful.

She saw them sleeping and smiled at them it wasn’t new for her. It was their saturday routine , sleeping late and whole day spent in laziness.Twinkle went down to prepare breakfast for all four of them as today was a special menu listed from Reyah and Aarohi.


Kunj was still sleeping while Reyah and Aarohi were also asleep soundly in their father’s embrace. Kunj’s sleep was disturbed by the vibrating sound of his phone.

He opened his eye’s grumpily and then looked at his daughter’s who were fast asleep cuddling him. He placed soft kisses on their head’s and without disturbing them picked his mobile from site table.

It was a message from his PA reminding him his monday Schedule and Meetings. Kunj sighed and then looked at time..

It was now 11:00 am by now. So he knew twinkle might have prepared the breakfast till now. So he started his mission of waking his princesses.

” Reyah baby get *caressing her hairs* Aaru come on get up princess ! It’s already 11. It will be afternoon in an hour come one get up. “ kunj spoke caressing their hairs.

” Five minutes more papa ! Plzzzzz.. ” Reyah and Aarohi both replied at the same time in sleepy tone.

” No babies ! It’s already late.Your mamma would have prepared the breakfast till now. Come on get up it’s to late ” Kunj spoke getting up with them in his arms carefully.

Finally after many trials reyah and aarohi woke up rubbing their eye’s. Kunj Smiled at them and placed kisses on their head’s whilst in return both the sister’s kissed his cheek’s wishing him GOOD MORNING.

He took them to bathroom along him and made them brushed their teeth and freshen up and then dressed them in cute colour cordinated purple frock’s and then tied their hair’s to help twinkle.

It was their rule that on Saturday’s they equally divided the work and do so that they can get as much as time possible to spend with eachother and their daughter’s..

When twinkle make breakfast Kunj get Reyah and Aarohi ready. And then whilst twinkle clean dishes Aareyah and Kunj all help twinkle to set plates back from table.

They were a happy small family. Kunj sometimes missed his parent’s but they never cared to bother about him. Leela often come on sunday’s to spend time with them or they go on small family outings and twice a year on family vacations.

Whilst getting them ready reyah and aarohi were as usual full of their question’s and Kunj was patiently replying them , some were so cute that he could not stop giggling at them.

” Papa ” Reyah caller kunj while he was tying her hairs into pony tail.

Kunj hummed in response as he was busy tieing her hair whilst Aarohi was busy setting her father’s hair while they were sitting on bed.

(Imagine how cute this scene must be ? Wish this could be a part of TASHAN E ISHQ ?)

” Did you asked mumma about keeping that puppy “ Reyah asked Kunj.

Before Kunj could reply Aarohi jumped on him from back wrapping her tiny arm’s around his neck and asked the same.

” Yes ! Yes papa. Did you asked mamma “ Aarohi asked.

” Aarohi careful princess you could have got hurt baby “ Kunj said faking anger as they were sitting on edge of bed and the way aarohi jumped on him she could have fallen down due to imbalance.

Aarohi came infront of him and cutely holding her ear’s asked sorry which make Kunj smile wide and he kissed her cheek when Reyah being a drama queen like twinkle chided.

” Sorry Papa “ Aarohi said cutely holding onto her ears.

” It’s Ok! But be careful next time bacha ” Kunj said patting her cheek.

” Ahaan papa you don’t love me anymore “ Reyah said sobbing fakely while Aarohi rolled her eye’s at her and muttered ‘DRAMA QUEEN’ whilst Kunj giggled at her antics and tickled Reyah making her laugh loud.

” Drama Queen ! Papa don’t loves you any more Haan “ kunj said tickling her more while Reyah giggled.

” Hehe papa.. I am Sholly. I was just doing drama. You know na I am your cute si , choti si drama queen haina ” Reyah said with utter innocence.

Kunj stopped tickling her and was amazed to see how she exactly resemble twinkle in each and everything from her likes to dislikes , her Siyappa’s and Drama’s were exactly like her mother.

” Papa tell na mumma agreed to keep the puppy or ain’t ? ” Aarohi once again asked with a curious face hoping tgeir father could have made their mother agree while Reyah to nodded her head in agreement.

