Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 37

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Hi sissy’s. How r u all? First of all sry for posting late. It’s coz my busy schedule. But I love writing and m happy for ur support. Thanks a lot. So I’ll not stop posting. U can tell at anytime when u feel it bored. Hope u’ll like this part.

San: Ragini get ready fast. we will get late.

Rag: m ready. M making satwik ready. U come and help me.

San: can’t u see m doing important work.

Ragini comes near sanskar who was doing something in mobile. She raised her eyebrows.

Rag: may I know Wats that important work?

San: m searching best school for our kids. They turned to 4 yrs now.

Rag: we already decided which school and now we r going there only. Y u r wasting time?

San: wasting? U r telling wasting? I want best for them in everything. I agree we r going now. But if I found best than this school I’ll change my decision.

Rag: u r too much sanskar.

San: actually….. Yes. If it’s abt my kids then m too much.

Rag smiling: how time is passing. It’s just like how we met first and now we have two kids. M really lucky sanskar. Thanku for everything.

San: it’s u who made my life heaven by coming in my life.

They get emotional. Satwik and sanskruti come to them.

San: my lifelines got ready. Let’s go.

They leave in car. Sanskar driving car.

San: m really very eager to see them in uniform. Daily I’ll help them in their homework.

Rag: only two days sanskar. Then u only make them ready.

San: so sweet.

He saw a truck coming front, he lost balance and car went in jungle. He tried to control but he couldn’t. Ragini got scared.

Rag: sanskar stop the car. There’s a cliff. Stop it fast.

San: Ragini it’s got out of control. It’s slope area.

Car was going towards cliff.

San: u jump from the car with them.

Rag: wat?

San: just do it Ragini. We don’t have time.

Rag: no. I won’t leave u.

San: don’t argue now. Just jump.

He was abt to push her but hit the tree near by cliff. He fell unconscious.


Sanskar opened his eyes and found himself in hospital. He tried to get up but cudnt. Nurse comes that time.

Nur: sir u got injured a lot. U need some rest.

San: how I came here? Where’s my wife and children?

Nur: few people found u near cliff and they brought u here. U r lucky that ur daughter din’t get much injured and is saved. She’s sleeping in other room.

San: my son and wife? Where are they?

Nur: sry sir we don’t know. We just found u both.

Doctor entered there.

Doc: mr.maheshwari. how r u feeling now?

San: how do u know me?

Doc: u r successful business man. Everyone knows u.

San: doc my wife and son?

Doc: we just found u both. No one was there except u both. May b they fell from cliff and died.

San shouts: no. They can’t die. They can’t. I’ll go and search them.

Doc: police already searched. No one is there. And it’s forest. May b animals have…

San: stop it. Don’t tell unnecessary things. They’re safe. My heart is telling. They can’t die.

Sanskar goes near sanskruti. She was sleeping. She was having little wound. He hugged her with tears in eyes. Then he kissed her forehead and left to place of accident. He searched like mad. He was shouting both names. He cudnt find them. He bends to n knees and cried.

San: u can’t leave me like this. U had promised me that u’ll not leave me. How can u go far from me? Ragini where r u?


Leap of three yrs.

@ maheshwari mansion

A small boy was playing and running.


‘ sanket stop now. U r getting late for school. Finish ur food’

A girl comes from upstairs dressed in school uniform.

Girl: mumma, m ready. I had breakfast too.

Man comes there.

Man: that’s my girl. Always punctual. Let’s go. Sanket finish bf fast or else I’ll not take u to park this Sunday.

Sank: no no. I’ll finish bf. Don’t cancel going park. Di wait m coming with bag.

Man: come fast. Sanskruti. U sit in car. M coming.

He’s sanskar.

Sanskruti: ok dad. Mumma. Give me gudbye kiss.

She kissed her cheeks and left to sit in car.

San: u have bf. I’ll leave them to school and will directly go to office from there. Ok.

Lady: ok. Take this Tiffin.

She moved to give him box but stumbled. Sanskar holds her hand.

San: slowly nitya. Take care of urself.

That lady is nitya( played by Aneri)

Nit: m ok. U go or else kids Wil get late.

San: ok bye.

He moved towards door and stopped. He comes back and goes in a room.

San: gud bye Jaan. M going to office. Will come in evng. Love u.

He left from there. It was photo of Ragini placed with garland on wall.

How was the episode sissy’s.?

Hope u like it.

Drop ur views.

Waiting to see ur comments.

Love you all ????

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