Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 10

They were still in same position with deep eyelock. They were just dreaming their future in each other eyes. There eye lock disturbed by knock at the door.

Per: hey guys Wats going on?
Ragsan: swara. Hi( both came in sense) nothing.
Rag: Sanskar was describing me rich people living style.
Swa: hmmm.. so did u both had ur dinner?
Ragsan: not yet.
Swa: shall I join u both. Actually I came this way for some office work. While going thought to meet u both.
Rag: of course dear. Come. I’ll prepare dinner till then u both talk.
She went to cook.

Swa: sanskar only 3 days left. Our wait is finished. Finally we will be together.
San in mind: only 3 days? One month will get over. Oh no.
Swa: sanskar. Where u lost?
San: wat. Nothing.
Swa: finally u won the challenge. Proved urself. Am really very happy for us. Am eagerly waiting for our marriage. I’ll start preparation soon.
San: swara but.(he stopped )
Swa: tell sanskar. Wat happened? If u want any special arrangements then I’ll add that too.
San in mind: am in dilemma. But wat dilemma. Why am not happy. I shud b happy as am going to marry swara. But. Oh god am getting headache now.
Swa: sanskar again u lost?
San: swara I’ll tell that later.

Ragini comes with food. Trio had food. Swara went to home. Ragsan sleeps in their places. But sleep is far away from them.

Ragini pov
Again wat happening to my feelings. Why again and again am falling for him.? I know I like him. But I think it’s love. But I don’t know his feelings for me. He behaves friendly with me. But I can’t take it as love. Or else I’ll loose his friendship too. But without telling my feelings I can’t live also. I want to tell him my love. If I don’t tell I don’t know when he’ll leave me and go. We both r equal in every way. He’ll understand me. Let whatever happen I’ll tell my love to him. I’ll made today’s date again but it wud b true. But money? End of this month ill get salary. With that I’ll give him surprise by telling my love. I wish he also loves me. Can’t wait for this month end. Only 3 days left. Sanskar am eagerly waiting for this day. I love you u so much sanskar.
End of pov.

She sleeps while thinking abt him.

Sanskar pov
Wat is happening in my life. Am attracting towards Ragini. But m going to marry swara. After my proposal she too accepts my love. But after her words today I shud b happy. I was waiting for this only. But I don’t feel happy. Whom I love? Swara or Ragini?. If I love swara then why am more attractive towards Ragini. If I love Ragini wat my proposal to swara? M in hell confusion. What shud I do. Today I told Ragini abt date and proposed. It was just an act. But I don’t know how those words I told. I had not prepared any thing. I saw something for me in Ragini eyes. Is that love for me. But y she’s not telling me?. Wait. Only one solution. I’ll close my eyes and let my heart decide that. He closed his eyes. He saw Ragini face and all moments spent with her. Only her smiling face was coming. He opened his eyes. It means I love Ragini. Towards swara it’s my attraction. Not love. But how Wil i tell swara. Shes already in preparations. Moreover swara and Ragini r best frnds. My decision Wil break thier frndship. And any ones heart Wil definitely break. But I’ve to manage it. Only 3 days. I’ve to think something by which everything goes well. But atlast I came to know my heart’s saying. I love u Ragini. My heart was rite. My love Ragini. I don’t know ur reaction after knowing abt my love. But I have to confess. I love u so much Ragini.
End of pov

He too slept thinking of Ragini.

Somewhere in a home one person was sitting having coffee.
Per: wow sanskar. Great. One side swara, one side Ragini. Two girls at same time. I’ll not let u live peaceful.

Who wil confess first? If sanskar does, then he shud tell his real identity. Then wat wud b Ragini reaction?
Then wat abt swara? Wat Wil sanskar answer her?
Who’s that another person?
it’s small update I know. But next time definitely it wud be long.

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