” Woh actually “ kunj said faking sadness and seeing his face both Aareyah’s face fell in disappointment. ” Mumma didn’t agreed ” Reyah asked as if convincing herself that it wasn’t really true.

” Uhun ! It was really tough to make her agree but your papa bravely faced her and made her agree to keep the puppy ” Kunj replied acting like as if he won some war.

Reyah and Aarohi eye’s sparkled that moment with utter happiness making them squeal in happiness and excitement leaving Kunj to admire his daughter’s.

” Yippeee !! Thank you Papa ” Aareyah spoke hugging kunj.

” Ok ! Ok enough of your jumping. Come let’s go down and have our breakfast and then we also have to help ur mamma na then only we can go to Nani’s house right “ kunj said scooping them up in his arm’s.

” Yes Papa. Let’s go and help mumma ” Reyah replied.

They went down down stairs and walked into dinning room as Aareyah settled themselves on table whilst Kunj went inside kitchen to see twinkle.

Kunj froze at the beautiful sight of his wife , her hair’s tied in a messy bun and a strand of hair disturbing her claded in beautiful dress looking beautiful.

She failed to notice his presence so Kunj went and stood at back of her , he slid his arm’s around her waist and blew air on her bare shoulder making her shiver due to proximity..

Kunj placed a wet kiss on her neck making her moan in ecstasy. He bit that place slightly making her moan his name And then sucked n licked that point to sooth the pain creating havoc on her senses.

” Kunnnjjj “ twinkle uttered in ecstasy.

Kunj turned her around and put that single strand of hair that was loitering on her face behind her ear’s and placed a Kiss on her Forehead mumbling a GOOD MORNING making her smile..

Twinkle smiled at his gesture. This gesture of him alway’s gave her tingly yet beautiful feelings to her.

It’s said true that ‘ONE KISS ON FOREHEAD IS BETTER THAN THOUSAND KISSES ON LIP’S’ . It gives a different kind of satisfaction and love.

Twinkle mumbled the same and raised herself on her toes repeating the gesture kissing his Forehead. They stood in silence for minute or two resting their forehead’s against eachother.

Twinkle’s hand placed on his chest whilst his holding her waist. Their forehead’s resting against eachother and eye’s closed savouring the moment when they heard Aareyah shouting for their breakfast.

They took the breakfast and placed on table while Reyah and Aarohi jumped in happiness to see pancakes as breakfast and munched on them happily.

They had their breakfast talking and laughing , enjoying with eachother and then helped twinkle to clean table and then get ready to go and meet Leela.

After having breakfast TWINJ were getting Reyah and Aarohi ready to go to Taneja Mansion. Twinkle was making reyah change her clothes while Kunj was tying Aarohi’s hair when suddenly reyah asked a question in her innocence making TWINJ stopped in their track’s.

‘” Maa ! Why don’t we go to Dadi & Dadu’s House. My every friend spent time with them. Why don’t we ? “ Reyah asked looking at twinkle who was making her wear frock.

Twinkle spared a glance at Kunj whose face was expressionless though his eye’s filled with tear’s , hurt and pain was apparent.

Kunj blinked his eyelids rapidly to stop tear’s from falling and continued tying Aarohi’s hair pretending as if the question never meant to him but twinkle knew well that he was badly hurt remembering about them who don’t even care for his existance.

Twinkle deliberately changed the topic and asked Reyah and Aarohi to once check on their little new puppy before they leave and the toddler’s happily made their way downstairs.

” Uh hu. Reyah and Aarohi why don’t you once check on your little puppy before we leave for nani’s house ?

” Oh yes mamma ! We forgot. Let’s go Aaru “ Reyah replied with a sheepish grin.

TWINJ smiled at her innocence Reyah and Aarohi left the room leaving TWINJ alone but Kunj without sparing a glance at twinkle excused to go and check other thing’s when twinkle held his wrist and turned him toward’s her.

