Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 25

I got dislikes in last episode. Do mention if u don’t like. Atleast I can come to know. Coz ur likes and comments only motivates me to write.

Sanskar was standing crying outside OT. He remembers Ragini’s confession. Pain and love in her eyes., He was hurt seeing that. He was sure nothing will happen to her.

Doc comes out. He ran to doc.

San: doc how is she? Nothing happened to her na?

Doc: be calm Mr.sanskar. she’s perfectly ok. Thank to God that no body organs effeced. Only blood bleeding is more. But soon she’ll recover. We r shifting her to ward. U can meet her there.

San: thanku doc.

Sanskar goes to ward. He saw she was waiting for him only. He went and took her both hands and kissed. Tears fell on her hands.

Rag: sanskar m fine. See here m ok. Nothing happened. Please don’t cry.

San: u don’t know how I felt Ragini. When I saw u in that condition it just like world stops there. Really I thank God very very much for saving u.

Rag: ur love saved me.

She slowly tried to sit. He helps her adjust bed to her height. He sits near her. Holding her hand only he asked.

San: wat had happened? Y shekhar uncle did this? I never thought this in dreams. He considered u as his daughter, then he only stabbed u?

Rag: where’s he know?

San: might b jail. Milan is handling him. I was here only with u. Tel me wat happened.


Ragini was doing her work as usual. She saw shekhar coming. She went and touches his feet for blessings. But he didn’t say anything.

Rag: wat happened uncle? U r luking tensed. Is everything fine?

She: everything was fine. But u ruined everything.

Rag: confused. I didn’t understand?

She: coz of u sanskar rejected swara.

Rag: that’s all matter is cleared. U were there only while she was explaining.

She: yes I was there. She’s innocent. When sanskar told he loves u not swara, she accepted it. But wat abt me. The day sanskar kept proposal of marrying swara, I was happy. I was feeling proud wherever I go. All used to respect me more than before. I thought my swara will be princess of this mansion. But when sanskar rejected swara, all started making fun of me. I had to bend my head. If u wud be not there, sanskar cud have married swara. Then I thought still there’s a chance. If u die, then I’ll convince sanskar to marry swara. Abt laksh, he will also die.

Ragini started to move back. Shekar took knife and stabbed her.

FB ends

San: it’s all coz of me. u have to bear this coz of me. M sry Ragini.

Rag: no sanskar, there’s no fault of urs. Don’t blame urself. If we keep ourselves in uncle’s place, it’s normal to think like that. Just difference is it’s effected him more which made him think negative. Now m safe na. Don’t think much.

Swalak enters ward that time. Swara comes near Ragini crying.

Swa: m sry Ragini. Coz of dad u have to…

She cudnt continue further and started crying.

Rag: no swara. Don’t wry m ok. So don’t think much now.

Ragini saw everyone’s sad face.

Rag: if I see ur sad faces like this then it’ll pain me more. Do u want that.

Swalaksan: no no it’s ok. We r ok.

She smiles.

Rag: where’s uncle now?

Swa: he’s in jail.

Rag: don’t be sad everything will be alright. M hungry now. Who’ll bring food for me?

Trio: me

Al laugh. Sanskar went to take food.

After 2 days they discharged her and told to take rest.


Ragini was sitting on sofa. Sanskar sitting with her only working on lappy.

Rag: sanskar.

San: hmmm

Rag: m sry

San luks at her: now wat Ragini. Always sry or thanku. I told u so many times. There shud not b thanku and sry between us.

Rag: coz I ruined everything. Not abt shekhar uncle. M talking abt us.

San: abt us?

Rag: I wanted to confess u in special way. See na how it happened. I wanted to make it memorable moment. But.

She got sad

San: daily also u can confess in special way. I don’t have any prob.

Rag: sees at his naughty face and blushes.

San: me too sry.

Rag: for wat?

San: I ruined our first night. It didn’t become special. I were unconscious that time.

Rag: it is special sanskar. All do in same way. Ours happened in special way. M happy.

San: really? Let’s again make special?

Rag: throws pillow. No I need coffee. Bring it.

San was abt to Tel maid.

Rag: wait wait. No maid. I want to drink coffee made by u.

San: it’ll b bad Ragini. U know he bad m in kitchen.

Rag: its coffee sanskar. Don’t worry. U make however, m ready to drink.

San pecked her lips and goes to kitchen.

He brings to cup. Give her. She was abt to taste. San stops.

San: if u drink like this u’ll not feel taste.

Rag: then?

San made her sit on his lap slowly without hurting her wound. Keeps his left hand on her waist.

San: now drink.

Milan comes that time and coughs seeing them. Ragsan sits properly.

Mil: I’ll come later.

San: now u already disturbed. Tell now.

Mil: sry. Sir actually Nikhil Mishra came. I think u remember him.

San: little anger. How can I forget him? He tried his best to ruin my life. He tried to make my Ragini away from me. I don’t want to see his face. Send him back.

Nikhil enters.

Nik: give me one chance sanskar. Pls.

Sanskar goes to him and holds his collar angrily.

San: now again wat u want?

Rag: sanskar stop. Let him speak.

San: u don’t know him Ragini. I won’t spare him.

Rag: pls sanskar. For me.

San left his collar.

Nik: thanku Ragini. I came here to ask sry both of u for whatever I did. I realized my mistake. Pls forgive me. I was blind in my dad’s death. So I did. Now I understood. Pls forgive me.

San: never. Go now.

Nik luks at Ragini.

Rag: let it b sanskar. He understood his mistake. That’s gud thing. Let’s forgive. Now we r together na. Then forgive him.

San: after a pause. Ok. I forgive only for Ragini. If again I came to know anything about u. U’ll see worst of me.

Nik: I’ll never do sanskar. Thanku both of u for forgiving. This is small gift from me.

He gave to Ragini. She opened it. It was a photo frame of ragsan in which they’re liking at eachother happily. She smiles luking at that.

Rag: thanku Nikhil.

Nik: ok. I’ll leave now. Meet u again. Bye.

He comes out of house.
Nik: u were rite sanskar. U did mistake by forgiving me. Poor Ragini. She melt so easily. Now see wat I’ll do.
He smirks.

Guys pls tell whether I should continue this or not. As m getting dislikes I want to know ur opinion. If u r getting bored of this track, feel free to tell in comments. Ignore spelling mistakes,☺️

Love you all.

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