Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 8)

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Laksh removed his hands from her shoulder; he was looking at her keenly.

Ragini stood there rooted. She as too shocked to react. She heard that thing from Laksh, which her always carved to hear from him, but she was sure that this will never happen. And now he confessed, he said “I love you” to HER? This has to be her dream.

Rag: (shocked) Wh, what did you say?

Lak: I love you, I really love you Ragini, from the time our alliance was fixed, but things went out of my hands. I managed only because I had you around me, even though we didn’t speak much, seeing you were bliss for me, and I always try to find reasons to stay near you. Because every moment spend with you is heaven for me. I wanted to stand on my feet first and then propose you, but before that I came back here. Not that I am complaining, but this distance was making me mad. Every day I used to come to temple just to see you. Because my day is incomplete without seeing you. I love you so much and I can’t see you with any other boy!

Ragini was standing still. His words were ringing in her mind, she never felt this special, he loves her, her love loves her back! Her heart was dancing. She couldn’t believe that she was under misconception all these while. So feeling him near temple was not her thought, he was actually thee. Her stomach did a summersault. She was in cloud nine! The time they spend together, he did to be close with her, not for Swara. SWARA!! This hit her hard; Swara loves Laksh, now if she comes to know about them, her heart will break. She can’t let this happen. She won’t be the reason for Swara’s misery, no, never.

Laksh was looking at her curiously, this was not the way he wanted to propose her, but now he did it, he was so tensed, he wanted a positive response from her, he can’t think of anything else, that mere thought was freaking him out. He was o deeply in love with her, a day without seeing her is a nightmare for him, and he needs her so badly. But she wasn’t reacting, she was looking at him like a statue and this was killing him.

He shook her, and this brought Ragini out of her thoughts. She felt very miserable, for a moment she had everything and now! Why is fate so cruel with her? Isn’t she destined with happiness? Does only sorrow and loneliness is written in her fate? Then why was she given a glimpse of happiness, if it was to be snatched from her the very next moment. She was falling week by every passing second. She looked at him, he was tensed, and his eyes show pure love and hope. How can she break his hope? Why does she have to go through all these? Why??

She somehow composed her face, because her heart was bleeding, and she doesn’t know if she would be able to heal it. She took a breath and ran away from there, before he could react. He stood there, he was shocked, he felt miserable, he was tensed, and what not!

Ragini came back to hall, she made some lame excuse and the Swarag left from there. Evening as hell for both, but it passed with the family.



It was dreadful for both Raglak.

Ragini was cursing her destiny, why is it playing badly with her? She was sitting on her bed and was silently weeping. She looked at Swara, she was sleeping peacefully, it hurt her more, because Swara too is going to be heartbroken. Why? She had no answer!

She thought of Laksh, what would be going through his mind now, how will she face him again, what will she answer him. Also now that she came to know about Laksh’s feelings, she has to inform this to Swara. Swara shouldn’t be kept in dark. But she can’t say this directly, because more than her, it was Swara who had close to Laksh, so why will Laksh talk about to her about his love? He will tal to her about his love only if she is his love. That means Swara will come to now about Laksh’s feelings on her. No, she won’t let it happen. She know the pain of it, to know that your love had fallen for your sister, she had gone through it, she won’t let Swara go through it. She has to tell Laksh about Swara’s feelings, and Laksh has to clear things with Swara. Yes, tomorrow, she will meet Laksh and tell him that she doesn’t love him, but Swara does, and will ask him to talk to her, yes.

She was determined, but her heart was crying, how will she tell her love that she doesn’t love him?? No, she can’t. But she has too. She knows that he loves her, he confessed his feelings, and his confession is enough for her to live. She will manage!


Laksh was freaking out, he as waling to an fro in his room. He was hell tensed, why did she react so? Why was she shocked when he confessed? Does she loves someone? Laksh was shivering with thought, no, no, please, she shouldn’t. He know he can’t control her feelings, but he cant imagine a life without her, she has to love him, if not he won’t exist. This Laksh is the product of Ragini’s love. She is his reason to breath, the most beautiful girl after his mother! And hence he was freaking out.

But there was something more which was troubling him, he had seen a deep pain in her eyes before her leaving. It stabbed his heart, he wanted to take way that pain from her, but how?? He had a huge urge of meeting her now, but restricted himself thinking of his last encounter, but he can’t stay like this. This tension is killing him, he then went to Sanskar’s room.

Before he could enter into his room, Laksh saw Sanskar sitting o his chair, facing his back to him with a photo in his hands. Laksh was shocked when he realized it was Ragini’s pic and went numb hearing that Sanskar loves Ragini, his Ragini!

Laksh remembers Ragini saying that she feels connected with Sanskar, does this means she? No, Lkash shook his head vigorously, he heart was about to come out of his rib cage. Then he hears Sanskar complaining about Ragini not calling him today as she always used to. They used to talk with each other daily, great! Perfect! So they are always in contact, they are so close, the little bit of hope which was here in him seemed to vanish. He doesn’t know how he reached his room.

Thought of Sansakr loving Ragini was killing him, his brother loves his love? Why?? Now what will happen? What if she loves him back? He will never be able to see them together, how can he call her bha, no, he is not even able to speak that word!

His condition was so bad, it as worse than words could explain, the fear of losing her was eating him up, and all he could do is to wait, and every second is taking an year to pass!