She raised herself a bit on her toes and without saying a word pressed her soft lip’s against his rough one’s. Kunj closed his eye’s as a tear escaped confines of his eye’s and responded to her kiss.

It conveyed his pain and love for her whilst for twinkle it showed all the love and affection she had for him. It was silent assurance she would always stood by his side no matter what at this moment they knew this kiss was much needed to calm the storm taking place inside Kunj.

She knew he was hurt remembering those worst memories but won’t speak up and will try to hide his pain within himself. Twinkle not wanting to pressurize him this moment to share his pain just took him in a soft yet passionate kiss.

He pulled her closer by her waist and deepened the kiss whilst twinkle was softly rubbing his hair with one hand whilst nape with other hand to calm his unsettled emotions.

After what seem an eternity they broke the kiss panting heavily resting their forehead’s against eachother. Eye’s closed when twinkle murmered against his Lip’s.

” I LOVE U KUNJ SARNA. I and our daughter’s are here happy and contended just because of your existance. Never ever dare to think that there is no one who loves you cause our EXISTANCE is a part of YOU. ” twinkle mumbled these word’s finally settling the storm of emotions inside his soul.

She raised herself a bit and placed a loving kiss on his forehead assuring him of her presence around him forever relieving him a bit of his pain but still she knew he was upset somewhere.

There moment broke when they heard Aareyah shouting to come as they were getting late to leave. Twinkle intertwined their hand’s giving him a warm smile and they left for Taneja Mansion.

During whole drive Aareyah were chirping and blabbering about how they looked after puppy and how they don’t want to go play house monday and spent all their time with the little puppy.

But Kunj wasn’t talking much about anything his mind was divereted to his past and worst childhood memories still he managed to smile for his only reason of survival Twinkle and their daughter’s.

They reached Taneja Mansion and greeted Leela. She was happy to see them there and hugged anf kissed on their foreheads lovingly like a mother do but she was easily able to sense something was wrong with Kunj.

Since TWINJ had been married they had a strong Mother-Son bond rather than being of Mother In Law-Son In Law bond and that bond became more strong when Kunj had to seperate himself from his evil parent’s for whom he was nothing more than a pawn to use for their own benefit but still he never complained against them.

Aareyah hugged Leela and kissed her cheek’s and started their cute complaining session with their nani. TWINJ smiled seeing them. They were having great time with Leela.

Kunj excused himself and went to terrace reasoning to call someone important though twinkle and Leela knew he needed sometime alone. Leela looked at twinkle who in return passed a sad smile but that was enough for Leela to understand what might have happened.


Kunj was standing on terrace lost in his own thought’s , his eye’s were teary and puffy , cold breeze was hitting his body but he was least concerned about it.

He was remincing the past memories that gave just pain and nothing else but he could not remove them. It were just like a never healing wound it left deep scars on his soul.


A small boy of about five year’s is shown weeping silently in a corner of a big luxurious room when a lady came in room and said in a rude tone making the little boy more scared and shiver in fear of punishment.

” Stop this drama Kunj. Now get up and go get ready for the party. We are getting late just because of you. I don’t want anymore of your tantrums. It was just a mere paper that I unintentionally throwed Okay nothing important ” shouted the woman at the little Kunj who cuddled himself in fear and was shivering badly but the woman was least cared about it.


” Bu..But Maa ! I.. I.. I had made family picture of us a..and you throwed I…It ” kunj spoke sobbing chovking at his words.

” Oh God Kunj. How much will you cry for that blo*dy useless piece of paper. Stop your drama and get ready or else be prepared to spend time alone in house me and your dad have to attend a buisness party ” usha said angrily without attempting to console or comfort the child.

Usha left the room without caring about the little Kunj not caring wether he had his lunch or ain’t.


He felt a hand on his shoulder and wiped his tear’s quickly and turned only to find Leela standing there. He avoided her gaze trying to be normal but how can he hide this from the person who had known him more than himself in last few year’s. Who had loved him as her own child.

” Kabhi kabhi roa lena acha hota hai puttar maan halka hojata hai ” leela said trying to comfort him.

