Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 43

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All were busy in decorating office as sanskar was coming. Ragini and arjun were sitting at one side. Boss called arjun and he left. Ragini was just sitting and lost in herself. All gathered at entrance as sanskar arrived in his car. All welcomed him. ragini was standing behind all. She was seeing sanskar talking with all. Sanskar passed by ragini and stopped feeling something. Suddenly ragini hide herself behind siya. Sanskar looked back and found siya looking at him. he left to his cabin from there. Ragini comes out.

Siya: wat r u doing behind me?

Rag: nothing. My ear ring fell down.

Just then arjun came to them. One of employee called ragini.

Emp: ragini, boss is calling u. he told u to come after lunch.

Ragini nods.

Arjun looked at ragini. She signs him that she’s prepared.

Siya: wat u both r talking. I never understand ur eye talks.

Arj playfully hits her: its better that u don’t understand.

In cabin sanskar and boss were having lunch.

San: I must say u had submitted file with clear and best details that I dint look at other files after urs. Good job.

Boss: thanku. Its done by our two employees. After lunch I’ll make u to meet them.

San: of course I wud like to meet.

Soon they finished lunch. Sanskar goes to table to take some file. He heard knock.

Rag: may I come in sir?

Sanskar dropped pen which he had holded after listening voice. He closed his eyes.

Boss: of course RAGINI. Come in.

Sanskar opened his eyes and looked back at ragini. She was in salwar holding a file in her hand. He was looking at her as if his eyes were waiting for this only. He cudnt believ his eyes. But his heart was saying that it was rite, nothing wud b happened to her. Ragini looked at him normally. Though it was tough to her also but she decided that she will face him without being weak.

Boss: mr. sanskar. She’s ragini. One of our best employee. Herself and arjun prepared that file. Ragini , he’s sanskar. He liked ur file very much.

Rag: (to sanskar) hello sir. Thanku very much for appreciation.

San was silent.

Boss: mr.sanskar. do u want to ask her anything.

San: vo.. nothing. Well done.

Rag: can I go now sir?

Boss: ok ragini. U may leav. I’ll call u if anything is needed.

Rag: ok sir.

She left. After coming out of cabin a tear escaped from her eye. She controlled and goes to her table.

San was restless.

San to boss: I need some rest.

Boss: ok sir. U be here only. I’ll send juice for u. then we will go to see other departments.

San: ok

He went. Sanskar sees ragini from his cabin mirror.

San: I knew it ragini. U r alive. Though every proof was against u, but somewhere my heart was saying that I’ll see u definitely and today my heart turned to b rite. M very happy to see u alive. I cant express my feelings. I don’t have words.

He has tears in his eyes. Ragini was doing her work on the table. Sanskar was lost in her and all their memories flashes in front of his eyes.

After sometime.

San: ragini is alive. Then y dint she hide it from me? Y dint she come to meet me. How much I was in pain. How much I was worried. Y dint she come in front of me.? I’ll ask her everything.

He called her through an employee.

Rag: y he is calling me?

She gathered energy and goes to him.

Rag: did u cal me sir?

San goes near and holds her shoulders.

San: ragini u know how much m happy to see u. I had lost hope to see u. god listened to me. I found u. how r u ragini? Y dint u come to me?

He was talking looking into her eyes. She was standing like as if she has no feelings for him.

San: ragini. Speak something. Don’t b silent.

Rag: I hav work to do sir. If u hav any work tel me.

San: wat happened to u ragini? Y r u behaving like this? Talk to me.

Rag: sir pls. I have work.

She left from there. Sanskar was shocked by her behavior.

San: y she is behaving like this with me?

He was abt to call her again but boss came at that time. He thought to meet after office.

Office time over. All were leaving one by one. Sanskar was waiting outside for ragini.

San: she cant ignore me like. I found her after so long time. She shud talk with me.

She came outside. Sanskar was standing at otherside of road. Both were looking at each other from far only.

Sanskar was walking towards her. He came near gate. She was standing there only looking at him. he was abt to keep one more step, his mobile rings. He saw caller. Its nitya. He stopped there only. He took his step back holding his mob. Once he was looking at mob and once at ragini. Arjun came to ragini and took her with him holding her hand. He dint notice that she was looking at sanskar. She was turning back again and again. Then finally she sits in car and left. Sanskar fell on his knees at gate.

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