Tere piche piche….untold story..(kriyam)..Episode 1

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Hey guys I am here with a new ff of kriyam its a short and different story I hope you all will like this..
Krisna khan:-she is beautyfull and self dependent girl live in Delhi alone..
Siyaam:-he is handsome and cool boy..unfortunately he have no one in this world..
So let’s start…
A girl is shown chat on Facebook live..her face is shown she is Krisna .
Krisna:-hello every one this krisna here..!! Thanks for supporting me and made my resturant “food hub”(krisna’ s own resturant) famous and resturant of the month..

Thanks all and have a good day bye..
After finishing chat she relaxed in bed and sleep with happy face..
The next day krisna shown in her resturant attending guest customer and asking about food..
Someone call mem.! Mem! We stuck in a problem..!
Krisna:- what happen ramu.?

Ramu:- mem there is a problem..
Krisn:- what.??
Ramu:- someone come here with a food cart which can made us down and lot of loss
Krisna:- what ramu..this is a food cart and this is our resturant one of famous resturant in Delhi so chill..!
Ramu:- but mem.!

Krisna:- (with angry face) ramu.?? go

At night ..
Krisna agin chatting on face book but get confused cause all over comment only for “food buzz” not for “food hub” she get thinking and sleep with confused face..
Next day krisna is shown standing the opposite direction of food buzz with angry face..
She goes to cart and start shouting
Krisna:- anyone here . Where is the owner of cart..
Saiyam is shown..
Shaym:- Hlw.!!will u looking for me..??

Krisna.- in angry tone what u think yourself..how can u run this cart in side of road..do you have permition..??
Siyaam:- permission for what.??

Krisna:- what u mean..you running cart here and make me loss..
Saiyam:- ohooooo..madam chill chill..!
Krisna:- yeah I am chill and cool
Saiyam:- ok then who are u.?
Krisna:- ammm… I am owner of food hub..
Saiyam:- he brust intu laugh and tell hehe that’s why I think why you became hyper..I am sorry for u..

Krisna:- then why you make me hyper pack your bag and ran away from here
Saiyam:- aww..you are so beautiful and I am happy single but I am not free now some other day we will run away.??
Krisna:- what nonsense.!i am not telling run away with me .??
Screen faded in krisna’s angry face

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  1. Nice… plzz update the nxt part soon…

    1. Thnx…

  2. Aww sayyam so funny intersting

  3. Shaani

    Interesting.. Keep going.. ? update next part soon..?

    1. Saizaa

      Thank u shaani Apu..I read ur ff and they are fab..??

      1. Shaani

        Ur welcome
        O really.. I haven’t noticed ur comments on my ff.. Anyways thank u soo much for appreciating my ff also..?

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