” A..Areh nahi Maa. Bas aankh mein kuch chala gaya shayad ” kunj replied rubbing his eye’s acting as if what he said was truth.

” Maa bhi Volta hai or jhoot bhi ? “ leela asked with furrowed brows.

Kunj was not knowing what to speak as he knew he can’t hide it from Leela for long. Leela held his hand and took him inside twinkle’s room. Kunj silently followed her.

They reached twinkle’s room and Leela sat on bed and gestured Kunj to come and sit on bed beside her but Kunj sat on floor and rested his head on her lap sobbing slightly and whispered in breaking vulnerable tone.

” Maa.. Why they did this to me ? I feel so bad when Reyah and Aarohi question about them and I have nothing to answer. Why they did this with me ? Was I not capable of their LOVE maa ? ”

” Puttar ! Sometimes we have to bear those thing’s which we never want to imagine even and about Reyah and Aarohi they are to small to understand anyrhing. They don’t know their reality but when they will grow up and know about your suffering’s puttar they will be just proud and inspired by knowing their father’s maturity and would love you even more to know that for the sake of them and their mother their father did something which not everyone had the audacity to do. “ replied leela in a gentle tone caressing his hairs.

” Maa. They never cared about me or my happiness just used me as a pawn for their benefit. Wasn’t I their own son ? “ kunj questioned breaking at the end.

” Puttar ! I don’t know why they did this with you. I don’t know how can they be so heartless but why to hurt ourselves for those who don’t even deserve our concern. I know puttar you are hurt by their doings but you need to be string for yourself and your family that is twinkle and your daughter’s ” leela ended cupping his face and wiping his tears.

” You to are part of my family Maa ” Kunj spoke cutely while Leela smiled and kissed his forehead.

She was caressing his hair’s when twinkle spoke from behind who heard their conversation and felt bad for kunj. She could not remove those hurtful memories so to enlighten the mood twinkle entered the room faking and cry and spoke.

” Haww Maa. You don’t love me anymore. You only love Kunj. ”

” Aisa nahi hai puttar “ leela tried to spoke but was interrupted by twinkle.

” Aisa hi hai Maa *sitting beside her and wiping her fake tear’s* Tabhi toh bhool gaye na mujhe ”

” You know what maa her and Reyah both are seriously such big drama queen’s. Now I know from where Reyah learn so much of drama ” kunj said teasing.

” Kuunnnnjjjjjj ? You are gone. ” twinkle spoke gritting her teeth in anger.

Kunj ran from there whilst twinkle was chasing him. They were running in whole room after eachother while Leela was trying to stop them but wasn’t able to. They started having pillow fight that they didn’t reaslied that now there was not one but 3 pair of eye’s watching them.

Aareyah were watching them fighting like kids with their mouth wide open seeing their parent’s fight like a kid.

TWINJ’s gaze fell on Leela and Aareyah who were standing folding their hand’s on chest and then looked at room which was whole messed up. Aareyah were trying to imitate leela and act serious but were failing miserably.

” Haww ? Mumma papa aap bhi aise ladte ho “ Aarohi asked with a hand covering her mouth in shock.

” Aap humien bolte ho fighting is bad habbit and yahan toh aap dono hi lad rahe ho ? ” Reyah continued.

Leela went near them and held their ear’s making the wince a bit in pain ” Aoww Maa ! It pains ” twinj said at the same time.

” Haan Maa. And dekho Reyah and Aarohi bhi yahan hai. What they will think about their parent’s. ” twinkle tried to read on but her ear was twisted more tightly and kunj giggled seeing twinkle wince like a kid but soon same happened with him and this time Aareyah giggled seeing their hapless parent’s.

” Acha jee! Yeh pehle yaad nahi aya jab lad rahe the “

” Sorry Maa ” Twinj said at the same time while Aareyah giggled seeing their parent’s getting scolded .They had a lot of fun and spent a good day with their nani and then left for their house after dinner with Leela.

After spending a joyful day with Leela and having delicious dinner specially made by Leela for them. They were back home after a tiring day . Kunj was lying on bed using his mobile while Aareyah were completing their homework..

