Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 52

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Ragini was washing plates in kitchen. Water tap was ON and water was flowing. She dint notice. She was just thinking abt sanskar and her life. Milan comes and OFF the tap.

Mil: sis.

Rag: bhaiya, when u came?

Mil: when u were lost in sir’s thoughts that time I came.

Rag: sry bhaiya. Vo….

Mil: it’s ok sis. I understood. I didn’t knew my sis is this much brave. My sis has changed a lot. First also she used to make others happy enjoyed with them with smile. Now also she’s making happy. But this time with fake smile and by sacrificing her happiness.

Rag: I didn’t had any other option.

Mil: don’t wry. I know God will not test u both any more. He’ll give the happiness u deserve.

…….. ………….

It was mrng. Nitya got ready and left from home. Sanskar was sitting there only with kids. But she dint give any response.

Sank: papa, y mom is behaving like this?

San: don’t know beta.

………. ……….

After few hours nitya comes and sends kids to room for playing.

Nit: I want to talk to you.

San: ??

Nit: I want divorce.

San: wat? Divorce?

Nit: yes.

San: I think u have forgotten that we are not married.

Nit: I know. But for all we r married. M Mrs maheshwari for all. I don’t want to b Mrs maheshwari any more. I fed up of this. Take this papers and sign it.

San: can I know y u want divorce?

Nit: I don’t think I should explain.

San: I want to know. I won’t sign till u Tel.

Nit: fine. If u want to know then listen. I want to b free. I feel like suffocating with u. I get irritated by ur daughter.

San: my daughter? When u started to differentiate between them?

Nit: she’s not my daughter. M fed up by doing her works. Now I want to b free from all relationships.

San: u spoiled our pure relation of friends. I never thought u will do like this. U broke my trust. I had trusted u a lot.

Nit: I don’t want ur trust. Just sign it.

San: have u thought abt Sanket?

Nit: oh. I said sanskruti as ur daughter,u want to say Sanket is my son.

San: m not like u. Sanket is my son too.

Nit: if u feel him as burden then I’ll take him with me.

San: don’t touch my son. He’ll b with me.

Nit: fine. I don’t have any problem.

San: wat if he asks abt u?

Nit: bring ur so called employee.

San: nitya u r crossing ur limits.

Nit: just sign it. I’ll go.

Sanskar signs the papers and throws it on table.

San: be happy in ur life.

He left from there in anger. She takes papers.

Nit: sry sanskar. I had to do this.

She calls some one and says

Nit: I did as u said.

……… …………

Sanskar was sitting in office. He was remembering his and nitya’s conversation. Ragini entered cabin.

Rag: any prob sanskar.

San: Ragini, vo nitya…

Rag: it’s ok sanskar. It’s ur personal matter. Don’t tell if u don’t want.

San: listen to me atleast.

He tells her everything.

Rag: it’s all coz of me. I’ll talk to her.

San: no. Don’t talk. She’s not in her sense now.

Rag: I’ll try. Will see wat happens.


Ragini is sitting in cafe. Nitya comes and sits Infront of her.

Nit: y u called? I don’t have much time. Tell wat u want to tell.

Rag: u understood wrong abt sanskar. There’s nothing between us as u r thinking.

Nit: oh really? That’s y u were always lost in seeing eachother.

Rag: no nitya, it’s not like that.

Nit: if u called me for telling this then Don’t waste my time.

She stood and left from there. Ragini felt sad as she cudnt explain her anything.

…….. …………

Nitya comes to a place and was waiting for someone. A person comes there.

Nit: i did as we both thought. I hope they’ll unite. Thanks for helping me.

It was Arjun.

Arj: no need of thanks. U r really great for sacrificing ur happiness.

Nit: it was ragini’s happiness which I was living till now. Now sanskar deserves his happiness. Ragini also deserves her happiness. I don’t want to come between them.

FB shown that nitya was trying to suicide by jumping from cliff. Arjun saves her. She says to make ragsan one she should die. Arjun says suicide is not solution for everything. If u suicide then ragsan will never become one by thinking themselves as ur killers. So better do as I say if u want them together.

FB ends.

Nit: thanks for everything. When I came to knew that Ragini is alive I was not knowing wat to do. But when I came to know abt her sacrifice by u then I cudnt control myself. Both r suffering just for me. She is really great that after knowing we r not married then also she allowed me to live with him. Sanskar done a big thing for me. He saved me from society’s taunts. He gave me respect. Now it’s my turn to pay them back.

Arj: u r also not less. It’s really need much courage to take this step. U r ready to sacrifice ur son also.

Nit: if he comes with me, then society will ask his father name etc. He’ll suffer a lot. But if he stays with sanskar, he’ll get both ragsan love. If my son is happy then m also happy.

She smiled with teary eyed.

Arj: then shall we start our next step?

She nods.

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