Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 22

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They reached hotel. Sanskar lied on bed.

Rag: sanskar wat is this?

San: wat? M taking rest.

Rag: for taking rest we came here?

San: then for wat we came here. Winks at her.

Rag: for roaming. Get fresh first.

Sanskar went to get fresh. When he returned he saw Ragini sleeping on bed.

San: Ragini. Wats this?

Rag: wat? Taking rest.

San: u made me to get up and nw u r sleeping. Get up fast nw.

Rag: few mins sanskar.

San: ok. Then I’ll also join u.

He comes near bed. Ragini suddenly get up.

Rag: ok ok m going.

Both got ready.

San: Ragini it’s very cold. Wear sweater and keep one extra jacket. I must say wat a choice u have.

Rag: why? Wat happened?

San: u selected this place that too in December when there is more cold.

Rag smiles sheepishly.

Rag: it was my dream. That for honeymoon I’ll go to Kashmir only.

San: I? Means u alone?

Rag: blushes. It’s we.

San: u said honeymoon. Wat we do in honeymoon.

Rag: blushes hardly. I got ready sanskar. Come now let’s go.

She drags him with her. He smiles seeing her blushing.


San: wat shall I order for u?

Rag: anything.

San: tell na. Wat do u like?

Rag: (making cute face luking at him) u know my likes and dislikes na.

San smiles and orders food for both.

San: I forgot my card in room only. I’ll just bring it.


Sanskar returns and sees Ragini sitting quietly without eating anything.

San: wat happened? Y din’t u start eating?

Rag: luk. Wat u have ordered?

Sanskar luks. It was something else which he had not ordered. He calls waiter.

San: we have not ordered this.

Wai: sry sir. Actually today 1 more honeymoon couple came. So ur order misplaced with them. I’ll just correct it.

He goes to bring.

Rag: u booked our room as honeymoon couple.?

San: yes. Y? Did I do wrong? We came for honeymoon only.

Rag: wat others will think?

San: we r newly wedded couple. Don’t think much Ragini. Have food. We have to go out also.

Both finished their breakfast. Went outside. They go to few places and enjoyed. There was a ride.

San: come Ragini. We will go.

Rag: no sanskar. It’s deep. M scared.

San: m with u na, then y to fear?

He forwards his hand luking in her eyes. He keeps her hand. Both sit and ride starts.
She gets scared and holds sanskar tightly closing her eyes.

San: Ragini I dint knew that u r scared of this.

Rag: not always. But only sometimes.

Then they visited many places and did shopping too. Then evng they returned to resort. She kept all bags on bed and sits.

Rag: sanskar am tired.

San: hello. Actually I shud tell this dialogue. I holded more shopping bags than u. I don’t know wat girls do shopping this much. U know I’ve seen my friend also holding lots of shopping bags going behind wife. That time I was making joke of that. And see now m also doing same.

Rag:(fake anger) wat do u mean? I did more shopping for u only. U shud b thankful for me, instead u r blaming me. All guys r same.

San: m not blaming honey. I just told. Don’t take it seriously.

Just then someone knocks door. Manager was standing and gives them invitation card.

Man: tonight party is there. So this invitation for that. As u r honeymoon couple u shud come.

San: ok thanku. We will come.

He opens card and sees, then he smiles.

Rag: y r u smiling?

San: nothing. Let’s get ready for party. It’s 2 hrs left.

Rag: ok. Is this dress gud for party?

She shows salwar.

San: that’s y i smiled. U can’t wear this. Party dress code is not this.

Rag: then?

He raises his eyebrows.

Rag: no way. I’ll not wear.

San: Ragini pls. It’s our honeymoon. All r strangers here. So wear it pls.

Rag: pouts. Pls.

San: he too pouts. Pls.

Ragini throws pillow at him and goes inside to change. She hesitating comes out. Sanskar got mesmerized seeing her. She was wearing black dress till knee. It backless. She was luking more beautiful. But she was feeling uncomfortable.

San: u r luking very beautiful Ragini.

Rag: sanskar m not comfortable with this. U knew that I don’t have habit of such kind of dresses.

San: see urself in mirror, hw beautiful u r luking. I never thought of this. Now I’ll buy more dresses like these kind.

Rag: sanskar?

She wears hills sandal. She was not comfortable as she never used those. Sanskar was admiring her beauty by sitting on bed.

San: Ragini. Can u pls give me my phone. It’s near to u.

Ragini took phone and moves towards him. But coz of sandals she lost balance and fell on him. She is on top of him. She was breathing heavily. her hair were falling on his face. He slowly made them side. He feels that she’s shivering. He turns her and comes on her. Now he’s on top. They have eyelock. He kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. He slowly kissed her both eyes. Now he was coming to her lips. But stops there only. She opened her eyes. Signs with her eyes. He kissed her lips. She too responds. She holds him tightly. Both shared a deep passionate kiss. They broke thier kiss due to door knock.

Sanskar opens door saw manager standing. He cursed him in his mind for disturbing his romance.

Man: sir party started. So plz come and join us.

San: ok. We r coming.

He closed door and saw Ragini blushing hardly. She was bending her head and blushing.

He comes near her and pulls her through her waist.

San: shall we complete our half work?

He was abt to kiss her, his mobile rings.

San: I think today no one want to give us privacy.

Rag: u attend call, I’ll get ready.

Sanskar attends call which is from his office.


Both come to party hall. It was decorated beautifully. Many people were there from different countries.

Manager calls ragsan on stage and another couple also.

Man: here’s our today’s honeymoon couple. So plz all of u wish them.

All wishes them. Ragini was feeling shy.

Man: now there’s a competition between couple. Whoever win the competition they’ll get beautiful gift from us.

All ladies r standing at one side. All husband’s eyes were tied.

Man: now u have to select ur partner just by touching hands. In each game u’ll get points.

Ragini was standing in 5th position. Sanskar comes and touches hands of all from starting. He comes near Ragini and holds her hand. Ragini smiles. Then he moves to next. Ragini’s face became sad.

Rag in mind: he dint feel my touch?

Smilingly sanskar again comes back and holds her hand. She smiles happily.

In this game 6 couple won. Next game will b after 15 mins. Till then u enjoy drinks.

All left for drinks. Ragini happily hugs sanskar.

Precap: continues…

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