Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 17

Hello sissy’s.. last episode was little boring. This one I hope u like.

Ragsan comes at entrance. Milan comes with Aarti plate and kalash.
Mil: sry sir, sry ma’am, there r no female worker here, so m doing. But don’t worry tmrw new female worker Wil b appointed.

Ragsan smiles.
Ragini push the kalash and keeps her feet in red water. And goes to home temple. Both do arti there. Then ragsan go to sanskar’s room. Sanskar enters inside but Ragini was standing at door only. Sanskar sees her and stopped.comes back to her holds her hand and make her enter the room and make her sit on bed. He sits down infront of her. Cups her face.

San: Ragini , from our marriage m observing u. U r not showing ur happiness on ur face now everything is ok Ragini. No need to hide ur emotions. U only saw everything. Now Wats bothering u.

Ragini keeps quite.

San: stood and says first go and change. dresses r in that cupboard. U can wear whatever u want.

Ragini changes into simple comfortable salwar.sanskar also changes.

San: Ragini, I don’t know y u r still not accepting truth. But I know u’ll.. I’ll wait for u. take ur own time.

Saying this he sleeps on couch.

Ragini sleeps on bed.
Rag in mind: mr.sanskar, till now u made mistake by lieing me. I’ll take revenge for that. But don’t wry. It’ll b sweet revenge. At least for hurting me u shud get sweet punishment. I love u sanskar. I’ll confess my love in my style. She sleeps smilingly.

San in mind: I don’t know Ragini y r u doing this?. I know I hurted u by hiding my identity. But I thought ull understand. U r also rite. If someone close to u hides something from u, it’ll hurt a lot. M sry Ragini. But I’ll wait for u. I know u love me and can’t b angry on me for long time. Coz u r my such a sweet love. Tmrw will b a new day. There’s surprise for u. Seeing that u can’t deny from confessing. Love u sweetheart. B ready for tmrw.
He too sleeps smilingly thinking of tmrw.

Next mrng sanskar wakes up at 8. He sees Ragini but she was not on bed. He came down searching her. He saw her talking with Milan in kitchen. She was luking very happy. Sanskar smiles luking at her. He was just seeing her expression. After while Ragini luks at him. He was still smiling. She stops smiling. And tells to Milan.

Rag: Milan bhaiya, tell ur sir to get fresh and come to have breakfast.

Sanskar shocked a bit: bhaiya?! From when he became ur bhaiya?

Mil: just 1 hr ago sir. At 7 am. Sir please go and get ready. My sis is waiting. She prepared breakfast. It’s luking delicious. Still no one tasted. She told after urs only I’ll get to eat.

Sanskar smiles. But Ragini was not luking at him.
San: so cute. I’ll come within few mins.

He rushed fast to his room. Got ready and comes to dining table. He sees many dishes of his favourite.

San: u prepared this all Ragini?

Mil: yes sir. Only for u.
San: r u Ragini?
Mil: no sir. But my sis order is that I shud answer ur questions.

San: y so?

Mil: I don’t know sir.

San: Ragini can u explain what is this?

Rag: bhaiya. Tell that I will talk like this only. If want then talk or else I’ll stop talking only.

San: ok ok fine. As u wish ma’am. U also join us.

They had breakfast.
San: Ragini it was really very tasty. But u no need to prepare. Workers will do.

Rag: bhaiya. Whenever I wish I’ll only cook. I don’t need any other.

Saying this she went to garden which was in mansion only.

San: so ma’am is taking revenge in this way. No prob. After my surprise, she’ll forget her revenge.

Mil: sir. If u don’t mind can I call ma’am as sis?

San: of course u can.

They had lunch. sanskar goes in his room where Ragini already doing some work.
Sanskar gets call from shekhar.

She: sanskar. Bring Ragini to home for pagphera ritual, swara also coming. Both of u come at evng.

San in mind: but wat abt my surprise. Ok, I shift my surprise tmrw. Let her complete this ritual.
San: ok uncle. We’ll come at evng.
He ends the call.

San: Ragini, shekhar uncle called us for pagphera. So get ready at 4.

Ragini was quite.

San: Ragini, there’s no Milan here. Stop this now. Talk now.

Rag: golu, tell that I’ll b ready at 4.

San: now who is golu?

Ragini takes a teddy bear that kept on table. And hugs it.

Rag: golu, tell that u r new member of this house.

Sanskar sighs: fine. Golu, welcome to mm. Be comfortable.

Ragini gets ready in saree with open hair. Long earrings and simple necklace.

San in mind: gorgeous. In simple attire also u r looking very beautiful Ragini. M fida on u.

He opens car door for her. She sits inside. Sanskar sits at driving place and they leave. On the way sanskar was luking at her many times. But Ragini was sitting like statue. She dint even look at him once also.

San: ragini, which song u want to listen? I’ll play that.

