Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 47

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hi sissy’s.. first of all sry for posting late. i will try to post regular. but sometimes due to work i get late. sry for making u wait. lets start now.

Arj: r u in sense?

Rag: yes.

Arj: don’t b mad. U need a break. Go and sleep.

Rag: m serious. Will u marry me?

Arj: no.

Rag: arjun pls.

Arj: no ragini.

Rag: pls understand. U only told me to move on. Now m trying to move on and u r doing like this.

Arj: move on means forgetting past and thinking something for future. Not marrying me. U r doing this in anger. U cant see sanskar with other girl. So u want to make him jealous.

Rag: no. if he can marry other than y not i? I can also marry.

He holds her shoulders: come to sense. We will talk abt it later.

He left from there. Ragini sits quite.


Sanskar was in his room thinking abt happenings in party.

San: how can she marry someone else? i know she thinks I married nitya. so she is doing this. Its not her fault. But then also how can she think abt other person when she loves me so much. How she said that I don’t matter in her life. She cant marry arjun.

Nit: wat happened? Today u don’t hav office?

San: I hav. Just tired of yesterday’s party. M leaving now.

He left for office.


Sanskar sitting in cabin. He calls ragini. She comes.

San: congratulations.

Rag: thanku sir.

He goes close to her.

San: y r u doing this ragini?

Rag: wat I did sir.?

San: u know very well wat u did. Stop this drama.

Rag gets angry.

Rag: wat drama ha? If u marry its correct, if I marry its drama. If u moved on its correct, and now m moving on, its drama?

San: ragini actually i… marriage….. ragini just understand and u also know that I love only u.

Rag: love? Only me? It doesn’t sounds good from ur mouth. Its better to u not to talk abt love. If u loved me then u wud have waited for me atleast for some time? Few moths atleast? But u got married as if nothing happened in ur life. U forgot me. U created ur own happy family once again. And u r living happily with ur new family. U never thought abt me. U never cared whether m alive or dead. Not me, atleast u wud have thought abt our.. not our… my satwik. U never thought abt him too. and now u r telling u love me? U r having wife and still u telling u love me? Go and live with ur happy family. Don’t interfere in my life. U lost that rites.

She left from there in anger only. Sanskar cudnt say anything before her.

San: whatever u r thinking its not true ragini. For me my family is only u and our kids. how to tell u that nitya is just my frnd. Not wife. M nt understanding how to clear this mess.


Eveng ragini talks with arjun.

Rag: did u decide?

Arj: wat decide?

Rag: abt our marriage.

Arj: ragini still u r thinking that only. Come out of that.

Rag: arjun pls. if u r my frnd, if u care abt me and satwik, then pls accept us. Or r u thinking how to marry married girl.? Do u think u will spoil ur life by marrying me?

Arj: shut up u idiot. ( after sometime) ok fine lets get married. Tell me when ?

Rag: next week engagement. Then we will decide marriage date.

She goes in as satwik calls her. Sharda comes to arjun.

Shar: u really want to marry her?

Arj: no aunty. rite now she’s angry with sanskar. She will not listen to any one. I know how to correct the things. I said yes so that atleast for sometime she will b silent.

Shar: do something arjun. I want her smile back. I want to see her happy.

Arj: soon aunty. even me too.

He side hugs her.


Sanskar was sitting for dinner with nitya and kids. he lost in his world thinking of ragini. He ate dinner and left to his room.

Nit: some thing happened to him. from few days his behavior is different. But y? after asking also he dint tell me anything. How to find out.


Few days passed. Daily sanskar looks at ragini with hope but she always ignored him. soon there engagement day came.

Rag: sanskar.. sry.. sir.. tmrw is my engagement. Pls do come with ur WIFE.

She left. Sanskar feels bad.


Next day ragini was getting ready. Satwik comes to her.

Sat: mumma. R u marrying arjun uncle? Means I shud call him papa after marriage?

Rag with heavy voice: yes beta.

Sat: but I don’t want to call him dad. I want him as my uncle only. I want my dad. Tell me where is my dad.

Rag: satwik. I already told u many times that ur dad will not come to us. He forgot us.

Sat: but tell me where he is atleast. I’ll ask him y he left us.

Rag: understand in one sentence only. He left us. Don’t ask me again abt him.

Sat little stubborn: I want to ask. Tell me where he is?

Rag in anger raised her hand but sharda stopped her. Seeing her mom like this satwik ran away crying from there.

Shar: ragini wat r u doing? U never scolded him till now. and now u were abt to slap him?

Ragini sits and cries.

Rag: wat shud I do maa? I don’t hav any answer for his questions.

Shar: he is kid. He wil ask such question. We hav to handle it with care. Now stop crying and get ready.


Satwik was sitting at corner and crying. He was seeing guests coming. Sanskar saw him.

San: wat happened satwik? Y r u crying? Any one scolded u?

Sat sobs: mom.

San: did u do anything?

Sat: I just asked her where is my dad. I don’t want arjun unlce as my dad.

San feels bad.

San: wat will u ask if ur dad comes infront of u?

Sat: I’l ask him y he left us? Y he dint come when my mumma was crying for him? he doesn’t love us?

San feels bad.

San: ur dad loves u so much beta.

Sat: do u know my dad?

hope u liked it.

ignore spelling mistakes as i wrote fast.

love u all……

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