Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 32

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Hi sissy’s… here with next epi. I know u were waiting and I took little more time to update. Sry for that. Lets start now…

After discharging ragini came home with baby. She was expecting sanskar to take her to home. But Milan took her to home.
She entered her room. Everything was messy. Anyone can clearly tell that sanskar did it in anger. She felt bad.
Whole day she was alone. She was expecting sanskar to join her and baby.

Sanskar came at night. He saw ragini sitting beside baby on bed. He went near baby and took her in his arms. A smile appeared on his face. Ragini also smiles seeing him happy. He started to play with baby. He took toy and showing to baby. Ragini happily forwarded other toy to san. But he ignored and took another. Ragini felt sad.

After some time baby starts to cry.

Rag: she’s hungry.

He silently went from there ignoring her. She feeds baby.

For few days it happened same. Ragini every time tried to talk to him but get ignored every time.

One evng she sees sanskar drinking alcohol. She shocked. After marriage he never even took its name. coz of ragini he left many things. She goes to him.

Rag: sankar.

San was silent.

Rag: sanskar pls listen to me. Only once.

She saw him still silent.

She cryingly took bottle in front of him and started to drink in one go.

San shouted at her: ragini, WTH r u doing?

He took bottle from her hand and throws it.

San: do u know wat u r doing? It’ll affect not only u for our baby also.

Rag: ur drinking is effecting me. Tell wat shall I do? M dyeing each moment. I cant live like this. Pls sanskar, don’t do this to me. I accept my mistake. I shud not do. But don’t give this much big punishment for me. Ur ignorance kills me. Pls forgive me.

She bends on knees in cries. San starts to cry seeing her like that. He bends and hugs her. Both hug and cried. They were feeling like they met after a very long period. Ragini felt dizzy. He took her to room and made her lay on bed.


Next mrng ragini woke up listening baby cry.

Rag: sry baby. Ur mumma forgot to feed u last nite.

She felt herself bad. Then she saw milk bottle on the table.

Rag: but papa is very gud. He dint let u hungry. She took baby and starts to play.

Sanskar comes there.

San: wat mumma and baby doing? Playing? Without papa? So bad mumma and baby. (he showed fake anger) u don’t love papa.

Rag: baby. Tell papa that u and mumma love him very much. He felt happy and hugged both. Ragini smiles.

She heard baby crying. It was her imagination. Then she saw sanskar coming. She got happy thinking now he’ll talk with her. He came near her, kept food plate on the table and was going, but stopped by ragini.

Rag: everything got fine between us na. yesterday? Then again wat happened.

San: m talking with u rite? U had prob by my silence. Now I’ll talk with u. now don’t ignore food. It’ll effect on u both. Just have food on time. M going out. I’ve some work.

She was just seeing at him till he disappears.

Its been a month. They were like this only.

Mil comes to sanskar.

Mil: sir, sry to say but this punishment is enough. She’s badly missing u. I cant see sis in this state. Its been a month.


Next mrng sanskar woke up and sees that ragini is not there. He saw baby sleeping peacefully. But his heart was scaring. It was beating fast.

San: she never gone anywhere, that too leaving baby.
He saw a note kept. It was ragini’s note. she has written that she is going to temple, take care of baby.

San: if she has gone to temple then y did she left baby alone, coz she knew baby need to b feed. Then y she written take care of baby.

After few mins suddenly got up and took car keys calling milan.

Mil: yes sir. Wat happened? Y r u tensed?

San: I’ll tell u later. U b with baby till I come. Don’t go anywhere.

Mil nods. Sanskar goes to temple. She was not in temple. He directly goes near bridge. He saw ragini standing at edge. He was abt to call but she already jumped.

He too jumped and carries her. She was unconscious. He took her to hospital.

Doc checked her.

Doc: mr. maheshwari. Wat is this? Its just nearly 2 months that she delivered a baby. Her body is sensitive still. She is much depressed. Do u both have any prob? If so then this kind of things will take her life. Remaining left on u.

Sanskar got shocked hearing and sat on chair crying. He was feeling guilt.

He goes inside. Ragini was on bed. She saw sanskar.

Rag: y did u save me? I don’t want to live this life. My life only starts with u and ends on u. if u only ignore me then for whom shall I live?

San holding her hand: for me and our baby.

Rag looks at him.

San: wat do u think? If u die, I’ll b alive? Next moment I’ll also die. We r ragsan, always together. But u also not did gud. U cant take such decisions. U know how many things I had arranged for both babies. Everything was 2. That too jointed so that our babies wont feel alone. I had seen many dreams that 1 baby supports u and other me. Daily we live happily like this noke jhoks. Still many more dreams. But u broke them in a second. My world broke into pieces like my heart. How can I bear? M also a human. I don’t have that much big heart to sacrifice. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll lose u.

Rag was listening to him and feeling guilt by listening his dreams. Everything messed up by her. She hurt him a lot. He was crying like kid.

Rag: m sry sanskar. I agree its my mistake. M so bad. I dint even think of u for a second. I dint think it’ll effect u too. U too have to suffer. I never thought. I just tried to give a family a happiness from me. But I dint thought it’ll take turn like this. Pls forgive me. I swear now onwards every small decision I’ll take by asking u only. Now pls forgive me. From 2 months m living with ur rudeness. At least now tel…..

San: I love you., I love u so much.

Rag: I love u too.

Both hug crying with little smile on face.

Rag: shall we go? Our baby is waiting for us. For both love at a time, not by dividing.

San: I’ll never leav u both.

He kissed her hand.

I know its emotional. But to make ragini realize it was needed.
Do likes and comments.
Love u all………….

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