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Hii frnds. Upto somedays I will be irregular. So don’t be angry on me. I have exams. So can’t post regularly. When I have time I will surely try to write one. Now let’s start the story….


At n8 swaragini are thinking about the evening incident. Ragini was worrying to tell her parents that she loves only laksh and can’t imagine any other in his place.

Swara :tum jaake mummy papa KO sab kuch bol ..

Ragini :pagal hai kya mai laksh ko I love you bhi nahi bola and I don’t know what he feels about me then how can I inform mummy papa about him. .

Swara ; then what u will do now

Ragini :patha nahi kuch tho soch….

Swara acts like thinking and a idea stuck in her mind

Swara : kal woh rishthe walonko bolo ki tum kisi aur se pyaar kartha hai problem solved

Ragini :thank You swara u are the best sister.

Saying this she kissed her cheek.

Swara : chi….. (Rubbing her cheek )save these kisses for future and give them to lucky bhayya…. !

Ragini : nowadays u are flying to much

Swara : chudail leave my nannisi ears they are paining

Both smiled, hugged each other and slept.


Next day, there is hustle bustle in the gadodia mansion. All are busy in the preparations. Sharmistha was walking here and there, instructing the servants about the work. Swara came there and saw this.

Swara : my dear mother india why are u running like an express train…. Relax….. They are just coming to see laado not for the marriage…. So take a chill pill….

Sharmistha :jyaada mat bol  go and help ragini to get ready

Swara : she is not a kid that I have to make her ready. Waise jyaada makeup layers lagane se bandar sundar nahi hotha…

Dadi : swara go and you also get ready

Sharmistha : and something traditional

Swara : they are coming for laado not for me    mai jaisa hu waisa hi teek hi

She reached ragini room and saw her getting ready infront of the mirror and lost somewhere. Swara went near her and shouted in her ears.

Ragini : ahh…. Swara why are you shouting

Swara :where are lost….

Ragini : nothing…

Swara : so chale woh log aa gaya

Both sisters came downstairs and saw some people talking with their parents. They are two elderly couples of their parents age and a girl probably 2-3 years younger than swara. All noticed the arrival of sisters and the girl ran to them.

Girl :hii bhabhi I am ur nanad….

Ragini smiled at her

Girl : waise bhabhi u r looking gorgeous….

Ragini : thank u…

The girl went to her parents.

Swara : even ur ristha was not conformed u got a nanad.. . Wow. ..

Ragini : shut up….

Ragini served tea and snacks for them. All got impressed with her manners.

Swara : jijuu kahi dikhayi de raha hai

(Received a glare from ragini)

Girl : he was in garden along with his brother

Swara :okk

Girl : come bhabhi I will take u to bhai

Ragini protested but the girl dragged ragini to the garden

In garden….

A boy was facing his back to them and talking in the phone…

Girl : bhai….

Boy : kya hai uttu.. . .

He turned and swaragini got shock…

Ragini : laksh tum…..

Laksh: how was ur surprise

Ragini was overwhelmed and hugged him, but due to sudden force both ended in falling down. Sanskar came from back. Swara was dancing in happiness but stooped due to sanskaar staring. Swasanutt coughed to bring the love birds out from their dreamland.

All went inside and said their consent to elders. All are happy. So they decided engagement in three days. Due to excitement swara hugged sanskaar later realised her position and broke the hug

Dadi : iss khushi ke mouke par ek selfie tho banthi hai…. I have to post in my fb….

All took a group selfie and after sometime laksh and his family went to their mansion. At night both raglak were thinking about their day and slept with a smile on their smile….


PRECAP :??????


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