Ragini was quite.
Sanskar smiles: now no Milan, no golu. U have to talk with me face to face.

Ragini takes small Barbie doll from her purse.
Rag: sweety, tell that I don’t want to listen song. So just drive and reach.

Sanskar opened mouth in o shape.
San: I shud appreciate u Ragini. If I leave ull make even stone to talk. Let’s go sweety.

Ragini turnd her face otherside and smiles.

They reach to home, where Shekhar and swalak r already waiting for them. Ragsan take shekhar’s blessings. Ragini hugs swara. Till nite they talk and spent time. Then at nite both sanlak get ready to go.

She: u both come tmrw to pick up ur wives.

Sanlak smiles. Sanskar luks at Ragini. She makes doll’s hand to wave to sanskar. He smiles at her act.

San: bye Ragini, bye uncle, bye swara.

He reached mm and goes to his room. Jumps on his bed.
San: hmmm.. Mrs sanskar is really stubborn. She’ll not confess easily. But am also sanskar. Not less than her.

He takes teddy kept on bed.
San: golu, let Ragini come tmrw. We’ll show her.. oops, I mean I’ll show her who is sanskar. Now (he kisses teddy) pass this kiss to Ragini.

He smiles at his own act.

San: my kiddish naughty wife. Good nite. Love u.
He sleeps in her thoughts.

Here Ragini also sleeps thinking of him.
Rag: I know u r getting irritated sanskar. Atleast this much u deserve. And I really like ur cute face when i don’t reply u directly. U r my life sanskar. Don’t hurt me again. Tmrw come soon to pick me. She kisses doll. Sweety pass this kiss to sanskar. She chuckles and sleeps. GN sanskar. Love u.

Next day evng
Sanlak come to pick swarag.
She: arey. U came very soon? Can’t live without ur wife for one day also? Teases them.

Ragsan left from there in car.
San: sweety. Ask her how was the day without me?.

Rag: sweety, it was gud. I enjoyed a lot.

San: dint miss me sweety?

Rag: sweety, y shud I miss?

San: coz I….

Stops there only. In mind no not like this. Wait for tmrw.

Ragini was waiting for his answer. But became sad when he dint reply.

Till next day there they were communication was done through Milan, sweety and golu.

Ragini eyes were searching sanskar in whole mansion, but she dint find him.

Mil: sis can I help u in searching sir?

Rag: shyly. No bhaiya. Nothing like that.

Mil: well. Sir gave this to u.

He gives her a note and went. Ragini opens it reads.

Golu and sweety
Tell miss Ragini to go and open cupboard of our room. A dress is kept there. To wear it and get ready.

Ragini smiles. Goes to room and finds a beautiful blue white colour mixed dress. She wore it. She comes down. A man comes and says.
Man: ma’am. Pls come. Sir ordered us.

Rag: but where.?

Man: don’t know. He will guide way me through phone.

Rag: ok.

She comes out and surprised to see chariot instead of car. She sits inside. Man runs it and reaches a place. He comes down and tells Ragini.
Man: ma’am. I’ll go now. Sir will come here. He goes.

She sees infront. There was a colony which exactly luks like colony where she used to stay. Everything was same. She entered inside main gate. All houses, rooms. Everything was exactly same. She felt like she’s standing in her colony. And everything is decorated with flowers and lights. Everything was colorful. She was happy seeing that.

San: miss Ragini. Welcome to our world. The ragsan world.

She looks around but dint find sanskar anywhere. Then she luked on. There was a speaker set on every home.

San: now only u and me. No sweety and golu. I’ll speak. Ull listen. Ull speak and I’ll listen. Ragini this is the same place where we met first. This the same place where we spent most our time being together. It’s same place where I fell for u. It’s same place where I got meaning of life. It’s same place where I got my life. That’s u.

Ragini was searching for him everywhere. But she cudnt see him. She ran inside a home happily. She opened door. She found it full of rose petals written ‘I love u’ on them. There was no boundary for her happiness. She came outside and runs inside other home. Inside it was fully decorated with rainbow color written ‘u r my life’. She smiles goes inside other house. There she find many colours and different designs of finger rings kept in shape of heart.

San: u pick any ring u wish to wear as a sign of our love.

She runs inside other home. There she find all ragsan moments pics sticks everywhere. Written with pearls ‘u r reason for my life’.

Rag: happily. Loudly. Enough sanskar. Pls come infront of me. I wanna see u.

San: then find me.

Rag: Sankar.

San: u have to.

Rag stands in a place for a while. Closed her eyes keeps her hand on her heart. Then she opened eyes and goes in a house. Opened it and found sanskar standing with bouquet of roses on heart shaped decorated flower.

San: wow. Mrs sanskar. U found me in one go.

Rag: coz I listened to my heart.

They have an eyelock with smiling face.

Precap: ragsan date continues..

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