Though it was Sunday tomorrow but still they wanted a whole day free. Twinkle wasn’t present in room and was busy looking after the small house chores that were left.

After completing her drawing Reyah set her bag back at corner of room where it alway’s is while Aarohi followed her. After placing back thing’s Reyah and Aarohi raced toward’s bed to see whom will reach kunj first giggling all the way.

Reyah was the first one to reach kunj and hurriedly lied on him while Aarohi pouted cutely keeping her hand’s on her tiny waist kunj looked at them and smiled.

” That’s not fair ! I wanted to lie on papa “ aarohi whinned seeing Reyah cuddling kunj more to tease her.

” But I won *showing her tongue to Aarohi* My Papa “ Reyah teased Aarohi by snuggling more into Kunj while Aarohi chided irritatedly.

Kunj smiled at his daughter and then opened his arm for Aarohi to which she climbed the bed hurridely and cuddled herself in his embrace both Aareyah were busy telling him there ever famous stories.

While kunj was listening them patiently and admiring them , when suddenly Reyah said making kunj surprised.

” Papa ” Reyah called looking at kunj while kunj hummed in response gesturing reyah to continue.

” So question puchu ? ” Reyah said innocently to which kunj smiled and pinching her nose said ” puch meri choti siyappa queen “ Reyah posted cutely at the call of ‘ siyappa queen ‘ while Kunj and Aarohi giggled.

” Papa ! What is Valentine’s Day ? ” Reyah finally asked. Twinkle who came back from kitchen after competing house chores and heard reyah’s question was also surprised but kunj answered her which brought up a smile on trio Mother – Daughter’s faces.

” Valentine’s Day is celebrated to cnnvey your love for everyone and spread happiness and smiles around you by making them feel loved and cherished. “ kunj replied to which aarohi asked another question out of curosity.

” Means we can celebrate this with anyone ”

” Yes princess anyone. It’s all about conveying your Love to anyone wether your Mamma , Papa , Nani , Friend’s anyone “ Kunj completed.

” Come one Reyah and Aarohi. It’s time to sleep “ twinkle said interrupting before they can go on with their endless bickering.

” No Mamma I don’t want to sleep ” Reyah chided.

” Haww Reyah. It’s already 12 at night. How long you want to be awake ? Come on sleep ” twinkle said switching of the light’s of room.

Twinkle layed down on bed while reyah was making cute faces not wanting to sleep while Aarohi cuddled twinkle and slept immediately being tired whilst reyah’s pattar pattar was still going on without a break.

” Papa you know ” reyah once again was about to continue her blabbering when interrupted by twinkle ” Reyah. Sleep now aren’t you tired ? Look Aaru already slept. ”

” No ! I am not tired mamma “ Reyah replied so in order to make Reyah sleep twinkle intentionally said ” Okay fine than in morning I was thinking to make some brownies but when you won’t get up early than you won’t be able to eat them. No problem I will give them all to Aaru. ”

” Haww. No ! No see I am sleeping see but I want my share of brownies “ reyah immediately closing her eye’s and acted as if sleeping whilst twinj giggled at her cuteness. Kunj dropped a Kiss on her head mumbling “Meri Choti Siyappa Queen ”

Even twinj closed there eye’s and fell into mild slumber but someone was still awake who was none other than Reyah. She opened her one eye narrowly to see if twinkle was asleep or ain’t.

Twinkle was sleeping cuddling Aarohi. Reyah raised her head a bit and looked at Kunj whose eye’s were closed looking asleep. Reyah pouted cutely at the sight and again rested her head on Kunj’s chest and tried to sleep but it was far away from her. So finally being tired of trying to sleep. She slightly whispered in kunj’s ear awaking.

” Papa ” Reyah whispered. ” What happened bacha ? You need something ? ” kunj asked.

” Papa. Utho na please ” Reyah said slightly shaking him.

” You didn’t slept yet Reyah ” kunj asked half asleep while reyah said cutely ” Papa I want to eat ice cream ”

” Okay subha kha lena. Sleep right now. ” kunj said patting her head trying to make her sleep.

