Tere Ishq Mein Marjawaan [Episode 9]

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lets start the episode.

After the party Ridhima was going home alone as Sejal was going to stay there. All the girls requested her to stay but she didn’t agree. at last they gave up. Angre who was witnessing the whole situation came forward.

Angre: Let her go girls. And if you all are worried for her safety I my self will drop her.

Ridhima: Immediately nodded .

They sat in the car and started to go . Suddenly she noticed that Angre took a wrong turn.

Ridhima: Angre we had to turn right.

Angre: I know Ridhima

Ridhima: Where are you taking me. Let me go.

Angre: Ridhima relax .Just sit in you place. Don’t force me .

Ridhima: What I am forcing you . You are forcefully  taking me somewhere. Let me go or else you won’t be left alive.

Angre got a rope and tied Ridhima .

After an hour they came in front of an  old hut.  Angre dragged her inside. As soon as they reached inside Ridhima was astonished to see that a man was standing there . It was all dark. Angre opened Ridhima’s rope. As the light came we were able to see Ridhima hugging that man . They were engrossed in each  other’s arms,.

Ridhima: I missed you so much Vansh.[I know its Kabir there but imagine it to be Vansh]

Vansh: Me also.

Angre coughed to break their hug .

Next Ridhima hugged Angre.

Ridhima: Bhai. Sorry for shouting on you.

Angre: Its OK . We all know it all our plan.

Ridhima: Vansh our plan is going to reach its next level.

Vansh: Hmm.

Angre: Ridhu but I am upset with you .  You didn’t told me the truth yet and neither was Ragini.

Vansh: What you met Ragini di today. Ridhima you didn’t told me also that Di is also coming with you from London.

[Surprise 🎉🎉🎉✨🎊🎊 that dark room girl is Ragini. ]

Ridhima: OK wait dont glare me like that . I will clear all your confusions. First bhai’s .


The day on which Ridhima disappeared.

Ridhima:  You betrayed me.

Vansh ; I didn’t . I know I didn’t informed you about it , But listen to the whole truth.

Ridjhima: OK you just have 2 min.

Vansh: OK thanks. Today only when I left early leaving you with Sejal and Kabir I came to Dad’s room. Before I could enter I heard Dad speaking to some one . He said that his deal is confirmed and its all becz of him[the person on call] . He himself said that he made your dad got killed and when you mother came toknow about it he got her and Angre also killed.

Ridhima: Then why didn’t you told me.

Vansh: How could I . Dad warned me not to tell you this otherwise you would have also died.

Ridhima: What’s the use of living now. I lost my whole family .

Vanhs; Who said this to you . Angre is still alive. But aunty is in Coma.

Ridhima: But in hospital I was told they are dead.

Vanshh: I told them to do so that you all are safe,

Ridhima: As now I have my family I will take revenge. Will yu he; me Vansh.

Vansh: Yes. And I have a plan also.


Hmm tell.

Vansh: I will send you to London for further studying and there you will live with one of my sisters Ragini. She will not inform Dad . As she doesn’t like him at all. Then after thta. we will see.

Ridhima: Hmm ok .

Flash back ends.


Further story.


  1. Nice episode…at last we know that the dark room girl is Ragini

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    4. Actually I posted the photo of Ridhima while hugging Kabir . But I think it didn’t got published.

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