Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 15

hi sissy’s lets reveal the twist.

lets start.

Ragini made swara ready. She was luking beautiful. Afterall ragini made her ready. Swara was wearing pink blue mixed lehnga. It was very cute.

Rag: swara u r luking very beautiful. If sanskar sees u he’ll be luking at u only.

Swa: thanku ragini. Now u get ready.

Rag: m ready only swara.

Swa: no ragini. U wore such a simple dress. Its ur both best frnds marriage. U shud wear beautiful dress. I’ve bought it for u.

Swara gives her packet. Ragini takes and opens it. It was a red color lehnga, which is very beautiful.

Rag: swara this is bride’s lehnga. U already wore. Then y this? I cant wear this. If u want me too wear gud dress then give any other saree or something else, not this bride dress.

Swa: u r my best frnd ragini. We both r best frnds. We both shud look beautiful. Wat sanskar will think that I made his and my best frnd wore simple dress.?

Rag: I agree swara. But not bride dress.

Swa: why ragini? R u scared that if u wear this u’ll be in love with sanskar or he’ll b in love with u?

Rag: wat r u talking swara? I already told I don’t love him.

Swa: then y u scared? Wear this.

Ragini hesitates and without any option she wears it. Swara made her ready. She was luking like princess after getting ready. Red color suits her more with matching accessories.

Swa: see ragini. U r luking like princess.

Rag: but swara.. this is bride make up. Wat all will think?

Swa: wat they will think? Just this that best frnd of marriage couple is also very beautiful. That’s it. Don’t wry.

Ragini remains silent. Shekhar knocks at door.

Swa: yes dad.

She: r u ready swara?

Swa: yes dad m ready.

She: when we will call u come down.

Swa: ok dad.

Shekhar left.

@hall all guests arrived. They were talking about sanskar and his business. All were near mantap. Pandit was sitting in his place and chanting mantras. He calls bride and groom.

Sanskar comes first and sits in mantap. All girls eyes were on sanskar only.

All girls: that girl is very lucky to get such a hot handsome hubby.

All looks at upstairs. Swaragini were coming. Both were luking beautiful. All were little confused seeing 2 girls in bridal dress. Sanskar sees ragini and got mesmerized. He always saw her in simple dresses. Then also he was lost in her beauty along with inner beauty. Today he was seeing her in bridal dress with makeup. For him he was seeing a princess was coming down from sky. Soon came to sense by listening shekhars voice.

She: swara come. Sit here.

Swara comes front whereas ragini was standing there only. Sanskar was seeing ragini only. Ragini luks down. She was not able to see in his eyes. Swara luks at ragsan for a sec, then moves towards mantap.

Swara comes near sanskar. Pandit tells her to sit. She comes infront of mantap. She takes mike and says

Swa: gud evng everyone. M really very thankful that u all came to our marriage to bless us. As u know this is not any ordinary man’s marriage. Its successful buiseness man sanskar maheshwari’s marriage. So it cant be simple. Something different shud b there so that everyone can remember and make our moments still more special.

Ragsan were luking at swara with unknown expression. Shekhar also thinking wats she’s upto.

Swa: I think all of u r thinking wat special and different in this. Let me tell u. as I told all of u got marriage card at entrance of this hall while coming. So just have a look on that pls.

She gave cards to ragsan also.

All luked. It was written :

Welcome to marriage of




All luked there with confusion.

Swa: don’t be confuse. There’s a thin plastic in that, just remove it. Surprise will be revealed.

All do as swara said. After seeing all got surprise.

It was written :

Welcome to marriage of

Sanskar with Ragini


Swara with Laksh

Both ragsan got shocked. They were luking at each other and swara. They were confused.

Swa: surprise is infront of u. here is another bride ragini and another groom Laksh Khanna.

Laksh comes from other side. He was already ready in sherwani and all.

Ragsan looks at him.

Swa: I hope u all like this. Now pls bless us. Luks at pandit. Panditji, start rituals.

She goes to ragini. Holds her hand takes with her. But ragini dint move. She was still in shock and luking at swara. Swara drags her slowly and make her stand beside sanskar.

San: wat is this swara?

Swa: talk slowly.. otherwise all will hear. He’s laksh, my childhood frnd.

Laksh comes to them and says hi.

Swa: nw don’t ask anything. I know u have many questions. But I’ll tell after marriage.

Rag: swara m not ready.

Swa: ragini atleast stop now. M ur best frnd. I can understand u. I know u love sanskar. Now don’t hurt him more.

Rag: but…

Swa: I know ragini u were doing this for me. U were thinking if u agree for sanskar love then I’ll get hurt and my heart will break. Only this was main reason na. now m only telling. I love laksh not sanskar. With sanskar it was only attraction. He was rite. I realized it later. Now u r happy that m not hurt?

Rag: teary eyed. Swara i.. i.. actu..

Swa: stop now. We wil talk later.

San: swara. U dint tell me anything.

Swa: now u don’t start. Really u both r same. I just made one stop, here another started. If u talk again then I’ll marry u and ragini to laksh.

San: immediately pulled ragini to him. Keeps his hand on her shoulder. No no no. m ready with ragini.

Swalak smiles.

San to ragini: atleast now say yes ragini. Pls.

Rag: smiles with teary eyed and nods in yes.

San: happily. Panditji start soon. Otherwise my bride will change her decision again.

Ragini smiles. she sits with sanskar. Pandit starts chanting. All 4 stands and takes pheras.

Ragsan in mind: I’ll never hide anything form u. I’ll b always with u. my love will always increase per second. I’ll never ever hurt u. I’ll always trust ur words. Whatever may b the situation, I’ll always stand beside u. I love u.

Sanskar ties mangalsutra around her neck. Then filled her hairline with sindhoor.

Pan: from now onwords u became husband and wife.

Ragsan smiled luking at eachother and had eyelock with happily with teary eyed.

Precap: FB shown

How did u feel frnds? Did u like twist? In fb it will b revealed other things. Waiting for likes and comments sissy’s. I got less likes in last episode. If u r not liking concept then feel free to tell me.

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