No papa. I want eat now “ Reyah said stubbornly finally making Kunj wide awake. ” Mamma Ko pata chala toh daant padegi princess “ kunj said trying to reason.

” Aap hona to save me “ Reyah replied with a giggle. Before kunj could deny her reyah again requested him cutely making him melt and how can he ever deny his princess.

Kunj picked reyah in his arms without making any noise and walked out of the room towards kitchen. He made her sit on kitchen slab and took out ice cream bucket from fridge and put some for her in a bowl and then passed it to her to eat until he keeps the ice cream bucket in fridge.

But when he returned back he saw reyah still not eating and sitting with her hand’s under her chin and pouting cutely making Kunj confused.

What happened Princess ? Don’t you want to eat “ Kunj asked to which Reyah replied cutely ” Oh ho papa you make me eat ”

Kunj smiled at her innocent demand and started feeding her by his own hand’s both father and daughter was enjoying their moment’s.

” Papa wait “ reyah suddenly stopped him ” What happened Princess ? “ kunj asked confused.

Reyah took spoon from kunj’s hand took some ice cream and then forward it to kunj making Kunj smile at her while reyah frowned confusing kunj.

” What happened bacha ? “ kunj asked to which Reyah replied ” Papa eat na warna meri ice cream pighal jayegi “

Kunj shook his head laughing slightly and ate the icecream from her hands. Kunj was feeding her while reyah’s endless talks were still going on and on. Kunj was smiling at her cute antics. After making her finish her ice cream he cleaned her face and washed the bowl placing things back at their place.

He lifted her in his arms and was about to go toward’s room when Reyah stopped him and said with a sheepish smile ” Papa I am not sleepy. Please let’s go to backyard garden. “

Before kunj could deny her she interrupted him and asked in a sweet and dramatic way which kunj can never denied.

” please papa. You say na I am your choti siyappa queen so won’t you agree me please “ Reyah said blackmailing him sweetly.

Kunj shook his head smiling at her antics and went outside in backyard of their house which was more like a cozy Lawn. It was cold outside so he firmly wrapped his arms around Reyah.

At the end of the backyard there was placed a comfy couch covered with a roof under a tree , it was big enough to easily fit four people easily inside that.

He sat inside with reyah and layed down comfortably in it. Reyah jumped on him layed on him resting her head on his chest . Kunj smiled at her and cuddled her in his embrace..

” Papa Story ” Reyah said to which Kunj asked ” Hmm Story. So princess which story do you wanna Listen ? ”

” A princess story ” Reyah replied snuggling more into Kunj.

Kunj started telling reyah story while caressing her hairs lovingly in between there were many inumerable questions from reyah which kunj answered her calmly. After a while he heard faint sounds of snoring and looked down to see his princess sleeping all cuddled upto him.

He smiled at her and placed a kiss on her head and mumbled to himself ” Mera baccha “.

He tried to get up along reyah so he can move inside in their room but reyah stirred in her sleep so he thought to layed down their only. He was looking at reyah and caressing her hairs seeing her sleeping peacefully in his embrace. When he smiled remebering his conversation with RT.

(RT died after 3 years of twinj marriage , twinj are married to eachother since 6 year’s , Rt was great support and guide for twinj specially when for kunj when he took the decision of separating from his parent’s)


It was almost two year’s since twinj were married to eachother. They were in Taneja mansion spending quality time with LeeRT , that time twinkle was four month’s pregnant having a cute baby bump which had grown a bit bigger than of any other pregnant women as she was expecting twins.

Kunj & Leela was sitting on one couch whilst RT & twinkle were sitting on one couch talking and spending time laughing at jokes kunj was cracking or at twinkle’s cute antics.

When they heard faint snoring sounds and saw twinkle sleeping resting her head on RT’s shoulder. Leela and Kunj smiled whilst RT placed a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.

Leela and Kunj were admiring both father and daughter. When kunj spoke making Leela and RT smile ” How cute siyappa queen look’s na Maa ? Warna din ghar her tantrums never ends. ”

Kunj beta when you will see your child sleeping like this in few month’s na then you will understand the feeling seeing your child sleeping peacefully and calmly. How contended you feel seeing your child sleeping peacefully in your embrace forgetting everything around themselves. It’s the most overwhelming feeling making you realise that there are people who depends upon you. Your presence provide them a sense of security. ” RT said with a smile.


