Tere ishq me jana – swaragsan-Epiosde 2

Hi frnds, first of all,thanku for each and everyone for commenting. It really means a lot to me. About the pairs, it’s ragsan. Sry for swasan fans,but m writing an os on swasan soon. And frnds, I really never meant to hurt u by asking abt pairs.As it’s my first ff, I want ur suggestions. m really sry if I hurt anyone. U can tell ur views in comments. In this swara is also there. But main lead is ragsan.

Let’s start.

She: (shocked) I don’t know what to say sanskar.
Mil: just say yes sir. Aapko to baithe bhaite khazana mil Raha hai. U r very lucky.
San: angrily glares at Milan, then to shekar, uncle m not forcing to u. M just asking ur permission. And ur decision is final for me.

A voice comes from back
‘what about my decision?’
It’s swara.
Swa: don’t you think, u should ask me, my decision doesn’t matter?
San: of course swara, it matters the most. Even after uncle I was about to ask you only, swara, I love you very much. Kya tum mujse shadi karogi?
Swa: main kyu tumse shadi Karu? Tum me aisa kya hai jisse main tumse shadi Karu? Tumhare paas kya hai jisse main tumse shadi Karu?
San: what r u asking swara? M sanskar maheshwari,m handsome, cool guy. Mere paas sab kuch hai jisse tum Khush rahogi. I’ve companies,factories and other buiseness in different countries. Huge property I’ve. Only son of durgaprasad maheshwari.
Swa: whatever u said, vo sab tumhare dad Ka kamaya hua hai, Maine pucha tumhare paas kya hai?
She: swara, what kind of question is this? Ye koi tarika hai baat Karne Ka? He’s our boss.
Swa: dad, he’s ur boss, not mine. And if he wants to marry me, he has to answer my questions. So, Mr,sanskar Tel me.
San: are you really kidding? Jo bhi mere dad Ka hai vo Mera hai, it’s common.
Swa: what if one day ur Al money gets over? How will you earn? How will u take care of ur family?
San: swara I don need to earn. I already have a lot.
Swa: mr.sanskar maheshwari, when matter of marriage comes, girl always wants her and her husband’s future to b safe. Even financially too. But here u r not having anything of urs? U don even have ur own identity, ur name also given by ur dad. What do u have?
San: (little serious) what do u mean swara? Am I a careless person? Can’t I earn anything?
Swa: jaha tak main Dekh rahi hu, u r nothing.
San: (little angrily) enough swara, u r insulting my love now.
Swa: fine mr.sanskar, then prove it. Just earn 5000 in a month, ill agree with u.Have u ever seen sunrise in ur life? U cant do sanskar.
San: r u challenging me?
Swa: take it as challenge only.
San: what if I earn 5000 in a month.
Swa: I’ll only come to you and marry you. But one condition.
San: what?
Swa: u should do this on ur own. Only being sanskar. Not sanskar maheshwari.
San: fine. Then be ready for marriage after one month.
Mil: sir, leave Al this challenge. Apse nai Hoga.
San: (slaps him) tumhari nazar me bhi main kuch nai? Even u too think I can’t.?
She: sanskar beta, chodo ye sab, choti si baat ko itna kyu serious le rahe ho?
San: no uncle, ye koi choti si baat nai hai. Sawal mujpe utha hai, meri kabiliyat par utha hai. Main sabit karke dikhaunga.

He removes his gold chain from his neck. He removes his Rolex watch, he took out his wallet from pocket. He throws Al infront of swara.

San: now m only sanskar, meet u after one month. Bye.

He leaves from there.
She: swara what u did?
Swa: don’t take it seriously dad. Nothing will happen.

Sanskar is walking on road. He sees a taxi, gets into that.
Dri: where to go sir?
San: anywhere.
Dri thinks he’s new to city.
Dri: r u tourist sir? Tel me what can I do for u?
San: give me one job.
Dri: laughing, why r u joking sir.
San: m not joking m serious. I want a job.
Dri : if I know job, then I would be doing that only, taxi driver Nahi banta.
San: ok, to mujhe bhi taxi dila do. Main bhi taxi chalaunga.
Driver gets off his taxi and says sanskar to Come out.
San: kya hua?
Dri: mrng mrng don’t u get other person to joke? R u mad. Go from here.

Driver leaves.
San: kaise log hai. Kaise behave karte hai?

One day passed, he’s still roaming. It’s after noon. He’s getting very hungry. He sees a restaurant. Thinks to go. Again thought of money and stops. Then he sees a small canteen, goes inside and meets manager of canteen.

