Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 2)

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Laksh and his stupid move🤦. But that is the basis of this story guys😬.

You will definitely have ragsan as friends, but will have to wait a while for Sanskar’s entry.

Here you go.


Swaragini somehow convinced Dadi and Dida. Even though they both had issues, they agreed for their grandchildren and the marriage was fixed after three days.

Shemish wanted to keep the function simple hence only engagement and marriage, that too on the say same day.

(Guys, I don’t want to drag it😬)

Swaragini were very much excited for the marriage.  They want everything to be perfect.

Rag: Finally everyone agreed….

Swa: In three days we will be officially sisters…

Rag: We will share the same room….

Swa:  do lot of musty….

They smile.

Rag: For now, we have to go for shopping.

Swa: We will go tomorrow, full day shopping…

Rag: It would be nice, we both alo,

Before she could complete, Laksh interrupted her.

Lak: Swara, can I too join you both?

Girls looked at him weirdly.

Lak: Vo, I mean, I am getting bored here, so….

Ragini was upset, she looked away.

Swara thought for a second.

Swa: ok, but you will have to carry all bags.

She winks at him and they both laugh.

Laksh looked at Ragini, she was looking everywhere else, but him.

Swa: Ok, so now that is fixed, tomorrow morning we will go. Teek hai Ragu??
Ragini just nods.

Rag: I have work, see you later.

She went from there. Swara to bid bye from Laksh and went away.

Lak: Damn she is not even sparing me a glance. What will I do? Hope I will get a chance to speak with her tomorrow.

Ragini’s room.

Rag: Ma, tell Bhagvan ji that I am cutti with him. I asked him to keep me away from Laksh and he is bringing him closer to me. Why Ma, and  why do I love him??

She cries.

Next day:

All three got ready for shopping.

First then selected rings for shemish, swaragini selected it, Laksh stayed back.

Then they purchased wedding dress too, even there he was silent.

Swa: Laksh, did you come with us a porter, I mean why are you silent.

Laksh smiles.

Lak: You are selecting for your parents right, it would be good if you both itself do it. And if you need I will help you in selecting your dress.
He winks at her.

Rag: No need, I will select for my sister.

Ragini said in an authorized tone. Swara smiles at her widely and Laksh chuckles seeing her expression.

Swa: Ragu he is just joking, and ha Laksh only Ragu will select for me.

Laksh smiles.

Ragini then selected a beautiful lahenga for Swara. Both loved it very much. Laksh decided to irritate Ragini.

Lak: Swara, I don’t think this will look good on you, try this.

He passed her another lahenga. Ragini fumes. He smiles seeing her.

Swara was amazed by this, she thought he was just joking and didn’t expect him to select for her.

Swa: Thanks Laksh, but I like the one my Ragu suggests.

She sides hugs her and they smile. There was a tryamph in Ragini’s eyes and Laksh smiles seeing it.

Ragini asked Swara to select dress for her.
Swara was selecting dresses for Ragini and Laksh was keenly observing it. Ragini was lost in some other world.

Lak: (in mind) God, this Swara has no selection sense, how can she select such stupid dresses for me Ragu. Saali ji, you have to improve a lot.

He looked around and saw a beautiful dress. He imagined Ragini in it and smiles widely.

Lak: (in mind) my angel will look just like an angel in this, but she won’t take it if I say. What to do?… Ha, Saali ji, you will have to help me.

Lak: Swara, isn’t this dress nice?

Swa: Yeah Laksh, but I selected one for me right.

Lak: (in mind)Arrey, this is for your sister.

Swa: But I love this dress, ha we will buy this for Ragu.

Lak: (in mind) Now that is like my saali.

Lak: (casually)ok.

Swara went to Ragini who was just who was lost in Laksh’s thoughts.

Swara shook her.

Swa: Where are you?

Rag: Hey nothing just….

Swa: How is this dress?

Ragini smiles widely seeing it. laksh too.

Rag: wow Swara your selection is super, I love it.

She hugs her.

Laksh was happy that she selected it.

Then later they went to different stores to but items for marriage. Laksh was close with Swara and both Swaragini noted this.


Three of them where in their rooms and where thinking of the day.

Swara was confused with Laksh’s behaviour. Why is he getting close to her? But the fact is that she likes it. But then she remembered that he is her sister’s fiance. But her heart told her that he was and not is. Should she be close with him? But it is not her, he who is being close right, but will Ragini have a problem if they get close.
She finds the whole thing so confusing and slept with a confused mind.

Ragini too was thinking  of Laksh’s closeness with Swara.

Ragini’s pov.

He don’t even mind my presence and is happy with Swara. Like everyone he too might have found her better, after all she is very morden and open. But why I am sad with it? Anyways ours was a one side love story. Let him do whatever he wants. Now I too should avoid him like he does.

She sleeps with a sad but determined mind.

Laksh was thinking of Ragini’s cute antics and smiles.

Laksh’s pov.

You are so cute Ragu when you are angry. Possessive sister, to see your that face only I was behaving close with your sister.

Looks like our story will be a typical filmy love story. Where the heroine has a bad impression on hero at first then fights and at last love.

So my angel, get ready to be irritated by me.

He laughs and sleeps happily.


How was it guys??
Ignore mistakes please ,☺️

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