Kunj covered himself and reyah with the blanket kept beside him and hugged her protectively to himself and slept there only with a contended smile on his face.


_Twinj Room_

Twinkle woke up as sunrays fell on her and yawned a bit. She smiled feeling a tight grip on her. Aarohi was cuddling twinkle tightly cuddling herself in her mother’s warmth , Twinkle placed a kiss on her forehead and looked around to found kunj and reyah missing from their side.

She was wondering where had both father and daughter gone. She wasn’t worried or panicked cause she knew this wasn’t anything new , it was either sometimes Reyah and Kunj or Aarohi and Kunj missing in morning some times and she would found them somewhere in house.

Kunj had always been a doting father and a husband every girl wish for. He had always been her support through out there time together. They were married since six year’s but are in love with each other since 9 year’s his care , love , respect for her and affection is same as it was 9 year’s back.

Time had changes and so did many thing’s but his Love for them was stronger than before each day. She had seen him more protective , loving , caring and supporting with the passage of time.

He had been through so much in past cause of his so called parent’s. He had been all alone until she came in his life even after their marriage they had to face difficulties and wrath of his parent’s. Their act’s some times made her doubt wether Kunj was really there son or it was yet another one of their Lies but truth was anyways bitter.

Every time she remembers that day a chill ran down her spines. What if Kunj had not arrived their at time ? She would have end up losing her and their daughter’s life who were yet growing in her womb. She could never imagine that a mother could try to harm her own child’s unborn babies and for that she will forever hate usha so will Kunj.

For world buisness tycoon Manohar Sarna and Usha Sarna had always been happy family but as we say’s never judge a book by it’s cover. Same was the case of Sarna Family there act’s and evil plotting against their own son made her feel disgusted.

Kunj is complete opposite of his parent’s. His parent’s are greedy for wealth and money where as kunj loves to be in simplicity. They are prour of their money and status whilst she had seen a down to earth person in Kunj. They love everything lavish around them whilst for kunj his comfort zone is when her and their daughter’s are around him.

It’s not like he has lacked in provided something to them. They owned one of the most expensive house of India. He is one of the best renowned lawyer’s in Asia. What had he not provided them ? He was always a doting husband and father.

How she thought that like any other women she had to look after their daughter’s at night all alone but once again this man whom she admired and loved most in world proved her wrong. Inspite of having hectic schedule which sometimes was really tiring he had been awake along her at night’s to look after their princesses.

It was never only her duty to wake up at night and look after their daughter’s. She can never forget that night when she woke up to find both their daughter’s in their father arms smiling and giggling surely after giving him a hard time to manage them. But that day was surely the best day for both of them. The happiest day of their Life.

Aareyah were just seven month’s old who started speaking in their own language. They haven’t yet started speaking properly or say Maa or Papa nor had they started walking but yeah they were able to stand by support or walk with support. They were sleeping in their big cradle which kunj specially on order got ready for his princesses. It was beside twinj’s bed.

Twinj were sleeping cuddling eachother when kunj’s sleep was broken due to soft voices. He opened his eye’s to find twinkle sleeping peacefully resting her head on his shoulder while both the sister’s were wide awake and was sitting in their cradles he noticed tiny tear’s in their eyes And they were gurling softly. They were scared thinking they were alone but he can’t even see those tear’s in his daughter’s and twinkle’s eye’s it felt as if someone had stabbed his soul.

He carefully separated himself from Twinkle who was still asleep being tired as whole day he was busy in his office and cases while twinkle had to look after Aareyah alone while the care taker whom they appointed to help twinkle while Kunj wasn’t home was on holiday to giving twinkle a tough time to look after both the babies as they were still very small.