San: how much for one meal?
Man: 50rs sir?
San: (amazingly) what. Only 50 rs?
Man: yes sir.
San: ok. How much for month?
Man: oh! Monthly system? We’ve discount for that sir. It’s 2500rs.
San: what? 2500? Ok. I’ll have meals here daily. But I’ll give money after one month.
Man: sorry sir, we take advance.
San: I’ll definitely give after month.
Man: angrily, go out from here. Eating head unnecessary.

Poor hungry sanskar went out. He saw a old lady sitting selling bananas. He goes there.

San: naani, how much for 1 banana?
Old lady: 1rp beta.
San: what? Only for one rupee k liye aap Yaha aise baithi hai?
Ol: agar Maine banana Nahi becha to Mera beta mujhe Khana nai dega.
San: kya? Aise bhi log hote hai duniya me? Naani, kya aap mujhe ek banana dengi? Bohot bhukh Lago hai.
She gives.
Sanskar takes it in hurry and eats in a second. By seeing him like that old lady says ek aur lelo beta.
San: thanku naani, but u don’t worry, one month baad main apko ek fruits Ka shop bana Kar dunga, jaha apko Kisi ki zarurat nai rahega. Ek month k baad milta hu naani, bye. He goes from there.
Old lady in mind: bechara pagal Lagta hai.

@shekar home
Slaps swara.
She: see what u did? It’s been 2days, sanskar has not returned. We searched him everywhere, dont know where is he? And how is he? If u don want to marry , u could have said no. Ye sab challenge ki kya zarurat thi. Bechara sanskar, Zindagi me Kabhi garibi nai Dekha, aaj tumhari wajah se najane Kaha bhatak Raha Hoga.
Swa: (teary eyed) I never thought k vo itna serious lega.
She: we have to keep on searching him.

Sanskar is walking, getting blur vision, and suddenly fainted in middle of road.

After few mins someone sprinkled water on him. He gets conscious slowly. He sees at that person. She’s a girl of 23, wearing simple jeans and Kurti. And scarf on neck, seeing at him.
She’s revealed to be RAGINI.

How’s this part frnds? From next episode there will be ragsan scenes.
Does sanskar fulfil his challenge?
Drop ur views in comments. To know whether u Al like it or not, I posted this part soon. If u like, I’ll continue..

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  2. Hey by mentioning that you will write on that couple who will get many comments, you just showed your true self.. you are neither a SwaSanian nor the bro-sis fan….you just want comments…for whatever you write…that’s it…And I know you will make Swara negative to justify your non existing couple. And also ha don’t stress yourself to write a SwaSan story because even if you write you won’t get much comments as all (99%) SwaSanians left this telly updates as they can’t bear bro-sis. So you just concentrate on your bro-sis Jodi. No need to show your ehsaan on SwaSan and SwaSanians. Sorry but am not sorry.

    1. Palchin

      Dear, I did as I said. Got more on ragsan. M fan of both. wat wud I get by doing partiality.? I never did for comments. I just wanted suggestions, that I already mentioned. I never wanted anyone to hurt also. In this swara is not negative.

    2. In your previous updates you did mention that you have not decided the couple and will choose the one who gives more comments. And so you are writing on that couple which gave you more comments. Then why are you saying that you never did for comments? Just stick to one thing dear. That is other thing that in this part you changed that to you want suggestions. And I never did said that you are showing partiality. And you did hurt the SwaSanians who read previous parts and commented thinking it’s a SwaSan story. 99% SwaSanians absolutely hate non existing couple. They never want to see Swara’s Sanskaar with someone else.

    3. Palchin

      I did mention dear. That m new and want suggestions. Well, purposely I never hurt. I never meant to b and can’t think of hurting. If unknowingly I’ve done, then m really sorry.

    4. I want/need your sorry dear. Keep it with you may be for future. You have played with SwaSan fans emotions. You could have directly mentioned in first intro itself that this is bro sis story. You are replying for everything I asked in my comment except related to SwaSan. That shows how much you like SwaSan. And now everyone one of that bro sis fans think I am bashing you which is not. I am just showing my hurt and disappointment.

    5. I don’t* want/need

    6. Sissy why are wasting your precious time on them! We already have so amazing writers on our SwaSan?.

      After long time, i came here but see this only ?. I just come here to couple as I know it will not be SwaSan still thought confirm. As many SwaSanians already left from here. So, obviously the imaginary couple will be priority. So, take a chill pill?.

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  4. I think you changed your concept of the story. Btw carry on.

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  13. Is this story of Kannada movie ARASU

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      Yes dear, but with some changes

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