Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 1)

The story starts from the day when Laksh started to stay at badi.

That night:

Ragini is seen talking to her mother’s portrait.
Rag: Ma, I am not doing wrong right? By making Papa and sharmishta Ma married? I am not giving her your place right? But I think I am giving her your place in papa’s life, now I am understanding the reason behind papa’s this ignorance. I thought he was lost in your thoughts, like I was, Ma there is no moment in my life where I don’t miss you. I thought the same is with Papa. But he was missing sharmishta Ma not you. So what was your place in his life Ma? Dadi’s stubbornness had spoiled many lives right. Yesterday when I was with Sharmishta aunty, I felt the presence of a mother. She spoiled her name for our sake Ma. So when today they were blamed I couldn’t stand it. So I announced their marriage. I am sorry Ma. It is not like I am not angry on Papa, yes I am angry on Papa for cheating you, but then what is Swara’s mistake in all these? So Ma, please bless me, bless me that I would be able to get them both married.
But Ma, there is yet another problem, Laksh. Ma, I really love him, but today when he broke our engagement, along with that he broke my heart too. Ma, we were engaged, we were about to get married, doesn’t it means that we both should stand by each other’s side when our partner is in trouble. But he, he was quite when his dad insulted our family and broke our engagement on his dad’s saying. He broke me with that decision.
From that time I was praying with all mind that I should never come across him, but see my fate Ma, he is here, staying at our house. He said that he fought with his dad, that he is guilty for his dad’s doings. May be he is, but I don’t want to trust him again. But now I will have to face him every now and then and my stupid heart, it still beats for him. Ma ease bless me that I would be able to avoid him. I want to, I don’t want to get close with him any more.
With this she slept.

Other side:
Lak: Finally I am here, I got a place in this house. But I don’t want a place in this house, but in the heart of the angle of this house. Yes Ragini, I want to stay in your heart, not your house. I know I did wrong by breaking our engagement. But seeing papa’s anger, I felt that was the right thing to do. But the way you looked at me, it showed pain, you appeared like you got betrayed, that too from me. That look of yours haunted me and that is why I am here today. I know I broke your trust, but I will gain it back along with a place in your heart, because I truly love you Miss Ragini Gadodia.
He too sleeps.

Next morning:
Ragini, like usual was doing pins by singing Bajan. Laksh woke up by her song and was mesmerized by her voice. He automatically woke up and went to the temple, being attracted by her voice and was stunned to see the heavenly beauty in front him. She looked so divine in her simple attire and he was lost.
Ragini finished her pooja and saw Laksh. She was shocked to see him in the morning itself. She was hurt.
Rag: (in mind) why God, I wanted to move away from him and you are making me meet again and again.
She went from there avoiding him.
He was hurt, but he knew it, that she won’t be comfortable with him now.
Lak: Tank god, for such a pleasant morning.
He followed her but bumped into Dadi.
Dadi: Laksh beta, you woke up this early?
Lak: Dadi ji this is my usual timing.
Dadi was impressed. She blessed him. He chuckled inwardly thinking about his regular sleeping time. He has never seem this them before in his life. But he wants to impress everyone in this house, so that he can impress his love.
Dadi asked Ragini to bring tea for Laksh. Laksh was about to say that he likes coffee, but then decided against it.
Ragini handed him coffee without looking at him, she knew that he likes coffee, she asked about his likes and dislikes to ap.
Laksh was happy seeing coffee, but was upset as still she didn’tlook at him. Before he could ask anything, she left from there.

Whole day went like this, he tried his best to talk to her, but she avoided him completely. He was getting frustrated.
Laksh saw Ragini going to terrace and followed her. But before he could meet her, she met Swara. He stayed there, listening to the girls.
Swa: Thanks Ragini, thanks for accepting me and Ma.
Rag: Why thanks, you are my sister right, and I should at least do this for you. And see because of this, I am going to get mother and sister’s love.
She smiles.
Swa: but your engagement,
Rag: forget it na.
Swa: really, so you mean to say, I am important than Laksh?
Rag: any doubt??
She winks and Swara smiles. But Laksh frowns.
Rag: but on a serious note Swara, you are really very important for me, you know till now I was upset with God for noting giving me a sibling, but I didn’t know that I have such a lovely sister. But now that I got you, I would never ever let you go away from me.
Swara smiles widely and they hug.
Rag: but swara dida and dadi,
Swa: we both are here na, we will convince them because….
Together “we are swaragini” .
They smile and break hug and leaves from there, Laksh hides from them.
He smiles remembering their bond.
Lak: so my would be salli ji, now you are my only option left. So to reach my love, first I have to impress you, I know then Ragini will at least mind me.
He smiles.


Hope you like it, please share your views.

PS: pic from wattpad

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