Next morning:

Raglak were waiting for this morning like anything.

She has to tell him about Swara. He needs her answer, and a positive one alone.

They went to temple, Laksh was first to reach, he was waiting for Ragini. He saw her coming and was abut to move to her, when he saw Sanskar approaching her before he could. For Laksh, it appears like Sanskar came in between him and Ragini. It stabbed his heart.

Sanskar was all set to propose her, but he saw that she was upset, he know that she won’t share her problem now, so he tried to distract her.

Ragini was happy seeing Sanskar there, she needed someone with her now, she smiles at him. But her smile stabbed Laksh’s bleeding heart, she smiles at her brother!

He kept watching them, and since Ragini was getting late, she left from there. Sanskar smiles seeing her and he too leaves.

Laksh to leaves from there, he was very insecure now, but he has to meet her.



Laksh was waiting for Ragini at the entrance of her academy. Ragini felt weak seeing him, she somehow composed herself and went to him.

Lak: Ragini I,

Rag: Laksh, not here, can we move to some isolated place?

He nodes, he takes her to beach.

They looked at each other.

Rag: Laksh, Sw, Swara loves you.

Lak: (shocked) WHAT??

Rag: Yes, and she believes that you loves her back.

Thunder hit on Laksh. WHY??? Why on earth does she feels so?

Rag: Because you were always close to her, you awlays cared for her, your antics made her feel so… Not just her, I too felt so.

Lak: (desperately) But Ragini I was around her only to get close to you. From the time I came to badi, you were distancing yourself from me and I didn’t find any option.

Rag: (shocked) What? How dare you Laksh? How could you do this with her What do you think she is She is not a ladder that you will reach me through her, she is human being who was feelings! How can you play with her feelings Laksh?

Laksh looked down guilty.

Rag: Laksh, I stayed away from you because you failed me as my would be! I expected you to support me, but you were quite and let your father insult my Papa. How do you think I will react that such a person? A person, whom I thought will always stand by my side, left my side when I needed him, you say, how will I react to him?

Lak: I know Ragini, I did a big mistake, no, sin that day. I was very afraid to go against Papa, you know what happened with Sanskar Bhai, and I was a coward. I was selfish and immature, but everything changed after meeting you, after loving you, That day that look of yours stabbed me, the thought that I disappointed you was eating me. That was the reason why I fought with Papa, I could stand for the right thing. This was all because of you. Your courage gave me courage to stand for the right. Your love became my strength. You made me mature. At first I was ashamed to talk to you as I know I let you down, but the I couldn’t sty away from you. But trust me Ragini I never thought that Swara will develop feelings for me, because my heart beats for you and you alone.

Rag: Now it is very late Laksh.

He looked at her painfully.

Lak: Is this, is this a ‘no’ from your side?

She nodded.

Lak: Because of Swara?

Rag: You don’t know the pain which is felt when you know that your sister and your love loves each other. It kills us, I know how it feels, I have gone through it.

Laksh just nodes.

Lak: Wait, WHAT??

Only then Ragini realized what she said! She tires to leave for there, but Laksh caught her wrist.

He made her face him and lifted her face by her chin and made her eyes meet his.

Lak: What did you just say? Do you,

He skes hopefully, and she couldn’t lie looking into his eyes. She nodes. Laksh left her face and turned around. He don’t know how to react? His love loves him back, but they won’t be together! This is the worst feeling!

He turned towards her. She hasn’t moved from her position, she was looking down.

Lak: (in mind) I know how it feels to see your love with your sibling, I too experienced this pain Ragini. But it was nothing compared to what you experienced, one day and I was heart broken and you have been going through this pain for many days. All because of me. Hence I am being punished, that’s why this is happening, but why are you being punished? Oh yes, after all you fell for this good for nothing impulsive idiot!

Lak: Ragini…

She looked at him with painful eyes, it stabbed him again. If he can take that pain away, if!

Lak: I won’t stop you now, neither will I cross your path again, but before this final partition, for once, I want to hear those words from you. So that I can live with those words. Please.

She looked at him, she can understand how he feels.

Rag: (emotionally) I…… Love…… You.

That was it for him, he hugs her tightly, he forgot all his promises, his heart has taken power now, it doesn’t now any promises, all it knows was that it loves her, it loves her madly.

When he hugs her, Ragini too forgot the world, in her case too heart took control and she hugged him back, even more tightly.

This is so perfect, no one was speaking a word, only hearts were communicating, it was telling the other one how much it loves it. Their hearts were rejoicing this union, how much they have waited for this, how much they had to go through, and now, this moment, there is nothing more important than this beautiful moment, they want the time to stay still. They were truly lost in each other.

Rag: Laksh, never ever leave me.

Laksh who was lost in her, came to sense hearing her. He immediately broke the hug and she too came bck to her senses.

Lak: You should leave now,

Rag: Laksh,

Lak: please Ragini, through this small moment, you made me feel the depth of your love, you love me very very very much. Still you decided to leave me, now if you stay here more, it will be difficult for you, and you might not be able to go back. But then if you stay with me, you will always be guilty, and I don’t want this. You should go now. And remember, don’t turn back, if you did, you won’t be able to go. So please don’t turn back.

She nodded. Both were crying by now.

She turned around and walked away slowly and he kept looking at her.

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