He went near the cradle hurriedly, after seeing him both of them started crying softly and showed him their hand’s asking him to pick them in his arms. With quite difficulty he managed to take both of them in their arms and tried to calm them. He tried his best not to wake up twinkle by noises as he knew how much tired she might be so took them near the window and showed them stars to which both of them stopped making noises and were looking at sky with their wide doe like eye’s.

He was moving along them trying to make them sleep but the little cuties were in mood to trouble their father. He was talking to them and occasionally kissing their forehead’s or cheek’s to which they were giggling as his slight beard tickled them. Twinkle woke up from slumber hearing soft giggling sounds and found her both daughter’s in their father arms smiling and giggling while he was talking to them.

Realisation hit her as she saw him handling them all alone managing them. He didn’t even wake her up but at the same time beautiful smile adorned her face realizing his Love and care toward’s her. He himself was whole day busy and had a hectic schedule which must be tiring but still he chose to handle them alone and let her sleep.

She was about to move toward’s them who were still unaware of her awaken state when she saw their both princesses resting their head’s on his either shoulder lovingly as he sang Lullably to them and within moment’s she saw both of them closing and opening their eye’s. She went near them and Kunj was Suprised seeing her awake. She knew it was difficult for kunj to carry both of the babies at same time so carefully took reyah in her arms to which she instantly recognizing the lost of his touch and father’s embrace started crying which was disturbing aarohi’s sleep so kunj quickly took reyah back in his arms.

Her soft cries came to stop. She was gazing kunj with tiny tear’s in her eye’s to which even kunj’s gaze turned glassy , she again rested her head on his shoulder and spoke something which shocked and surprised twinj at same time , their happiness knew no boundaries.

” P..pa..pa..papa.. ” reyah mumbled in her soft breaking tone leaving twinj to utter suprise.

” T.. twi.. Twinkle… r..Reyah.. ” Kunj could not find word’s to express his happiness. He felt the most happiest person that moment.

” Kunj she spoke papa. OMG ! kunj she spoke for the first time. ” twinkle said with happiness apparent in her tone and softly kissed Reyah on her cheeks.


Twinkle put her thoughts to rest shooking her head slightly and with care put aarohi on the bed carefully covering her in blanket making sure she isn’t uncomfortable at all and placed a kiss on her forehead to which small smile appeared on aarohi’s face which made twinkle smile and again place a kiss on her head. She set out to look for reyah and Kunj.

She searched them in whole house except Lawn and found it to be empty. She wondered if they had gone out this early morning but found the gates of house locked. She then set out to look for them in Lawn but found that even empty making her worried but before she could panic or would call kunj her gaze fell on the couch and a figure lying inside it , She knew it was kunj and Reyah.

She walked upto the couch to find both the father and daughter still sleeping making her smile their position made her giggle a bit.

Kunj was lying on his stomach facing the back to the roof of couch whilst reyah was half lying on him with her one hand thumb in her mouth whilst from other she was hugging Kunj from his waist and sleeping soundly. She clicked their picture from her mobile in her hand and smiled wide remembering her childhood memories when she used to be same with her father.

She carefully stepped inside the couch making sure she won’t disturb both their sleep. She placed a soft kisses on their forehead making them smile in their sleep. She giggled at their cute expression and again placed kisses on their forehead.

” Mamma “ Aarohi whispered.

Aarohi who woke up as soon as twinkle left her sleeping came after her without twinkle’s notice. Twinkle picked her up in her arms and took her inside the big couch both mother and daughter looked at eachother with a naughty smile and within seconds Reyah and Kunj were giggling and laughing trying to save themselves from the tickle attack both mother and daughter started on the other team.

” T..Tw..twinkle stop it “ Kunj spoke laughing.

” Haan…mumma..Aaru stop…Hehe… ” Reyah said giggling loudly.

After a lot of tickling finally aarohi and twinkle was exhausted. All the four layed down inside couch laughing and smiling. Twinkle was lying on right side of kunj her head resting on his right shoulder while Aareyah were lying on his left side with their heads cushioned on his left shoulder.

This was how mornings went in there house. They were small , happy family contended with their lives but it was surely a silence before storm. Their fate had planned to test them.

However story is to proceed from this point.

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