Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 46

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hello frns… back with next part


Boss: Mr.sanskar is giving party to nite as we became partners. All of u r invited. Pls do come on time.

All get happy where Ragini was not willing to go.

Arjun: don’t wry we will go together. Nothing will happen. Y u Wil remain behind coz of him? B wat u r. B ready at evng. I’ll come to pick u.

Rag nods. Evng Ragini was getting ready. She saw saree. She left wearing sarees long before. She wanted stop wear as sanskar likes her most in saree. So she changed her decision and wear different dress. She does light make up. And sits in hall waiting for Arjun. Sharda comes and sees Ragini.

Shar: wow. My daughter is looking beautiful today. No one can say u r mother of two kids.

Rag: maa.. u also na.

Shar: m not teasing. Really u r looking beautiful.

She smiles. Arjun entered.

Arjun: is there anyone who’ll praise me?

Shar: m here my handsome boy.

Arjun: thanku dear. Shall we go?

Both go out.


They reached party venue. All were already present there. Sanskar was desperately waiting for ragini.

San: today I’ll tel u everything. U can’t ignore me like this. U r my life ragini. I won’t let u go like this. Nitya was also present there talking with guests. Kids were in their particular home.

Sanskar saw ragini coming. She was looking very beautiful.

San: u r still looking like a new bride.

Sanskar was going to her but everytime gets interrupt by any guest. Ragini was talking with other guests. She ignores sanskar coming to him. But finally sanskar reaches her.

San: ragini stop. Pls don’t go. Listen to me once.

She stops and turns to him.

San: ragini pls listen to me once.

Rag: yes sir.

San: wat u r thinking it’s not truth. Actually..

Rag: m not asking any explanation from u. y r u telling me.

San: stop behaving like stranger ragini. M telling and u have to listen cos u r my……

Just then nitya comes. He stops.

Rag: yes sir. M ur………?

Nit: wat happened? Anything imp discussion? (She looks at ragini) hi u here?

San: do u know her?

Nit: ya. She’s satwik’s mom, our kids’s new friend. I met her in school. His son is very cute. (to ragini) BTW I forgot to ask ur name.

Rag: m ragini.

Nitya remembers sanskar’s ragini after hearing her name. But she thought may b she’s other ragini.

Nit: m nitya maheshwari.

Ragini looks at sanskar which made him feel guilty.

Rag: nice to meet u mrs.maheshwari. (she pressed last word)

Sanskar was in confusion how to tell ragini infront of nitya. Ragini was feeling very bad. Arjun was passing nearby. Ragini called him. She holds his hand.

Rag: sir, nitya. Meet arjun. My fiancé.

Nitya smiles where as sanskar and arjun were in shock.

Nit: then satwik?

Rag: my husband left me.

Nit: oh. M sry.

Sanskar was feelng like crying. Her each word was stabbing his heart.

Rag: no nitya. It’s ok. (looking at sanskar) I forgot him. He doesn’t matter to me anymore. I moved on.

San: really? I mean when u got engaged?

San in mind: I know u r lying.

Rag: still not. But next week we r getting engaged. U both r invited. Pls do come with kids.

Nit: of course. Y not.

Ragini left from there holding arjun’s hand without looking back. Sanskar was standing with teary eyed.


At ragini home.

As they enter hall, ragini fell down and starts crying badly. Sharda ran to her scared.

Shar: ragini. Wat happened beta? Y r u crying?

She dint answer anything. Instead she was crying loud. Arjun signs sharda. He brings water and made ragini drink. After sometime she stops crying and comes to normal.

Arj: over now? Now u’ll not cry any more.

Rag: m sry arjun. Without asking u, I declared our engagement.

Shar: wat? Ur engagement?

Arj tells her everything.

Rag: I don’t know how. But when I saw him with nitya and calling herself mrs. Maheshwari was stabbing my heart. Without my knowledge I told whatever comes to my mind. M really sry.

Arj: its ok. In anger u told. I don’t mind. Take rest. Don’t think abt it anymore ok?

Ragini nods. Arjun left telling sharda to take care of her. Ragini goes to her room and saw satwik sleeping.

Rag: m sry beta. M bad. I cant give u love of dad.

She remembers whatever happened in party. She sleeps thinking that only.


Next morning she woke up late.

Rag: where’s satwik?

Shar: u were sleeping. So we thought not to disturb u. I made him ready and arjun took him to school.

Rag: thanks maa. I wil get ready. M already late for office.

She gets ready and left for office.


As she entered office one by one everyone was wishing her congrats. She dint knew y. she saw arjun standing near her table crossing his arms with little sad look.

Rag: arjun wat happened. Y all r wishing ?

Arj: its result of yesterday.

Rag: ??

Arj: u told abt our engagement to sanskar yesterday. Someone heard it and spread over office.

Rag: wat?? No. I’ll tel all it’s not true.

She was moving. But he stops her.

Arj: wat will u say? That u were angry on sanskar. To make him feel jealous u lied?

She stopped listening to him.

Arj: if u tell he’ll come to know that u r still waiting for him. u still love him.

Ragini sits and thinks.

Rag: no. I’ll make him realize wat happens, and how it feels when our loved one tells someone else as his partner infront of all. He shud realize the pain which I went through. He shud realize how I spent these yrs without him. only crying and remembering him. he shud realize.

Tears were making their way while she was telling this. She wipes and looks at arjun.

Rag: arjun. Will u marry me?

Arjun shocked to hear this.

hope u liked it..

love u all………

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