Tere mere pyaar twinj episode 3

I want tell 2 things i)thank u so much for the comments it really encourages me to do more
ii)i am really sry for the short epi as i mentioned in the comments internet was very slow.but this epi will be longer.

Episode 3

Leela walks toward the wordrobe.suddenly tw screams.leela turns back.

L-kya hua puttar?
Tw-maa i was walking and legs r wet na so i slipped.
L-puttar will u be able to walk or i will cancel the function.
Kunj is shocked in the wardrobe
K(thinks)rhis siyappa queen always making siyappas in my life.oh my god what i am going to do.

Tw-no prob maa i am completely fine now u go i will get ready and come.Leela leaves.
Then tw opens the wardrobe.kunj comes out.
K-teri problem toh kya hai?our mehendi function would nearly be canceled.
Tw(angrily)-i did that to save u and besides nothing happened.it is ur fault who told u to come my room.
Kunj realises that she is very angry and goes near her.
K-ok baba sorry
Tw-no need of ur sorrys now go.
K-i told i am sry na?i was just too concerned abt our marriage.i am sry.
Tw gets consoled and says ok now go i will get ready and cme down.
K-ok but
K-i want one thing before i go

K-its a very small thing
Kunj moves toward her and tw moves back and at last kunj pins her to the wall.kunj moves towards tw to kiss her and tw also kind of wanted it so she didnt tell anything..suddenly his fon rings .both get disturbed.
K(in the phone)-what no one told me.ok do one thing u pick him up and come.and cuts the call
K(now to tw)my brother is comin back to india.
Tw(not knowing its uv)yeah,yeh acchi baat hai,so when is he coming?
K-he will come before the rasam finishes
Tw-ok now go i hav to get ready.
Kunj leaves.and tw gets ready.she was wearing red lehenga with golden shawl.
They bring her down.
Kunj lookes at her and is mesmerised.everyone applies mehendi.and the mehendi girl asks what she wants to write. Tw knew that kunj was listening carefully to what she was saying.

Tw-write kunj s namein her left hand in the pinky finger very small.
K(think)now when she asks me to find my name.i will find it easily.kunj leaves after that

Tw-plan change.write that in my right hand.

Then some girls start dancing on jab mehandi lag lag jaave.and suddenlythey bring kunj who was secretly dancing.and he dances.everyone r shocked.they bring him down to tw for a punishment.tw says if he can find his name in her mehandi.
K(think)goodness i heard what she said otherwise what would have happened
K-give me ur left hand he tries searching n then gives up.twinkle shows her mehendi in her right hand.kunj is shocked.

Bebe-what punishment should we give him?
tw-the punishment is that kunj shud also apply mehendi
kunj is shocked.he gives his hand.when the mehendi girl is abt to put mehendi he runs away.
B-now he ran away.
Tw-let him go bebe poor boyhow can he apply mehendi leave him.
M G-mam ur mehendi is finished now u can go.
Tw leaves

In a flight

Some man is holding tw s photo
M-i wont leave u tw u think i will leave u so easily.i am coming back to india this time i will find and get u.i may coming for my brother’s marriage and as soon it finish i will find u.

The flight lands and outside the airport a guy is w8ing with a board yuvraj sarna.(yes u guessed it correct its our uv)Uv goes to him and hugs him.
Uv-cherry bhaiya aap tik toh hai na?
The guy was cherry.
C-han tik hu aayo ab ghar chale.

At the sarna mansion

Kunj was walking and suddenly collides with someone.
K-tera dimaak kaha hai?
S-sry kunj
Kunj turns to see uv there.he hugs him and says at last u came back.how r u?and y r u late?
Y-i am fine.and the flight got delayed sowhere is bhabi?
K-at her home.Y?
U-juz wanted to see her.
K-ok i hav her photo i will show u .
Kunj and uv goes kunj’s room.
Kunj takes his phone.

Episode 3 ends here.
Will uv come to now tw is his bhabhi.how will he react?how will kunj react after the truth ?keep thinking

Precap-haldi function.uv and mahi see each other after a long time.mahi and uv hug eo and kunj is shocked to see this.

So was the episode long enough? And pls comment.

  1. Awsm episode

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  3. amazing ???
    continue soon

  4. Fantastic. Please post the next one soon.

  5. Amazing epi dear

  6. Osum epi dear

  7. Anchali singhania

    Hey nice epi yaar.BT I have a doubt,y should UV hug mahi.I think I ll find the ans in the next epi.waiting for it

    1. As i told mahi and uv r best n r meeting after a long time.uv thinks her as friend and hugs her.

    2. As i told mahi and uv r best friends n r meeting after a long time.uv thinks her as friend and hugs her.

  8. Awesome yrr…..good one ….

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