Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 24

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Hi sissy’s. Thanku for liking my os on ragsan ‘my only hope’ . I will post last part soon. Now let’s starts this.

Ragsan comes to their room. Ragini lying on bed getting tired. Sanskar sits on sofa.

Rag: today I enjoyed so much.

San: thanku so much Ragini.

Rag: for wat?

San: coz u decided this place na.

Rag: in that case. Ya I’ve gud choice. Sanskar can I ask u a question?

San: of course. U don’t need any permission. U already knew that.

Rag: but u shud tell truth.

San: I always tell u truth. Tell me Wats bothering u?

Rag: in party when that couple made fun regarding alcohol and juice, and even they mentioned middle class. Which is true. So do u ever thought that u did mistake by marrying me.?

San: how can u think like that Ragini? U changed my life. M a responsible person in society coz of u. U r my life. Then y u get this type of nonsense questions in ur mind? U hurted me by this Ragini. U understood me only this much?

He looks at her making making sad face.

Rag: m sry sanskar. Pls forgive me. In party I saw many of are from rich family. They know how to be in party. How to talk with others. How to dress up. But I can’t even wear hilled sandals properly. So I just thought u. M sry again. Pls don’t take me wrong.

She pouts. He smiles luking at her. He goes to near her. Placed his head on her lap.

San: u know Ragini. I liked u. Not ur dressing, sandals etc. A person is known by his character, which u already have. And I loved that very much. Now don’t ask again these type of questions. Ok.

He kissed her waist. She feels butterfly in her stomach and smiled.

San: do u want one more?

Rag: ?? no.

San: really.?

He takes her in his arms.

San: till how much time I’ve to wait.

Rag: hmmm. Not much. But sabra Ka phal meetha hota hai patidev.

San: then I want more meetha.

He pecked her lips. Windows get opened due to wind. Ragini goes thier.

Rag: sanskar see snowfall. It’s beautiful. Let’s go na.

San: whether is not gud now. And it’s too late. We’ll go tmrw.

Rag: like kid. I want to go now now only now.

she started hitting him by pillow.

San: u behave like kid in this matter. Ok stop we’ll go.

She smiles.

San: but one condition.

Rag: wat?

San: only for 15 mins, and that too not so far. Near by only.

Rag: ok done. I’ll get ready wearing necessary things.

Both go out. She ran happily playing in snow and throws at him making balls.

San: Ragini pls. I don’t like this don’t throw.

Rag: making faces. U don’t know enjoying only. Boring husband.

San: wat? Boring and me? Wait I’ll show u.

He too start throwing. She ran he was chasing her. Suddenly she lost balance and fell. She goes down rolling as it was slide area. Sanskar ran towards her shouting her name. It was too cold. He goes to her. She was unconscious. He picked her in arms took her to room and make her sleep on bed.

San: Ragini wake up.
He rubs her hands by his. Her body was very cold. He was getting tensed. He checked in reception. No doctor was available. He luked at her.

San in mind: only one way left to make u fine. But without ur permission I can’t do that. But I can’t loose u too.

After few mins.

San: there is no other way I shud do that. U can punish me. Sry Ragini but I can’t loose u.

He undressed himself and made her too and gave her his body warm.

Mrng Ragini opened her eyes slowly. Saw her in sanskar’s arms without clothes under few blankets. Sanskar was still sleeping. She woke up and wore her dress and sat on bed quitely.

After few minutes sanskar woke up and saw her sitting. He was feeling guilty. He was not able to face her.

San: Ragini.

She didn’t answer. There was silence between them for few mins.

San: m really sry. M feeling very guilty. I know I shud nt have done this without ur permission but.

She suddenly kissed him on his lips. Then says.

Rag: don’t ask sry sanskar. U r my husband. My everything is urs. Infact m happy. U no need to feel guilty. Pls don’t ask sry.

He hugs her tightly. She too responds.

San: thanku Ragini. U din’t know till now how much I was tensed and feeling guilty. I thought I lost u. My heartbeat was abt to stop. Thanku Ragini. I love you so much.

They broke hug.
San: I’ll order soup for u. U’ll feel better. Then we’ll go to doctor.

Rag: ok. When is our flight sanskar? We have to go back.

San: to nite.

Rag: to nite. I’ve to pack…

San: stop stop. U need rest. Don’t wry about packing. I’ll do that.

Rag: how can u?

San: madam Infront of u only I’ll do and u guide me. Is it ok?

Rag: smiles. Ok.


They left to airport.

Rag: sanskar. U packed very well and that too in less time. I wud have taken more time.

San: not u only dear. All ladies take more time to pack even few things also. Acts like thinking. I think u all ladies got this skill from birth.

Rag hits him from her bag: really. Fine then, from next time wherever we go u only do packing.

San: dramatically. Oh no. This much big punishment?

Both smiles.

Rag: sanskar y they cancelled that gift which they had given after winning?

San: they didn’t cancel. They just postponed as due to climate it was becoming prob for them to manage their restaurant. So later they’ll call us. While leaving he told me.

Rag: oh. Ok.


They reached mm.

Rag: hi bhaiya. Hw r u?

Mil: fine sis. So hw was ur honeymoon? ( Luks at sanskar) I mean trip.

Rag: smiles. It was gud. I got something for u. I’ll give u after getting fresh.

Mil: let’s have breakfast then. That maid is not coming today. So I prepared breakfast. U get ready and come.

Ragsan comes for breakfast. Ragini taste it.

Rag: wow bhaiya. It’s too tasty. Where did u learn cooking?

Mil: thanku sis. Just whenever I was alone I used to cook by myself.

He looked at sanskar.

San: I understood. It’s really tasty. Happy?

Mil: wide smile. Very happy sir.

Mil got call.

Mil: postpone it to tmrw.

San: wat u r postponing?

Mil: that American was coming. And we had meeting with them.

San: no need to cancel. We’ll attend.

Mil: but u came just now.

San: it’s ok. That’s important. After that I’ll take rest. Call him and tell.

Mil: ok sir.

They both left. Ragini was alone in home doing her work.


Evening sanskar and Milan comes to mm. They got shocked. Shekhar took knife and was abt to stab Ragini. Both San and mil ran towards him to stop. But till that time he stabbed her. She screamed loudly.

Rag: sanskar….

Sanskar ran and pushed Shekhar and holds Ragini who fell on floor. He took her in arms. Shekhar was again moving. But Milan stopped him and called guards.

Rag: sanskar I..I..wi..l.. d..I..e.

San: crying took her to hospital: nothing will happen to u. Till m with u, nothing will happen.

She was taken to OT.

Rag: holds sanskar’s hand from her both hands. I don’t know whether I’ll survive or not. Let me tell u. I LOVE YOU so much. I can’t express in words how much I love u. I thought to tell these words in different way, in happy moments. I never thought I wud confess like this. I love u so much.

San: crying. Shut up idiot. Don’t talk nonsense. Nothing will happen to u.

They take her inside. She was keep on telling I love u. OT closed.

Sanskar stands outside crying.

San: nothing will happen to u. I love u so much.

How’s this sissy’s?  Do like and leave comments.

Waiting for that.

Love u all..

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