Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 16

Hi sissy’s… back after a week. I know u were waiting for next episode. So lets start now..

All 4 takes blessings from elders. They came to take blessings of shekhar. Shekahar dint look at them.

San: uncle. Am sry. I know whatever happened by that u got hurt. For that am ready to get punishment.

Swa: yes dad. Just think if we marry without feelings for eachother, then we wudnt be happy.

Shekhar dint respond.

Rag: uncle, u treat me as ur daughter na. u dint differentiate between me and swara. I know u r hurt. This is all coz of me. Am only the reason. No fault of these 2. Not me atleast bless them. Am ready to bear ur punishment. Afterall u r like my father, u have all rights on me. Due to me don’t spoil their happiness. Pls uncle.

Shekhar hugs swarag. Tears rolls from his eyes.

Ragini wipes it.

She: holds her hand: let it flow ragini. Its of happiness.

Trio hugs and cry. Sanlak were admiring them.

Sanlak goes to hug him. Shekhar stops sanskar.

She: if u want blessings then one condition.

San: what uncle? Order me.

She: ragini’s bidai rasam will be done from our home.

All smiles.

San: of course uncle and thanks.

All take blessings.

Remaining rituals done. All guests went to their home. Ragsan, swalak and shekhar went to gadodia house.

@gadodia house

Rag: now tell swara, wat was the reason that u did this all?

Swa: ok.. let me tell. Before last day of month when I was thinking abt my marriage with sanskar, one person came to home.

She tells abt that person and her conversation.

Swa: after listening to him I got angry and went to sanskar and somehow emotionally I made him agree to marry me. Then I came home.


Swara returns from sanskar home. When she enters her home she saw laksh was sitting in hall. (laksh and swara are childhood best frnds. Laksh loves swara and had proposed her in collage days but swara refused and they decide to remain as best frnds). He hugs swara. He dint get proper response.

Lak: swara, I came after many days to meet u. I thought u’ll be surprised after seeing me. But u r lost somewhere. Wat happened tell me? I may help u.

Swara tells him everything. After listening to her he was abt to tell something, someone called from outside, he was a man who collects waste and useless papers and magazines.

Man: ma’am pls give waste papers if u have.

Swara went inside and brings few old magazines and gave him. While giving 1 magazine dropped in hall only. She came inside and saw that. She took it and abt to give but stopped after seeing photo of a person on cover page of magazine.

Lak: wat happened swara?

Swa: he’s the same person who came and told me abt ragsan.

Lak: saw that photo. Looks at swara and says,

Lak: swara, u believed his words? U know who is he?

Swa: no.

Lak: he is Nikhil mishra. A famous buiseness man. 2 yrs ago there was a big meeting between rich companies, they were abt to discuss and finalise few deals among them by which they get profit. In that Nikhil also participated. But somehow he lost and he had to gave up his buiseness. He thinks sanskar is reason for this. So to take revenge he did this all. And u believed unknown person? How could u swara? And much I know everyone in buiseness world knows that he’s selfish person.

Swara got teary eyed.

Swa: but laksh abt ragsan he told truth na.

Lak: ya. May be. But he made u against ragsan. U know swara, love happens anywhere, anytime with any person. No can stop that. And main thing no one can force to do love. And u were forcing sanskar to marry u. how can u be selfish swara. U remember that I had proposed u and u rejected and I kept quite. Till now I dint tell any thing abt this topic. If I want then the I cud have forced u to love me. But I dint do. I know by forcing we wont get true love.

Swara hugs him and cries.

Swa: m so bad laksh. I became so selfish. I made ragini to cry. She’s like my sister, my bestie. And also blackmailed sanskar.

Lak: its ok swara. Now u realized na. its enough. Now fix everything correct.

Swa: wipes her tears, yes I’ll do. But before that I want to ask u something.

Lak: ask.

Swa: do u still love me? Will u marry me?

Laksh happiy: ofcourse swara.

Both hugs.

FB ends.

Lak: so we made this plan to make u one. How was our surprise?

San: hugs him. Thanku so much. I don’t know how to express but u gave me my life’s biggest happiness, luked at ragini.

She: ok. Now lets do bidai rasam.

All rituals done. Ragsan left to maheshwari mansion.

Precap: beginning of ragsan married life.

Sry frnds for not more ragsan seens. But this was needed as u all shud now abt Nikhil mishra. But from next episode its only ragsan.

Sry if any spelling or grammatical mistake as I dint read it again. I just typed fast and posted

Pls do likes and comments. Am waiting to see ur comments.

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